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Modifiable text
Non-modifiable text

Due to rendering issues by the Wikimedia software, scalable vector graphics may not render some text properly and therefore would require the text to be converted to path. This may be done wisely by uploading the original, cranky version for reference and translation. Then a second file can be uploaded with text paths and both files could be linked using {{Vector text versions}}. This is only necessary for mal-rendered vector files! Don't go out there and create duplicate files because non-modifiable text look prettier. This will crowd the categories.

Modifiable text[edit]

Modifiable text versions of SVGs are the files that won't render properly. The text may look crooked, misaligned, font-weigh (bold or italicized), or scaled. Even though these files suffer serious flaws, they are important for translation and editing.

Non-modifiable text[edit]

Unlike modifiable text versions, these files have text paths and are "uneditable". The text is treated like a graphic rather than a text element, therefore look better and will render any font available in the software.

How to create a non-modifiable text image[edit]

If you think an image requires the non-modifiable text version as described above, you may convert the text to path using a few simple steps when using software such as Inkscape. You can also request this to be done for you at the Graphic Lab. To convert a modifiable text version to non-modifiable using Inkscape:

  1. Download the image to your system and open it via Inkscape.
  2. While this may not be necessary, select everything (CTRL+A) and use Object -> Ungroup (or CTRL+SHIFT+G). Repeat this twice, just to be sure.
  3. Select all the text elements.
  4. Use Path -> Object to path.
  5. To check if the image was successfully made into path, click on a text element and then click Inkscape- Node tool.png located on the left toolbar. If the text looks something like this: G trazo.png, then it has been converted successfully.
  6. Save and upload it to Commons. It is recommended to save it under the filename of the original, with a "2" after it.
  7. Say your prayers a couple times and hope that Wikimedia reconsider this mess.

Using the Vector text versions template[edit]

SVGs available in both modifiable and non-modifiable text versions may be linked to each other by using the {{Vector text versions}} template in the "Other versions=" parameter of the information template (or any other place within the file page). Apply the template to both files using the correct and simple parameters below.

Modifiable text file[edit]

{{Vector text versions|unmodifiable=unmodifiable-file.svg}}

Non-modifiable text file[edit]

{{Vector text versions|modifiable=modifiable-file.svg}}