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Welcome to Wikimedia Commons, 沈澄心!

-- Wikimedia Commons Welcome (talk) 14:55, 5 November 2019 (UTC)


请阅读COM:FOP ChinaTemplate:FoP-China,谢谢配合。--Rowingbohe♬(Talk/Work) 13:24, 25 February 2020 (UTC)

@Rowingbohe: emmm……但是Commons:Freedom_of_panorama#Summary_table里面说在中国大陆全景自由不适用于文字作品……-- 13:36, 25 February 2020 (UTC)
呃…COM:DM罢。--Rowingbohe♬(Talk/Work) 14:45, 25 February 2020 (UTC)
@Rowingbohe:受版权保护的文字是照片的核心内容,所以de minimis不适用。- 01:01, 26 February 2020 (UTC)

Thank you for your advice.[edit]

Thank you for your advice. I will explain. The portrait of the late Tomohiro Kojiri journalist was on the day of the Hanshin branch attack on May 3 It was raised in a worship place established in the Asahi Shimbun Hanshin bureau, and the situation was reported, You can see.

It can be seen many times on the Internet. In such a situation Tomohiro Kojiri is a portrait of a journalist, but with the understanding that it is "normally used" I uploaded it this time. Originally, it would be better to get the consent of the Asahi Shimbun, but with the above understanding I was allowed to.

If it is deleted in this situation, I will get the consent of Asahi Shimbun. I appreciate your understanding. Tokim076 (talk) 18:44, 18 March 2020 (UTC)

@Tokim076: Wikimedia Commons only accepts free content. Please see Commons:Licensing for more information. Thanks. -- 00:42, 19 March 2020 (UTC)


Hi, I converted your "no source DW" tag in the said file to a deletion request, because I don't think the simple diagrams on the photo are copyrightable. There was also a previous DR on the same file which argued that the diagrams are above TOO, but it was closed as kept. Please check if there were previous DRs before you mark a file for deletion. Thanks, pandakekok9 05:26, 19 March 2020 (UTC)

Autopatrolled rights given[edit]

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Hello. I just wanted to let you know that I have granted autopatrol rights to your account; the reason for this is that I believe you are sufficiently trustworthy and experienced to have your contributions automatically marked as "reviewed". This has no effect on your editing, it is simply intended to make it easier for users that are monitoring Recent changes or Recent uploads to find unproductive edits amidst the productive ones like yours. In addition, the Flickr upload feature and an increased number of batch-uploads in UploadWizard, uploading of freely licensed MP3 files and an increased limit for page renames per minute are now available to you. Thank you.. - FitIndia Talk Mail 10:17, 21 March 2020 (UTC)