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Primula grandis picture[edit]

Dear Abalg, together with a few colleagues, I am writing on a scientific paper on Primulas and am looking for a Primula grandis picture to form part of a general "morphological diversity of this group" figure at the beginning. I would like to ask if you would allow me to use your nice grandis picture that you have uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. I would of course acknowledge you as the source of that photograph if you allow me to use it and are willing to divulge your name. I will not directly earn any money from the publication. You can contact me under if you want. Regards, Alexander SL

Dear Alexander,
I am very honor to be able to return it modest service to your scientific community. There is no problem : you can use these images (File:Primula grandis (2).JPG and File:Primula grandis.JPG according to the terms indicated by the license Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike. Namely: you are free to share and remix the image under the attribution and share alike conditions. Here is my name: Adrien Benoit à la Guillaume. Good continuation to you. Regards. Adrien