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STOP removing {categorize}[edit]

Hi. It WAS a LOT of work to categorize :-(( Nearly every day, we (some other engaged Commons-user and me) find and re-categorize "mal-categorized" (e.g. "Canton of Zürich") files in the "big" Swiss Cantons and their municipality's subcategories.
Therefor, a {categorize} template is a good thing to prevent lots of work in categorizing again.
Once again: Please STOP removing above mentioned template, otherwisy, use your "realname account" to do that!!!
Regards, Roland zh 19:22, 1 May 2009 (UTC)

Alleged template overuse[edit]

When I read the instructions
"Please only add categories if one category is too populated and never in advance"
I take this to mean that you should not add the template "pre-emptively", or after the category has been diffused.
These are the categories that need constant maintenance, because bots constantly add files that are far too general, so they contain hundreds of files! You have added all the Swiss regions en masse, which simply detracts attention from the areas of the Commons that need the most work. I doubt that you'll agree with this, and I understand that you feel protective of the Cantons, but the template is not urgent, and in some cases I doubt that it was ever necessary.
Sincerely, 11:22, 7 May 2009 (UTC)

Hi, and thank you for this (some kind 'strange') information.
For the - here User talk: - mentioned categories it WAS and IS necessary.
Some weeks ago - they were not categorized and [categorize] template was not set - the above mentioned now widely categorized Swiss cantons (each of them) had some hundred files not categorized.
I think it's all said and hope you respect this facts.
From my side: Thread closed - I don't like anonymous "discussions"; again: please use your commons-account for future works by your side and respect the above mentioned categories using [categorize] template, thank you.
Regards, Roland zh 13:35, 7 May 2009 (UTC)