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I'm attonised of the deletion of several images from me in Commons. I.e. the face of the ex president of Maldive Islans Maumoon abdul gayoom.jpg, that I take personally during my trip to the islands; If this man is a public man and I take the photo how can vandalize it a honorable member of commons.
Anoter. the FARC flag, that I drtaw according a sheet provided by the organization when a delegation was in catalan Countries, with autorization of free use, and was supresed alleging that the logo in the flag was copyrigted, but next day the same flag with the same logo was accepted with no problem because was draw by an anglosaxon and/or any influent commomns member. This man copied the image from me and plagied my work, and Commons are a sort of delinquents that authorize it.
I have also the permission for use the logos of the Emirates cities, that you vandalized even knowing it.
Inutil to answer in my commons page because I stopped to collaborate with after sevral years because I don't share nothing with thieves and vandals.--jolle (talk) 15:24, 6 June 2011 (UTC)