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AutotranslateHelper is a user script used to create easily {{autotranslated}} templates by automatizing the (annoying and redundant) process of setting up the necessary subpages.


To activate AutotranslateHelper, copy and paste this code importScript('User:Antoine WMFr/scripts/AutotranslateHelper.js'); inside your common.js; then open (or reload) this page: User:Antoine WMFr/AutotranslateHelper.

How to use it[edit]

Crystal128-configure.svg Work in progress

Open User:Antoine WMFr/AutotranslateHelper and fill the fields. There is for each one a small description when you click on the ? icon next-to it.

  • The layout field can contain template parameters inclusions, like {{{text}}} or {{{title}}}. If so, you have to list the template parameters you have included in the parameters field.
  • You can then select a set of languages for which you want to provide a translation. For each one, a new tab will appear on the left, tab that ask you for the value that all the given parameters (see above) should take in that language.

When you're over, click on the Generate button at the top-right of the page to launch the creation process.

Preloading some fields[edit]

It is possible to pre-fill some fields and thus speed up the process even more.

Existing preloaders[edit]

Here are listed the existing preloader files (but you can create your own, see section below!), to use one of them, just click the big blue button next-to him.

Link Example About Use it
Mbox preloader
Generic banner template, see Template:Mbox#Examples for styling parameters. Use this preloader
Wikimédia France preloader
This document was produced using the photo studio lent by Wikimedia France.

Deutsch | English | Español | Français | Italiano | Македонски | Русский | +/−

Wikimédia France
Layout used for Wikimédia France related banners. Use this preloader

Create my preloader[edit]

Copy the preloader template on an other page (one of your personal subpages for example), and fill all fields that you want to be preloaded.

Then, to use it, you will have to add ?preload=Wikipage_to_preload.json at the end of the url of the script's page. For example, to use User:Antoine WMFr/AutotranslateHelper/WMFrPreload.json as a preloader, you will have to follow the link