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Why the new version ? I don't see any difference... ?

And can you please help me to find the correct title for these 4 new ones: File:BSicon 0064.svg File:BSicon 0065.svg File:BSicon 0066.svg File:BSicon 0067.svg ? Thank you. - Erik Baas (talk) 21:14, 27 August 2008 (UTC)

Ok, it's hard to see a difference, but when dealing with "paths", you're able to change the line style easily, all your need is a text editor.
According to the german naming convention it is hard to find a correct name, 'cause intentionally there shouldn't be those combinations of railway tracks and street car or underground tracks, I'd name those ...
  1. BSicon_tSBHFuq.svg (tunnel S-Bahnhof U-Bahn quer)
  2. BSicon_tBHFuq.svg (tunnel Bahnhof U-Bahn quer)
  3. BSicon_tSBHFutq.svg (tunnel S-Bahnhof U-Bahn Tunnel quer)
  4. BSicon_tBHFutq.svg (tunnel Bahnhof U-Bahn Tunnel quer)
In front the main (vertical) part of the icon, the additional information (horizontal) at the end. Bye Axpde (talk) 21:28, 27 August 2008 (UTC)
I see, thank you. BTW, I know about creating icons with notepad, see Category:Files by User:Erik Baas. ;-) Thanks also for the titles, those have always been a problem for me... - Erik Baas (talk) 21:42, 27 August 2008 (UTC)

I found a way to do without the white rectangle, by adding stroke-dashoffset:21.647; stroke-dasharray:175,275; to the blue path (i.e. the water). What do you think of it ? BTW: why is this path drawn from right to left ? - Erik Baas (talk) 23:26, 27 August 2008 (UTC)

Nice Idea! Actually, I copied the water path from another icon, don't know why that person decided to draw it that way ... Maybe I'll overdo that path with some "rounded" coordinates ;-) Cheerio Axpde (talk) 17:17, 28 August 2008 (UTC)
Addendum: Changed the river in several icons! WASSER, WASSERq, WBRÜCKE{1|2}, WBRÜCKE+GRENZE et. al. axpdeHello! 10:24, 15 January 2009 (UTC)

Again: help wanted

Can you please help me to find the correct title for these 3 new ones: File:BSicon 0068.svg File:BSicon 0069.svg File:BSicon 0070.svg - Erik Baas (talk) 18:49, 29 August 2008 (UTC)

In german we have a saying "you can ask (a lot of) questions" ... ;-)
Yeah, sorry...  ;-) It's just that I can't seem to find a proper talk-page for BS-icons on commons, so I wouldn't have to bother you every other day. - Erik Baas (talk) 00:02, 30 August 2008 (UTC)
Ok, let's see, the first two are crossings (KRZ resp. TurmBHF makes 'q' obsolete) in tunnel, so I'd suggest:
  1. BSicon_tKRZuut.svg (tunnel Kreuzung unten U-Bahn tunnel)
  2. BSicon_tKRZout.svg (tunnel Kreuzung oben U-Bahn tunnel)
  3. BSicon_tTurmUBHFt.svg (tunnel Turm-U-bahnhof tunnel)
Not sure whether this makes really sense, cause a "Turmbahnhof" usually means a station in different layers above the surface. But the new main station in Berlin has one layer "underground" anyhow ... Good luck! Axpde (talk) 23:43, 29 August 2008 (UTC)
Well, someone on NL-wiki asked for these icons; I don't ask him (or myself) if it makes any sense. ;-) Anyway, thank you very much, again. :-) - Erik Baas (talk) 00:02, 30 August 2008 (UTC)
Ok, then let's just wait and see, what ill constructions will be done with those ... ;-) Good night! Axpde (talk) 00:10, 30 August 2008 (UTC)

File:BSicon 0071.svg ? - Erik Baas (talk) 07:36, 26 September 2008 (UTC)

BSicon_xKRZut.svg (ex Kreuzung U-Bahn Tunnel) !-) Axpde (talk) 11:09, 26 September 2008 (UTC)
Thanks. :-) - Erik Baas (talk) 16:04, 26 September 2008 (UTC) <

Missing icons

Please re-upload the following files:

The source was lost, see [1]. - Erik Baas (talk) 12:35, 5 September 2008 (UTC)

Thank you for the notice, I've already been informed in German WP, so I thought I should make another redo on the Symbol, decreasing the size and time to render dramatically :-) Cheers Axpde (talk) 14:55, 5 September 2008 (UTC)
Nice job, another thousand bytes saved. Twice ! ;-)
BTW: I made a new version of File:BSicon tÜWclu.svg and File:BSicon tÜWcro.svg, to fit exactly in between File:BSicon ÜWol.svg and File:BSicon_ÜWo+r.svg, assuming an angle of 45 degrees. Would you please check if this is correct ?
P.P.S.: Mine is smaller.... ;-p - Erik Baas (talk) 15:23, 5 September 2008 (UTC)
Well, it's just a straight line, so obviously it should be smaller. I can reduce several comments if you like ... ;-) At the moment I have 444 B for the bow :) The icon has a 't' in its name, shouldn't be the line dashed?? Cheers Axpde (talk) 15:40, 5 September 2008 (UTC)
You're probably right... A couple of these are used on [2] (see "26.4 Daijingū-Shita" and the next), so that would be incorrect also. I didn't notice the filename, sorry; I'll fix it, later today... - Erik Baas (talk) 15:58, 5 September 2008 (UTC)
P.S.: Those icons should fit perfectly! Axpde (talk) 15:55, 5 September 2008 (UTC)
Tnx. :-) - Erik Baas (talk) 15:58, 5 September 2008 (UTC)


Hi. I created File:BSicon 0072.svg (on request), but I can't figure out what to call it... KRZdr-something ? ;-) - Erik Baas (talk) 23:31, 8 October 2008 (UTC)

Good God ... well, basically it's a (File:BSicon ABZrf.svg), paired with a (File:BSicon eKRZ.svg) ... #sigh# maybe we can name it "BSicon ABZrf eKRZ.svg" ?!? It's definetely beyond any convention ... Bye! Axpde (talk) 06:07, 9 October 2008 (UTC)
Even after having thought deeplyabout that question, I'm able to decide whether it should be "BSicon eKRZ+ABZr.svg" or "BSicon ABZr+eKRZ.svg" ... depends on the way you look at it ;-)
Ok, I have a slight preference for the first version only because it provides the possibility to use the BSe-template if desired! axpdeHello! 14:53, 14 December 2008 (UTC)
And the winner is... (drumroll)... eKRZ+ABZr  ;-) Thanks again. - Erik Baas (talk) 15:43, 14 December 2008 (UTC)

deletion request for duplicate and incorrectly named files

Please use {{badname|new filename}} for your own work or {{duplicate|new filename}} for other duplicate files instead of an extra deletion request.
thanks --D-Kuru (talk) 20:35, 23 November 2008 (UTC)

To be honest I'm not used to get around with the delete procedures here in commons. I already marked several icons for speed delete but nothing happened, so I used the automated link on the left hand side. Do I get it right, all I have to do is placing lets say {{tlx|duplicate|BSicon_BHFq.svg}} on the first line of File:BSicon_HBHF.svg - that's all? Axpde (talk) 22:47, 23 November 2008 (UTC)
File:BSicon eTurmBHFo.svg A stop named station
B station
C stop
You tagged several files with {{Badname}} which are not identical. Please don't nominate files which almost look identical. We are an image repository, we just keep both copies. Multichill (talk) 09:48, 27 November 2008 (UTC)
But those icons are named wrong, thus "bad named"! A is called "station" but uses the small bullet that usually just "stops" have. B has the correct sized bullet and the correct name, while C has the smaller bullet and a new name, thus B inherits the name of B and C inherit the look! Got the picture? Axpde (talk) 10:19, 27 November 2008 (UTC)

Now I know the reason for the reverts, I wrote "A bad named, use B", but I should have written "A bad named, use C" instead ... changed it! Axpde (talk) 11:22, 27 November 2008 (UTC)

Hi Axpde, i recommend putting all obsolete icons in a seperate category. When you're done, create one gigant deletion request for all replacements. Based on this deletion request someone can give a bot a kick to replace all usage. Multichill (talk) 14:10, 27 November 2008 (UTC)
At the moment I already placed "bad name" or "duplicate" templates to hopefully all icons that have a new icon replacing it. I found some which shouldn't be used because of bad naming, but I have no substitute for them (can't cope with the blue set, too), e.g. File:BSicon TurmHST.svg (without any "e") has a light red bullet indicating an ex stop, while File:BSicon eTurmHST.svg (with the "e") has the dark red bullet indicating an actual stop, thus both names are swapped!
Maybe someone else will be motivated by my work to bring order to another set of icons ;-) Axpde (talk) 14:25, 27 November 2008 (UTC)


This might come in handy: it's a complete list of all BSicon-files (3310 now), created with Special:Prefixindex. - Erik Baas (talk) 13:05, 1 December 2008 (UTC)


Thanks, Axpde for informing the deletion of my made, texHST (and also for updating the list in Ja). I changed pages using the icon in Ja. Would you show me relevant page(s) for discussions or agreements of ID changes, such as tex -> ext, te -> et, HSTR -> STRq, HBHF -> BHFq? I do not know the reason nor the extent, only I notice the changes going on, although new IDs look more consitent than before. Maxima m (talk) 05:31, 13 December 2008 (UTC)

The reason for changing was, that both "tex" and "H" prefixes are violating the original naming convention. According naming convention
  1. ... the order of prefix chars is first "e" (otherwise the BSe-template won't work), then "x", last "t".
  2. ... the modifying character concerning orientation are lowercase and suffix (not capitalized prefix!) such as left, right, start, end, etc.
I don't know who actually started the wrong naming, but I'm just fixing this! There are several problems esp. with the big "H", e.g. "HSTR" vs. "HSTr" (a single wrong sized char, but a totally different icon!). Only the name of the shown thing is capitalized to ensure one can recognize the icon "at first sight".
And yes, the "new" old system has always been more consistent than what was done meanwhile ;-) Greets axpdeHello! 10:32, 13 December 2008 (UTC)
I got the point. I did not know that "ext" is older. So we users in JA must change the list, which you've corrected several times, imported from EN last January. In September or October of last year (before import of BS system to JA) I saw a list in EN saying "tex" correct and "ext" miscoded, but that was (or is? I'm uncertain English tense) wrong. Maxima m (talk) 02:11, 14 December 2008 (UTC)
Well, maybe you're right and en-WP first introduced the "tex"-prefix. I recently read about en-WP dropping the BSe-template, so for them it was no problem having the 'e' not first in line. But that's just not cricket to claim "ext" to be the "miscoded one"! We have a German saying about someone acting rude that "this is not the fine English manner!" ... how suitable ;-)
In de-WP we're making heavy use of this template, because it not only automatically adds the 'e' in front, the whole text is greyed and slanted thus making it far more easy to differ which sites are in operation and which aren't.
Maybe jp-WP should import from the German original rather than from the English knock-off! ;-) Greets axpdeHello! 02:48, 14 December 2008 (UTC)


Thank you for nominating exLPL for deletion, of my own made. I should have checked the Special:PrefixIndex or Category:Icons for railway description page, but the pages are huge.
From the appearances I presumed personally more organized DE was the best, but no one in JAWP understand German with practical level. (Ich kann Deutsch sprechen und schreiben, aber... for complicated words with Babelfish.) Thus we imported from chaotic ENWP templates and documents, with no restrictions of using messy icons. I do not think ELEV, ACC, xpBHF, INT... are of your DEWP manner. It is by the way that present English speakers are not only those who are true to the German saying in the islands across the North Sea (from the point of BRD) ;-). While I was fixing texHSTR to extSTRq in JA, I found that numerous icons are yet to change from texABZ, etc. There would be a long way to go. --Maxima m (talk) 04:46, 21 December 2008 (UTC)

First of all sorry for nominating your work, I nominated quite a bunch of icons that are coded twice or more times looking nearly the same but with several different names. Sometimes I feel being on a "crusade against windmills" ;-)

I appreciate your help (in fact I was wandering why the count of texHSTR icons dropped magically ;-) Btw. I mentioned several JP pages using overlay to simulate crossings, by now there should be any combination of {e}{x}{t}KRZ{o|u|t} available needed.

For those strange named icons you mentioned, there is one set I'd like to integrate in the original naming style: I'm planning to use the character "h" to indicate "high level tracks" (deutsch: Hochbahn) in opposite to "t" for "tunnel tracks" (bzw. hoch und tief). What do you think? It's a bit less writing than "...-ELEV" ;-) axpdeHello! 11:26, 21 December 2008 (UTC)

Season's greeting ! Your nomination for deletion is welcome. Your words reminds me ja:モグラ叩き, de:Whac-A-Mole...
For the elevated trackss, h is the best, I think. It never conflicts existiong pre-/sufficxes. For Japanese people, the word for "elevated" is not familiar for high level track, and much simpler word "high" must be welcomed. With such systematic prefix, tKRZh can be imadined easily how it looks, vertical elevated track crosses horizontal tunnel track. Present horribly coded tHKRZo-ELEV is very hard to imagine the appearance. (or am I stuid enough not to understand dificult IDs ?) hKRZho, hUKRZt, and more will follow the line. I guess anglophones (especially Americans, "L" is short for elevated railways in some cities) may prefer l (lower case of L) for that, but it has been reserved for left (links).
And you might have noticed that icon list in JAWP has been divided into sub pages, stations ,crossings, turnouts, tracks, miscellanea. Maxima m (talk) 14:47, 25 December 2008 (UTC)


Good news: [3] ! - Erik Baas (talk) 00:21, 8 January 2009 (UTC)

Ich habe das Bild wieder hergestellt, ich überlasse es deiner Verantwortung dich um die Redundanz zu kümmern. Grüße, --Martin H. (talk) 16:31, 17 January 2009 (UTC)

Danke! Und kaum wieder hergestellt, gibt's schon den nächsten Löschantrag ... die Redundanz ist behoben, die "billige Kopie" wird eh' nur auf einer einzigen Seite benutzt (ein Monster von einer Liste aller nur denkbaren icons, da lass ich schön die Finger von!) Gruß axpdeHello! 09:14, 18 January 2009 (UTC)

Your comments on the above deletion request would be appreciated. Thanks. Adambro (talk) 16:34, 17 January 2009 (UTC)

Kept. axpdeHello! 08:33, 3 February 2009 (UTC)

New icons (experimental)

moved to Talk:BSicon/Renaming#k

Re: Benutzer "$2gm0yRS"

Hallo Axpde, ich kann dir bei deinen Problemen mit dem SUL Account nicht helfen und leider auch niemanden nennen der dir sicher helfen kann. Vielleicht findest du einen technisch versierten Benutzer in Commons:List of administrators by language oder fragst im Forum nach. Deutschsprachige Bürokratin auf Commons ist Cecil. Bzgl. deiner Frage zur Gallerie: Das Tool listet die Bilder auf, wo du die letzte Version hochgeladen hast. Hilft also nur Bild runterladen und als neue Version (unter gleichem Namen) nochmal hochladen. Allerdings ist das Tool nicht 100% zuverlässig, wie gesagt führt es nur die Bilder auf, die du zuletzt hochgeladen hast, sobale jemand anderes eine neue Version hochlädt ist es aus deiner Gallerie verschwunden. --Martin H. (talk) 21:17, 3 February 2009 (UTC)

Re: multiple copyright violation

Hi Axpde, da die Lizenzbedingungen der von dir häufig (immer?) gewählten Lizenz cc-by-sa-3.0-de nicht eingehalten wurden ist die Lizenz ungültig und das Bild kann per {{copyvio|"Begründung"}} gelöscht werden. Alternativ kannst du einen Massenlöschantrag stellen der den Benutzer ultimativ auffordert alle Bilder entsprechend den Lizenzbedingungen, Absatz 4 zu referenzieren oder sie sonst in die ewigen Jagdgründe zu verlieren. Gehe dazu wie folgt vor:

{{subst:delete2|image=Derivative works by Wiebevl|reason="Ausführliche Begründung mit entsprechenden Hintergründen" --~~~~}}
  • Markiere jedes Bild das betroffen mit:
{{delete|subpage=Derivative works by Wiebevl|reason=see deletion request|year=2009|month=February|day=13}}
  • Erstelle eine Liste der Bilder und platziere sie auf der Löschantragsseite damit ersichtlich ist, worum es geht. Wenn es zu viele sind kann vieleicht auch ein Verweis auf what links here genügen.
  • Folge den Anweisungen in der braunen Box auf der Seite des Löschantrages (Platzierung auf dem Log des aktuellen Tages, informiere den Uploader)

Als Hilfsseite gibt es noch Commons:Deletion requests/Mass deletion request und als Beispiel meinen letzen Antrag. Grüße, --Martin H. (talk) 08:13, 13 February 2009 (UTC)


I saw your recent query at Commons:Administrators' noticeboard.[4] In a quick look at your contributions and edit history, I see no obstacle to a successful COM:RFA. You have a use for the tools. Your edit count should suffice.[5] You deleted, instead of archiving, a couple of things from your talk page, but they appear to be inconsequential.[6] [7] Best wishes, Walter Siegmund (talk) 02:27, 15 February 2009 (UTC)

Hi Walter, thank you for your proposal, I feel flattered ;-)
Will think about it, of course I don't wanne apply for it get declined ... about those deletions, the one deletion was when I accidently nominated my own icon and the script added the deletion warning on my own user talk page, quite a nonsense anyway don't you think? The other deletion was on the usual welcome banner ... quite useless to me, already had several thousand edits on de-WP!
Can I do a "test-approval" just to see whether there are some guys supporting me? Just an idea ... ;-) axpdeHello! 18:18, 15 February 2009 (UTC)
P.S.: My SUL total editcount is 11396^H7 is that ample ?-) axpdeHello! 18:22, 15 February 2009 (UTC)
I don't think there is a test process, but you may withdraw promptly should it begin going against you, and that is much the same. It may be helpful to ask another administrator for his/her opinion; you can find a list at Commons:Administrators. I wouldn't emphasize your edit count outside of Commons although it is ok to mention it; reviewers here (as they should be) are mostly concerned with your work here. Walter Siegmund (talk) 18:39, 15 February 2009 (UTC)


I have uploaded File:BSicon_LPL.svg which is identical to your File:BSicon_BST.svg. I also have uploaded File:BSicon_LPLa.svg, File:BSicon_LPLe.svg, File:BSicon_LPLr.svg, File:BSicon_LPLl.svg — those do not have corresponding BST symbols. I suggest that we either a) use LPL symbols only, or b) rename the LPL symbols to BST symbols. Tve4 (talk) 15:51, 20 February 2009 (UTC)

I'm preparing a full set of new "headstations/-stops", with correct direction and so on. axpdeHello! 16:05, 20 February 2009 (UTC)
I just uploaded the full set of new icons, all according the naming convention { |e|ex}KBST{a|e|l|r} – please notice that according to naming convention left/right is seen in "driving direction", i.e. top-down! Cheers axpdeHello! 18:14, 25 February 2009 (UTC)

re: hSTR

It is possible that the current combinations are not sufficient. Overlaying the white-bg hSTR with other icons is still the immediate solution to those don't know SVG or don't prefer to create rarely used new icons. But I won't bother with your hSTR anymore. I got my hSTR2 so will not cross with your policies. -- Sameboat - 同舟 (talk) 01:57, 25 February 2009 (UTC)

To have a second icon with a whitened area for "hot-needle-solutions" is maybe a good idea, although I think that overlays should only be used if no other option is available (this work-around only works on white backgrounds ...) axpdeHello! 13:46, 25 February 2009 (UTC)

Icons of lesser quality

Please pay attention to the quality of icons, before declaring them "obsolete". For instance, File:BSicon exSTB3rg.svg is a perfect fit, while File:BSicon exABZ3rg.svg certainly is not; and yet you want to have the first one deleted, to be replaced with the second. And there are probably more like these two.
I've fixed lots of icons this way, and I'd hate to see my work destroyed... - Erik Baas (talk) 18:31, 1 March 2009 (UTC)

Well ABZ3 uses an cubic path instead of a circle, but STB3 isn't used anywhere worldwide, while ABZ3 is heavily used. Both names are nonsense because of the "3" in their names, but even I hesitate to introduce a consistent naming, because of the multiple types already using this name (ABZ3lf, ABZ3rf, ABZ3lg, ABZ3rg, xABZ3lf, xABZ3rf, xABZ3lg, xABZ3rg, eABZ3lf, eABZ3rf, eABZ3lg, eABZ3rg, exABZ3lf, exABZ3rf, exABZ3lg, exABZ3rg, tABZ3lf, tABZ3rf, tABZ3lg, tABZ3rg, ... uABZ3lf, uABZ3rf, uABZ3lg, uABZ3rg, ... utABZ3lf, utABZ3rf, utABZ3lg, utABZ3rg ... hmmm, { } -> 2^6 = 64 icons to be replaced ... well, not impossible but still a hunchback full of work :( axpdeHello! 18:43, 1 March 2009 (UTC)
Ok, you are right, I nominated *both* icons and replaced both with consistently named ones with perfect fit :) axpdeHello! 18:55, 1 March 2009 (UTC)
Hmmm, well, still no conclusion about this, the names of all those ABZ3xy icons are nonsense, the icons itself of low quality, but on the hand heavily used. Maybe I'd should think about creating a bot like CommonsDelinker that is able to exchange parts of names ... all those BSx-templates do not use the complete name but the distiguishable part of it, we need a bot that corrects let's say |ABZ3lf| to |ABZql| ... so much to do but so little time :( axpdeHello! 21:53, 1 April 2009 (UTC)

Any suggestions how to rename this? Perhaps vKBSTa-STR? --Tve4 (talk) 11:47, 3 March 2009 (UTC)

Well, I haven't thought about "v"-icons, but your aproach seems to be quite consistent. Instead of one complex icon vKBSTa-STR File:BSicon vLPLa-STR.svg I'd rather use two simple half-width icons, dKBSTa and dSTR ... :-)
Makes life much easier! axpdeHello! 16:51, 3 March 2009 (UTC)

Duplicate creation

In case you don't know the admins are heavily overworked without you creating much more. Currently there are over 200 duplicates which you caused by simply putting a template in the file, but not doing the rest of the work. Do you really expect people to now do your work and go through all the projects replacing them if we have fine images already whose naming scheme was defined by people who are already known as reliable in that are. This actually looks like you have uploaded duplicate work and now expect us to replace hundreds of pictures on thousands of pages and in the way removing the names of those people who did the work. If you really are honest and think you are doing the best by doing this uploads then start going through all WMF-projects and replace the images which are used since a long time and where many people spend their time making them good. -- Cecil (talk) 21:59, 4 April 2009 (UTC)

I already did THOUSANDS of edits, I changed HUNDREDS of pages in DOZENS of different projects, and I eliminated at least more than HUNDRED, maybe TWO HUNDRED bad named icons, just me alone!!!
Maybe you should consult [8] and have a look at the Commons:Administrators' noticeboard#BSicons to be deleted before YOU INSULT ME!!! axpdeHello! 23:58, 4 April 2009 (UTC)
P.S. Ich sehe gerade, Du bist Administrator und Bürokrat (zweiteres wohl nicht nur dem Titel nach), da wäre das noticeboard eigentlich Pflichtlektüre für Dich!!! axpdeHello! 00:01, 5 April 2009 (UTC)
P.P.S.: Falls ich mich gerade nicht verzählt habe, dann habe ich bis data (mind.) 139 BSicons mehr oder weniger im Alleingang eliminiert!!! axpdeHello! 00:56, 5 April 2009 (UTC)
P.P.P.S.: Ach, wo wir beim Thema sind, ich habe mehr als 100 BSicons durch neue Versionen ersetzt, dabei krumme Linien korrigiert und die Größe teilweise um über 80% reduziert. Außerdem habe ich mehr als 1000 icons komplett neu erstellt und jedes einzelne davon ist {{validSVG}}! Aber das alles scheint Dich ja überhaupt nicht zu interessieren!!! axpdeHello! 01:02, 5 April 2009 (UTC)

Tonlage in Deinen Kommentaren

Hallo Axpde, Aussagen wie So finally stop your silly insults and bark at another moon, this one's the wrong target!!!, die sich klar gegen einen anderen Benutzer hier auf Commons richten, sind nicht akzeptabel. Es mag immer mal der Fall sein, dass man verärgert ist, aber es hilft Dir oder Deinem Anliegen überhaupt nicht, den Ärger auf diesem Wege Raum zu verschaffen. Cecil hat den obigen Kommentar sicherlich auch aus Verärgerung über den verursachten Arbeitsaufwand losgelassen — im Gegensatz zu Dir jedoch mit deutlich gemäßigten Worten ohne persönlich zu werden.

In jedem Falle würde ich Dir empfehlen, größere Aktionen wie die, die Du gerade durchführst, mit den Betroffenen zu koordinieren. Ich weiß nicht, inwiefern eine Kooperation mit den entsprechenden Portalen und bisherigen Gestaltern dieser Bilder erfolgte. Aber offenbar fand zumindest auf Commons keine echte Kooperation statt. Ja, den entsprechenden Kommentar zuvor auf dem Administrators' noticeboard habe ich gesehen, aber da deutet noch nichts darauf hin, welchen Umfang diese Aktion erreichen sollte. Koordinationen helfen jedenfalls die Vermeidung von Frust und Ärger, da dann mögliche Probleme im Vorfeld in Ruhe besprochen werden können. Um die Sache zu einem gütlichen Ende zu führen, wäre es sicherlich hilfreich, wenn Du von Deinen Angriffen auf Cecil abkommen könntest, damit es möglich ist, sich auf die eigentliche Sache zu konzentrieren. Viele Grüße, AFBorchert (talk) 09:09, 5 April 2009 (UTC)

Danke für Deine verbindlichen Worte, schön zur Abwechslung mal wieder was konstruktives zu lesen!
Seit Monaten arbeite ich hart daran, das derzeit bestehende Chaos zu beheben. Das ist im übrigen hauptsächlich dadurch entstanden, dass etliche ihren neu geschaffenen BSicons irgendwelche Phantasienamen gegeben haben, die klare Verstöße gegen die Namenskonvention sind. Das "lustige" ist nämlich, dass es außer der ursprünglichen (deutschen) Namenskonvention insb. in der englischen WP kein konsistentes Namensschema gibt. Aus Deutschland, den Niederlanden und Japan haben mir viele zugestimmt, dass ein klares System dringend notwendig ist! Nur auf en-WP haben einige gemeckert, aber konkrete Vorschläge oder gar Mitarbeit an einer konsistenten Fortschreibung des bestehenden Systems kamen nicht. Nur einer macht sich Gedanken, die aber auf eine komplette Umstellung auf englische Namen vorsehen, ein mit Verlaub wenig sinnvolles Unterfangen ... wo mir doch gerade vorgeworfen wird, dass die "paar" Änderungen bereits viel zu viel Arbeit bedeuten.
Angesichts dieses Hintergrundes kannst Du vielleicht verstehen, wie beleidigend die haltlosen Unterstellungen von Cecil sind, die hier wie de:Deus ex machina erscheint und meint mich hier runtermachen zu dürfen!
Ich bin gerne bereit, mich wieder mit ihr zu vertragen, aber vorher möchte ich erstmal eindeutig versöhnliche Worte von ihr hören (vorzugsweise eine Entschuldigung ...). Danke nochmal, Gruß axpdeHello! 09:48, 5 April 2009 (UTC)
Vielen Dank für Deine Antwort, Axpde. Ich selbst kenne mich nun leider in den Bahnprojekten überhaupt nicht aus. Gibt es irgendwo eine Seite, wo das Namensschema dokumentiert ist? Angesichts der hohen internationalen Verbreitung und Nutzung, wäre es wohl angemessen, dies auf Commons selbst zu dokumentieren, so dass es anschließend auch in andere Sprachen übersetzt werden kann.
Zu Organisation einer größeren Reorganisation auf Commons: So etwas sollte so abgestimmt werden, dass für alle Beteiligten der Arbeitsaufwand zumutbar ist. Ein denkbarer Weg könnte darin bestehen, über längere Zeit die neuen Icons parallel hochzuladen und dann beim Abschluss einen großen Löschantrag für die redundanten Icons stellen, wobei die dann notwendigen Ersetzungen in dieser Form fertig vorbereitet sein sollten. Dieser Löschantrag sollte dann auf die zugehörige Dokumentation verweisen wie auch vorzugsweise alle einzelnen Icons, möglicherweise mit der Hilfe einer geeigneten Vorlage. So ein Vorgehen, bei dem ein größerer Antrag abzuarbeiten ist, der perfekt vorbereitet ist, dürfte dann auch den administrativen Aufwand deutlich reduzieren im Vergleich zu einer Lösung, bei der jedes Bild einzeln zu löschen ist und jeweils einzeln das Ersetzungskommando für den Commons-Delinker aufgesetzt werden muss.
Im übrigen würde ich empfehlen, Dich mit Cecil ohne besondere Bedingungen zu vertragen, da Du — offenbar im Augenblick des größten Ärgers — Dich nun ziemlich gründlich und öffentlich gegen sie gewandt hast. Sie gehört zu den aktivsten Admins hier auf Commons (sehr viel fleißiger als ich) und sie hätte eher mal ein Dankeschön verdient. Viele Grüße, AFBorchert (talk) 10:08, 5 April 2009 (UTC)
Klar gibt eine Dokumentation des Namensschemas:
Ich weiß auch nicht, warum es mit Category:Icons for railway descriptions (bzw. Category:Icons for railway descriptions/Documentation) und Category:BSicon (bzw. Category:BSicon/Documentation) hier auf commons zwei parallele Kategorie-Hierarchien zu ein und demselben Thema gibt. Das zeigt mir persönlich, dass zwar mit guten Vorsätzen begonnen wurde, auf Grund der damit verbundenen Arbeit aber der anfängliche Enthusiasmus dann schnell verflogen ist, und schon waren alle Schleusen offen. Beachte bitte, dass Commons:Railway line template/Policies seit nunmehr über zwei Jahren "under construction" ist, wobei das letzte (offizielle) update vom 2. April 2007 stammt!
Im Prinzip gehe ich ja auch so vor, wie von Dir vorgeschlagen:
  1. Nur dass ich nicht einzelne BSicons neu kreiere und hochlade, sondern grundsätzlich immer den kompletten Satz, nur so ist sicher gestellt, dass alle icons "wie aus einem Guss" sind und mit korrekten Namen versehen.
  2. Als nächstes markiere ich die falsche benamten mit {{bad name}}, zum einen um die weitere Verwendung möglichst einzuschränken, zum anderen da ja nur Admins den "CommonsDelinker" starten können. Der ist allerdings bei BSicons tendenziell unnütz, da z.B. das weltweit sicherlich am häufigsten verwandte File:BSicon BHF.svg normalerweise nur als "...|BHF|..." in den einschlägigen Vorlagen verwendet wird, die dann jedes Mal "BSicon_" voranstellen und ".svg" anhängen.
  3. Dann prüfe und ersetze ich jedes einzelne Vorkommen von Hand, was wie man an diesem edit oder jenem edit leicht sehen kann, eine verdammt aufwändige Arbeit ist.
  4. Wenn alle Vorkommen korrigiert sind, markiere ich diese icons zusätzlich mit {{speedydelete}}, damit die Admins wissen, dass sie diese icons gefahrlos löschen können (ohne dass sie selber noch irgendetwas anderes tun müssten).
Diese Praxis hat sich in den letzten acht Monaten bewährt, wobei ich die meiste Arbeit ganz allein erledigt habe. Ich habe niemanden aufgefordert, mir aktiv zu helfen, geschweige denn dies stillschweigend erwartet.
Aber genau dies hat mir Cecil öffentlich unterstellt, sie hat mich beschuldigt, anderen Arbeit aufzuhalsen ohne selber bereit zu sein, einen Finger zu krümmen, und gegen diese Beleidigung verwahre ich mich! Wenn ich mich also wie Du schreibst "gründlich und öffentlich gegen sie gewandt" habe, dann nur als Reaktion auf ihren vorausgegangenen persönlichen Angriff! Gruß axpdeHello! 11:30, 5 April 2009 (UTC)
Vielen Dank für die ausführliche Stellungnahme Axpde. Ich fürchte nur, dass Du Dich in einem wichtigen Punkt irrst, nämlich der Annahme, dass mit der Markierung die Sache abgeschlossen sei. Damit überlässt Du den Admins die Arbeit, die eine Fassung durch die andere durch den Commons-Delinker ersetzen zu lassen. Und genau hier hat sich Cecil beschwert. Hier erscheint es mir sinnvoll, wenn Du dies ebenfalls vorbereiten könntest und dann wie beschrieben in Form größerer Serien mit vorbereiteten Löschanträgen und nicht einzelner Markierungen. Viele Grüße, AFBorchert (talk) 12:42, 5 April 2009 (UTC)
Nein! Wie ich oben unter Punkt 2 bereits geschrieben habe, ist der CommonsDelinker bei BSicons praktisch wirkungslos, da sie in den seltensten Fällen im Quelltext wie eine normale Mediendatei eingebunden wird, also wie z.B. durch [[File:BSicon BHF.svg|20px]] im Diskussionstext. In über 99% aller Fälle tauchen die BSicons nur als Abkürzung in einer der {{BS#}}-Vorlagen auf, und hier scheitert der CommonsDelinker grundätzlich, da er ja nur nach der kompletten Zeichenkette sucht, diese aber nirgends bis auf die erwähnten Ausnahmen findet. Als Resultat erhält man dann einen Schwall von Seiten, auf denen der CommonsDelinker nach der Zeichenkette gesucht hat, sie aber aus obigen Gründen nicht ersetzen konnte.
Also bleibt die Arbeit eh' an mir hängen, da ich Hunderte von Seiten einzeln editieren muss, wobei ich bisweilen sogar layout-Änderungen vornehme, damit es nicht allzu langweilig wird ;-) Gruß axpdeHello! 13:16, 5 April 2009 (UTC)
Wenn ich eine Datei mit der {{speedydelete}}-Vorlage markiere, dann habe ich bereits im Vorfeld sicher gestellt, dass diese Datei nirgends mehr verwandt wird*), sie also ohne weitere Arbeit gelöscht werden kann, freilich nachdem der jeweilige Admin die Sachlage und sein Gewissen geprüft hat ;-)
*) "nicht verwendet" von den automatisierten Listen diverser user auf commons und en-WP mal abgesehen. Ich frage mich sowieso, warum vier Benutzer unter fünf accounts (namentlich user:AlisonW, en:user:AlisonW, user:BjørnN, en:user:LeheckaG und en:user:Renxu350) jedes icons insgesamt bis zu neunmal automatisch listen ... ein weiterer Hinweis darauf, dass auf commons und en-WP jeder so sein eigenes Süppchen kocht, wie sollte es mir da gelingen, diese zu einer konstruktiven Mitarbeit zu gewinnen ... :(
Gruß axpdeHello! 13:27, 5 April 2009 (UTC)
(BK) OK, vielen Dank für diese Erläuterung. Dann sollten aber die Ersetzungen vorgenommen werden, bevor ein Schnelllöschantrag gestellt wird, da ansonsten die Verantwortung für die Ersetzung bei dem löschenden Admin verbleibt. Im Zweifelsfall ist es hier auch hilfreich, auf Schnelllöschanträge zu verzichten, da dies nur einfach zu verstehende Fälle umfassen sollte. Alles, was auch nur etwas zusätzliche Erläuterungen benötigt, ist in regulären Löschanträgen, vorzugsweise ganze Serien erfassend, besser aufgehoben. Aus den Bemerkungen von Cecil geht jedenfalls klar hevor, dass sie sich in der Verantwortung sah, die Ersetzungen selbst vorzunehmen und dies bei der Masse als ein Problem ansah. Solche Mißverständnisse sind bei Schnelllöschanträgen praktisch nicht zu vermeiden. Viele Grüße, AFBorchert (talk) 13:32, 5 April 2009 (UTC)

Hmmm, wie wäre denn dies:

  1. Ich werde ab jetzt für neue Nominierungen ein eigenes Bapperl verwenden, vielleicht {{BSicon obsolete}} um anzudeuten, dass hier zwar eine Schnelllöschung nach den üblichen Regeln vorbereitet wird, dass aber alle Arbeit bis zur Adminentscheidung von mir selber vorgenommen werden, ohne dass ein Admin tätig werden muss (wenn jemand den CommonsDelinker trotz oben beschriebener Unzulänglichkeit starten möchte, dann begrüße ich das schon, ein paar Seiten erwischt der schließlich schon ;-)
  2. Wenn ich dann soweit fertig bin, werde ich wiederum ein eigenes Bapperl anbringen, vielleicht {{BSicon delete}} um anzudeuten, dass von meiner (user-)Seite aus alles getan ist, und das nunmehr nur noch der Adminentscheid und ggfs. die Löschung der Datei anstehen.

Damit sollte dann klar sein, dass vorher kein Admin sich zu irgendetwas genötigt fühlen muss, ok? Gruß axpdeHello! 13:57, 5 April 2009 (UTC)

Das wäre ein neuer Prozess und der müsste dann einen etwas größeren Konsens finden, etwa hier auf Commons:Administrators' noticeboard. Ansonsten empfehle ich nach wie vor einen regulären Massenlöschantrag mitsamt Erläuterungen. Viele Grüße, AFBorchert (talk) 14:23, 5 April 2009 (UTC)

Nur noch zur Erklärung: eben die Tatsache, dass der CommonsDelinker mit den EisenbahnIcons nicht umgehen kann, war der Grund für meine Anfrage bei Erik, ob diese Änderungen wirklich notwendig sind. Mir war vom letzten Mal noch sehr klar in Erinnerung, dass ein Großteil der Icons manuell geändert werden musste, weil der Bot damit nicht zurechtkommt (wie auch bei Flaggen und ähnlichem extrem häufig verwendetem Zeug). Dann hab ich gestern das Dupes-Tool mit dem Buchstaben 'B' gestartet und gesehen, dass unter diesem Buchstaben schon wieder über 200 dieser BahnIcons sind, und so gut wie keines beim neuen Icon (also rechts) irgendwelche Verwendungen anzeigt, die alten jedoch 100+. Dazu kam, dass bei diesen Icons das Löschen-Template schon über einen Monat drinnen war und dennoch die Ersetzungen nicht gemacht worden waren, die ein Löschen ermöglicht hätten. Wir haben momentan in fast allen Bereichen monatelangen Rückstand (Extrembeispiel: Löschkandidaten). Selbst unsere Speedy-Kategorien wie Duplicates oder Unknown hängen über einen Monat zurück und insofern verärgert es dann, wenn jemand ein riesengroßes Projekt reinschiebt und dann selbst nach einem Monat die Dateien nicht löschfähig sind, weil sie noch verwendet werden. -- Cecil (talk) 23:40, 5 April 2009 (UTC)

Erst einmal Danke für den nun freundlichen Ton, so ist es mir wirklich viel lieber! Klar kann ich Dich verstehen, ich weiß doch nur zu gut, wie sehr die admins auf commons überlastet sind, selbst bei offensichtlichen speedy-Anträgen dauert es bisweilen eine Woche, bis sich ein Admin findet, der Zeit hat, dem Ersuchen nachzukommen. Ich bin auch schon von admins gefragt worden, ob ich nicht als admin kandidieren wolle, man bräuchte so dringend Hilfe.
Mal abgesehen davon wie meine Chancen nach dem heutigen Tag wohl stehen mögen, ich habe die letzten fünf Tage fast nichts anderes gemacht, als in tausenden von edits hunderte von BSicons simultan zu ersetzen, mehrere dutzend davon wurden bereits erfolgreich entsorgt bzw. stehen aktuell zur Entsorgung an. Ich kann doch nicht noch mehr machen ...
Mir wurde glaubhaft versichert, dass Du einer der fleissigsten admins bist, daher kannst Du sicherlich nachempfinden, wie sich das wohl angefühlt hat, derart angeranzt und runtergemacht zu werden wie geschehen!
Ganz wichtig: Bei etlichen neuen icons steht aus einem recht einfachen Grund kein Eintrag über die Verwendung: Eure tools kommen dummerweise mit einem Pluszeichen im Namen nicht zurecht! Und da ich als Ersatz für File:BSicon ABZa.svg nunmal File:BSicon ABZq+lr.svg gewählt hatte, ist direkt beim allerersten von Dir überprüften icon anscheinend wirklich nix geschehen ...
Für die Akten: ABZa wird derzeit noch ganze fünfmal im ANR verwendet, ABZq+lr hingegen insgesamt über hundert Mal (bei CheckUsage BSicon_ABZq%252Blr.svg eingeben, dann klappt's!). So, nun aber wirklich gute Nacht, mein Computer hat sich gerade schon einmal verabschiedet, ich will nicht riskieren, dass er das jetzt nochmal macht ;-) axpdeHello! 00:17, 6 April 2009 (UTC)

License changing

I have seen that you have nominated the file File:BSicon texBHFa.svg for speedy deletion and I think that you have acted in a wrong way. I uploaded that image and I gave it to the Public Domain while you just have an identical copy licensed into CC-BY-SA and keeping the attribution. I know that the fact that I gave away the copyright of that image lets you do that, but I think that this action is not moral. Most files of railway icons are in PD because they are pretty simple and so that it is easy to reuse them and to create new icons by copying parts of the old ones. The CC-BY-SA is more complicated to use. In addition, you have used {{Badname}} which is intended for files that one has uploaded. I will ask for my freer version to be kept here in commons if you do not give me reasons for its deletion. --SMP (talk page) 23:22, 5 April 2009 (UTC)

I already talked with some admins about that topic. The majority thinks that those icons are {{PD-ineligible}}, so you need to worry about any licenses, they will be changed when applicable.
Conc. {{bad name}}, as far as I understand commons rules, there shouldn't be two pictures showing the same, and File:BSicon texBHFa.svg has a "bad name" because the original {{Template:BSe}}-template requires "e" to come first in row!
Additionally: Til today I created about 1200 BSicons, most of them "from the scratch", i.e. I don't need any existing icon, nor any graphics editor like inkscape, all I need is vi (or notepad.exe) to create whatever you need! That's why your icon is 3 kByte and my one is only 521 Byte, and that way those icons are purely "my work" but obviously the inventor of all this was user:Bernina! Good night axpdeHello! 23:53, 5 April 2009 (UTC)
I tend to follow the licensing of every image in commons because, as you have said, we need to worry about licenses even in these simples cases. An image which states that can only be used under the CC-BY-SA is in this way "lesser free". I have created only ten BSicons and just because I needed them and I could not achieve that result in another way. I don't know the SVG codes, therefore I've always had to download many files and mix parts of their codes to get the new one. That's why, in these cases, I thank that they were in PD. --SMP (talk page) 14:12, 6 April 2009 (UTC)

All my new icons get {{PD-ineligible}} when uploading, the other ones will be changed step by step! Happy Easter days! axpdeHello! 08:26, 11 April 2009 (UTC)

Width in parallel railways

Hello Axpde, I have a question concerning parallel railways. The thing is that in most rail icons for parallel railways the left line is centered on x-position 130 and the right one on x-position 370. Now there are also half width icons which have a width of 250 where the x-position of the line is centered on 125, resulting in a mismatch when connected to parallel railway icons of normal width. I'll prefer to have all normal width icons changed to a 125 and 375 x-position. What is you opinion in this? Wiebevl (talk) 16:06, 22 July 2009 (UTC)

Three weeks ago I realized there are already enough infantile users in this kindergarten called wikipedia (esp./but not excl. the german wikipedia). Since I was jsut about be become another one of those I decided to stop my freelance instantly.
On the other hand I started something that should have a chance to thrive and prosper, but I don't know who introduced the parallel icons with lines on 130 and 370. Of course you're completely right, those values don't make sense at all, it should be 125 and 375 instead to match the slender (in german "dünn") icons. Good luck! axpdeHello! 09:41, 28 July 2009 (UTC)

Naming convention

Hello Axpde, I noticed you have made numerous change to all the icons just to create a thorough naming convention, I salute you for that! I've made several icons over the past year and I'm very much in favour of such a uniform system. However I just don't seem to understand it, are you willing to explain?

For instance this one: with this explanation: ex ABZweig geradeaus ex rechts (+) von links (mit exakten Kreisen)

I see the xABZ and xr but not the g in between and I don't see a line from l. I would call it xABZxr+gr.

It's not that want to disrupt your system but just understand it so I can comply to it when uploading icons. Thanks! Wiebevl (talk) 11:07, 25 July 2009 (UTC)

The (original) naming convention uses the 'g' to indicate a track running in opposite driving direction. This works fine as long as the icons are simple, but on more complex structures this is rather obstructive.
With those double branching icons I reused the 'g' for something quite close to its original meaning: It stands for "geradeaus" (straight on), just as 'q' is for "quer" (aqross ;-)
xABZgxr+l stands for
  • x = ex (relates to the straight track)
  • ABZ = ABZweigstelle = branching track
  • g = geradeaus = straight track
  • xr = ex to the right
  • +l = from(+) the left
The big advantage: I can handle all brancing icons the same way, no matter whether there is a track running straight on or across, or even with no straight track at all! Another advantage is that icons are always seen forward driving direction (from ceiling to bottom), you don't have to check for "rf" or "rg" to determine driving direction ...
Take care! axpdeHello! 09:58, 28 July 2009 (UTC)
Thanks! I'll let you know if I come across any naming problems. Wiebevl (talk) 09:34, 1 August 2009 (UTC)

Tip: Categorizing images

Afrikaans  العربية  беларуская (тарашкевіца)  বাংলা  català  čeština  dansk  Deutsch  Deutsch (Sie-Form)  Ελληνικά  English  Esperanto  español  فارسی  suomi  français  galego  עברית  magyar  íslenska  italiano  日本語  ქართული  한국어  македонски  മലയാളം  norsk bokmål  Plattdüütsch  Nederlands  norsk  polski  português  português do Brasil  română  русский  sicilianu  slovenčina  slovenščina  српски / srpski  svenska  Türkçe  українська  Tiếng Việt  中文(简体)‎  中文(繁體)‎  +/−

Hello, Axpde!
Tip: Add categories to your images
Tip: Add categories to your images

Thanks a lot for contributing to the Wikimedia Commons! Here's a tip to make your uploads more useful: Why not add some categories to describe them? This will help more people to find and use them.

Here's how:

1) If you're using the UploadWizard, you can add categories to each file when you describe it. Just click "more options" for the file and add the categories which make sense:

2) You can also pick the file from your list of uploads, edit the file description page, and manually add the category code at the end of the page.

[[Category:Category name]]

For example, if you are uploading a diagram showing the orbits of comets, you add the following code:

[[Category:Astronomical diagrams]]

This will make the diagram show up in the categories "Astronomical diagrams" and "Comets".

When picking categories, try to choose a specific category ("Astronomical diagrams") over a generic one ("Illustrations").

Thanks again for your uploads! More information about categorization can be found in Commons:Categories, and don't hesitate to leave a note on the help desk.

BotMultichillT 07:46, 7 September 2009 (UTC)

Already done! axpdeHello! 12:38, 20 September 2009 (UTC)

Loop Icons

I suggest to discuss in Catalog of pictograms#Template for builders of templates.--AndreyA (talk) 22:30, 19 September 2009 (UTC)

Should be discussed on commons instead ... axpdeHello! 12:49, 20 September 2009 (UTC)

Hi! This file is still in use (User_talk:Abigor#Deleting duplicates). Can you help fix that if you still think the file should be deleted? --MGA73 (talk) 20:39, 28 October 2009 (UTC)

Answered on User talk:Abigor#Deleting duplicates, I guess it was a temporary problem with toolserver not reporting leftover usages ... axpdeHello! 23:13, 29 October 2009 (UTC)

BSicon INT

Previously I expressed my uneasiness with K- for terminus ROOT-suffix. But now I see that problem spreads to INT as well. But this is due to the INTl & INTr sets created by Japanese user are conflicting with File:BSicon INTr2.svg. As you see en:User:Kevin Steinhardt use the INTr2 to avoid naming conflict. I guess you would immediately suggest using the new root KINT, but I think this isn't necessarily to be forced unto the INTa & INTe sets. Still. -- Sameboat - 同舟 (talk) 15:26, 7 November 2009 (UTC)

You see, the biggest problem about BSicons is that everyone names his new inventions at his own and sole discretion ... :(
As I told you before, I don't wanne interfere with those INT icons (I've plenty work to do with all those other icons). Anyways "KINT" would be mixture of German "K"opfbahnhof and English "int"erchange, a bit strange, but I have no idea how to solve this problem else ... :( axpdeHello! 16:35, 7 November 2009 (UTC)

Rename can't be done

Hi File:BSicon STRal.svg can't have the suggested name. It is in use. --MGA73 (talk) 17:19, 21 November 2009 (UTC)

Same with File:BSicon STRar.svg, File:BSicon STRel.svg, File:BSicon STRer.svg and File:BSicon exSTRel.svg --MGA73 (talk) 17:23, 21 November 2009 (UTC)
I know those names are in use, but {{Rename}} explicitly states "or another more suitable name". The BSicons of Category:Icons for railway descriptions/parallel railways are not of my concern, but I fear collisions to (future) BSicons. My hope was that someone caring of parallel railways would suggest a more suitable and unused name ... axpdeHello! 12:50, 22 November 2009 (UTC)
Sure it does. But the best name I could think of was File:Some icon for railway description 1.jpg, File:Some icon for railway description 2.jpg etc... So I think it is better to let others find the right name :-D --MGA73 (talk) 14:00, 22 November 2009 (UTC)
You laugh, I have the same problem. Ok, I'm familiar with BSicons names, I'd probably suggest someting like "File:BSicon vBS2something.svg", but I'm occupied with the regular BSicons, don't wanne saddle myself with parallel railways as well ;-) axpdeHello! 14:25, 22 November 2009 (UTC)

File:BSicon TuBHFu.svg

Hi. I'm curious as to how this icon is obsolete, on the basis that I made a map using it. Yes, I agree, it's badly named - I made my best guess, but I don't know German - so please tell me what the correct name should be and I can get it sorted. -mattbuck (Talk) 11:47, 24 November 2009 (UTC)

The basic name is TBHF which shouldn't be broken up. The usual prefix for a "mixed" icon with heavy rail running straight is "m" (and "um" if tracks are swapped), but then heavy rail supersedes the light rail, i.e. the big dot should be red. At the moment I have no plan how to name mixed icons with accentuation on the light rail ... hmmm ... have to think about that later :( axpdeHello! 23:21, 24 November 2009 (UTC)
I went with the light rail station as it is on top - figured I'd make the u version have them swapped over so heavy rail on top. Could we do a dual-colour station, so outer circle blue and inner red or something? -mattbuck (Talk) 23:41, 24 November 2009 (UTC)
Your argument is quite reasonable, on the other hand the problem with mixed railways is nearly complete undiscussed. Which one wins? Heavy rail as seen in in File:BSicon muxABZlf.svg (File:BSicon muxABZlf.svg) or light rail as seen in File:BSicon muABZlf.svg (File:BSicon muABZlf.svg).
Concerning stations we get into real big trouble, there are several different approaches :
  1. Heavy rail beats light rail: File:BSicon tBHFuq.svg (File:BSicon tBHFuq.svg)
  2. Rail running on top wins: File:BSicon uTS+BHFu.svg (File:BSicon uTS+BHFu.svg) – just missing an "m"
  3. Mixed bubble, heavy wins: File:BSicon muKBFa.svg (File:BSicon muKBFa.svg)
  4. Mixed bubble, light wins: File:BSicon muBHF.svg (File:BSicon muBHF.svg)
  5. Errr ... whatever rule: File:BSicon utBHFqo.svg (File:BSicon utBHFqo.svg)
Btw. needless to say most of those icons bear very bad names ... :(
Hmmm ... any ideas? axpdeHello! 07:42, 26 November 2009 (UTC)


moved to Talk:BSicon/Renaming#k

junction icons in 'junction+crossing' category

moved to Talk:BSicon/Renaming#k


moved to Talk:BSicon/Renaming/Archive 4#CONT & ENDE

It may be right that there are no bridges below surface, but before changing the icons you should be aware of the following facts:

  • the icons are quite frequently used
  • line level information will get lost after change

The "bridge" design seems of course misleading in most cases, but currently there is no alternative to avoid loosing this information. I also think that line maps using these icons will not be easily misinterpreted. Regards, BjørnN (talk) 08:29, 2 April 2010 (UTC)

Agreed. In my opinion, you can say that there are no "bridges" below surface, but by using the file File:BSicon utKRZt.svg gives the impression that the lines cross each other's paths in the tunnels, when it is not necessary so (for example, one north-south line at Basement 2 and one east-west line at Basement 3). Maybe you can change the file, leaving it with no bridges, but at the same time keep the "layered" impression? Newfraferz17 (talk) 10:49, 2 April 2010 (UTC)
First of all I doubt that there are (m)any underground crossings on same level, usually underground crossings are split level anyways. Furthermore I doubt that the casual reader relies on the information on which underground level his tube crosses the other ones, he can't see anything anyways. Nevertheless the BSicon-root "UKRZ" is nonsense and has to vanish – I know that they are frequently used, but I already made thousands of edits worldwide to fix iconnames (still everyone is invited to join ;-).
Your suggestion sounds practicable, on the other hand do we really need eight more sets of crossing icons (2x red, 2x blue, 4x mixed ...)? What's the big benefit of this?? axpdeHello! 22:59, 2 April 2010 (UTC)
There will not be eight more sets of icons - the existing ones would be redesigned. The benefit is keeping the information that is allready collected. UKRZ is of course nonsense. However, I have experienced some difficulties finding the correct naming conventions of icons, they seem to be scattered over an indefinite number of discussion pages. The policies page's last update was 28 June 2009 (by Axpde - are you the only active user on commons on this project?). And, of course the tube user can see the levels, not always, but frequently, the Paris Metro for example has numerous examples of this. Another example you'll find in the Frankfurt Hauptwache station - here you can stand on the "red" line platform seeing people waiting on the "blue" line platform downstairs. Regards, BjørnN (talk) 08:55, 3 April 2010 (UTC)
But still there are 32 icons to be redone: red/red/above, red/red/below, blue/blue/... and so on, four of each (-/e/x/ex). Is this work worth doing it just because there are very few occasions there you actually note a "below" or "above"? At 20px you can't even figure much difference! And how about all those "tTBHFt"-stations? We'd need dozens of icons where you can't even see exactly what's different!
The problem with the naming convention on commons is: There is none aside the naming convention of the original project (see de:Wikipedia:Formatvorlage Bahnstrecke). When they discovered the german BSicons, they were so keen on moving them to commons they forgot to think about a global naming scheme. This way we got dozens of users doing their pretty own thing, creating hundreds of icons with funny names mutual interfering each other. There are others working on this project as User:AlisonW but they seemingly decided just to collect and list the crap others produce and fuss about others who want to reintroduce a consistent naming scheme ... axpdeHello! 09:10, 3 April 2010 (UTC)

Shrinking svg file sizes

Hello, can you give me some advice on shrinking BSicon svg file(s) sizes? Everytime when I edit a such a file in Inkscape, the size always increases, sometimes up to a few KB. Thanks. Newfraferz17 (talk) 09:20, 10 April 2010 (UTC)

That's why I stopped using inkscape when I realized, how simple svg code is! I usually use plain text editors to create or modify my BSicons, and although the code is as small as possible they're all {{ValidSVG}}. Just have a look at my latter ones, the first lines are in for compatibility reasons (the wiki software guesses them but that's not good manner ;-), the rest explains itself.
The <g (some style parameter)> ... </g> groups elements and applies all style information to all following commands as <circle ... /> or <path ... />.
For an overview there are 2 helpful links:
And now have fun :) axpdeHello! 09:31, 10 April 2010 (UTC)
Thanks for the advice - this certainly works for these BSicon files! (Though it is definitely difficult to edit a large rail map just by using plain text editors) Newfraferz17 (talk) 13:59, 10 April 2010 (UTC)
To edit svg files made by inkscape it's a pain in the a.. – that's why I started to learn about svg code and to write them from the scratch. Many lines in inkscape code are silly, you don't need to draw a vertical line and then turn it by 90 degrees, just draw a horizontal line! Most BSicons consist of nothing more than straight lines, circular curves or filled circles. Curved lines as in BS2 or ÜW are definetly a bit more complicated and maybe nothing for beginners, but once you understood how to use the path commands you'll wonder why you haven't always coded this way ;-) axpdeHello! 08:46, 11 April 2010 (UTC)

Since few days the GRENZE+WBRÜCKE icon is no more displayed in 20px size:

  • 19px size: ;
  • 20px size: ;
  • 21px size: .

I'm curious to know why.--Ellegimark (talk) 10:57, 14 April 2010 (UTC)

It's all fine with me, maybe a temporary problem of commons? Bye axpdeHello! 11:04, 14 April 2010 (UTC)
After your replay I've seen that's a problem of Firefox (I'm using v3.6.3), with IE8 it's all fine. Thank you. --Ellegimark (talk) 11:38, 14 April 2010 (UTC)
I'm using Firefox v3.6 ... no problem ... axpdeHello! 11:41, 14 April 2010 (UTC)
Solved cleaning file history! Thanks again. --Ellegimark (talk) 12:30, 14 April 2010 (UTC)


Hi, I have a "big bridge" version of vWBRÜCKE ready for uploading, but I have some doubts because of the pending renaming request of this icon to vWBRÜCKE1.
My idea would be to perform the following steps:

  1. Upload as vWBRÜCKE1, now empty, the present vWBRÜCKE icon (slightly modified just to be W3C compliant).
  2. Upload as vWBRÜCKE the icon with "big bridge", overwriting the present one.
  3. Remove the renaming request.

Do you think this is correct? If not what do you suggest?
I like to change this icon because sometimes the double-track bridge looks smaller than a less important single-track one.
Thanks in advance. --elLeGiMark@ 09:59, 24 April 2010 (UTC)

The BSicon on the right hand side shows definitely a rather medium sized bridge quite similiar to WBRÜCKE, maybe it should be renamed to vWBRÜCKE1, but IMHO there is no space for a "larger" bridge. If you really want a larger bridge, how about this: »« Greetings axpdeHello! 10:19, 24 April 2010 (UTC)

This is undoubtedly a good suggestion, but unfortunately it does not work with formatting templates that do not accept more than one icon in the same cell.
This is the svg code of the proposed "big bridge" (as large as possible) icon:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<!DOCTYPE svg PUBLIC "-//W3C//Dtd SVG 1.1//EN" "">
<!-- Created by wiebevl for Wikipedia and adapted by Ellegimark -->
<svg version="1.1" xmlns="" width="500" height="500" viewBox="0 0 500 500">
	<g stroke="none" stroke-width="100" fill="none">
		<path d="M125,0 L125,500" style="stroke:#BE2D2C;" />
		<path d="M375,0 L375,500" style="stroke:#BE2D2C;" />
	<g stroke="none" fill="none">
		<path d="M -27,260 C 20,240 100,220 140,218 C 235,210 265,290 360,282 C 400,280 480,260 527,240"
		style="stroke:#007CC3;stroke-width:75;stroke-dasharray:80,420;" />
	<g stroke="#80A080" stroke-width="40" fill="none">
		<path d="M25,10 L50,60 L50,440 L25,490"/>
		<path d="M475,10 L450,60 L450,440 L475,490"/>

Please feel free to tell me your opinion about it, no matter if negative.
Greetings --elLeGiMark@ 14:26, 24 April 2010 (UTC)

Linkfixe nötig

... bei:

Im übrigen möchte ich dich bitten, die angeblich unsinnigen Icons nicht löschen zu lassen. Es gibt so viele Wikis, da kannst du nicht ausschließen, dass die gestrichelte Linie Schmalspur, Industriebahn, Privatbahn, Nebenstrecke o.Ä. bedeutet. In diesem Fall ist eine Verwendung in der Zukunft denkbar. Antonsusi (talk) 14:17, 27 April 2010 (UTC)

t steht nunmal auch im Englischen für Tunnel. Wenn jemand andere Funktionen einbauen will, dann soll er auch andere Namen verwenden! axpdeHello! 19:44, 27 April 2010 (UTC)


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Ein Willkommenspräsent für unseren neuen Administrator von deinen Kollegen...

Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Axpde! Du hast jetzt die Rechte eines Administrators auf Commons. Nimm dir bitte einen Moment Zeit, um dir die Seite Commons:Administratoren und die in Verbindung mit der Beobachtungsliste stehenden Seiten durchzulesen (insbesondere Commons:Administrators' noticeboard und Commons:Deletion requests), bevor du damit beginnst, Seitenlöschungen, Accountsperrungen oder Änderungen am Seitenschutzstatus bzw. an den geschützten Seiten selbst durchzuführen. Der Großteil der Bearbeitungen eines Administrators kann durch andere Administratoren wieder rückgängig gemacht werden, mit Ausnahme der Zusammenführung von Versionsgeschichten, die deshalb mit spezieller Obacht behandelt werden muß.

Wir laden dich herzlich ein, mit uns auf IRC Kontakt aufzunehmen: #wikimedia-commons @ Es gibt auch einen Channel für Commons-Admins, der für sensiblere Themen sowie zur Koordination unter Admins genutzt werden kann. Du findest zudem in dem Commons:Ratgeber zur Administratorentätigkeit vielleicht eine nützliche Lektüre.

Bitte überprüfe, ob du in der Commons:List of administrators und den jeweils nach Datum oder Sprache sortierten Listen eingetragen wurdest und ergänze deine Daten andernfalls.

EugeneZelenko (talk) 15:15, 1 May 2010 (UTC)

Congratulations. -mattbuck (Talk) 15:16, 1 May 2010 (UTC)
Auch meinerseits. --Túrelio (talk) 15:49, 1 May 2010 (UTC)
Gefeliciteerd! Wiebevl (talk) 23:18, 1 May 2010 (UTC)

Thank you very much! And thanks for your support. Now I gotta learn alot ... :) axpdeHello! 17:00, 1 May 2010 (UTC)

I thought you were going to limit yourself to the Bahnstrecke stuff... /Pieter Kuiper (talk) 21:43, 1 May 2010 (UTC)
I promised to help settling those tons of deletion requests. At the moment I try to finish the rather obvious ones ... nevertheless it's more difficult than I thought ;-) axpdeHello! 21:49, 1 May 2010 (UTC)

Deletion of image under debate

If you delete an image (File:Dildo2.jpg) that is currently under discussion, perhaps you should leave a comment on the discussion page much like User:AFBorchert did. TheDJ (talk) 21:51, 1 May 2010 (UTC)

Of course, will do this later when finished! axpdeHello! 21:53, 1 May 2010 (UTC)
Ehm, can you please review those sex related discussion a bit better ? The law argued is heavily doubted and they are full of sockpuppet and forum shopping votes. They are at the very least nominated under an inappropriate reason and if someone wants to delete them per scope, we should have a new discussion that is actually based on the argument of scope in my opinion. TheDJ (talk) 21:58, 1 May 2010 (UTC)
Well, this afternoon I just read a lot of pages concerning what content is allowed on commons and what is not:
That's what I kept in mind. axpdeHello! 22:20, 1 May 2010 (UTC)

Would be nice if you also took care of those files listed here. --UAltmann (talk) 10:10, 2 May 2010 (UTC)

It's quite a long list and there are several supporters of pornography on commons. One thing I don't understand, at least in Germany there are laws prohibiting the presentation of sexual acts to visitors who haven't proofed to be of full age. Why do we have to dabate about such cases? axpdeHello! 12:23, 2 May 2010 (UTC)

Same kind of law exists in the U.S. (18 U.S.C. § 2257). But some people believe that in the internet nobody has to obey that law. Some minority wants to be provocative here, obviously. But the actual idea of wikipedia is too precious to risk its reputation just because of some dirty users/pics. I would appreciate this place getting cleaned up a little. Wie sagt man: Schmaumermal. --UAltmann (talk) 17:27, 2 May 2010 (UTC)

You are totally incorrect. TheDJ (talk) 21:24, 2 May 2010 (UTC)

I have restored two files, because the reasons you provided here totally are not represented in policy and mismatch the reasons you provided in the delete log. TheDJ (talk) 21:24, 2 May 2010 (UTC)

Can this be considered the announcement of an editwar? --UAltmann (talk) 23:27, 2 May 2010 (UTC)
Please also delete File:Sex_intercourse.jpg (edit · last · history · watch · unwatch · global usage · logs · purge · w · search · links · DR · del · undel · Delinker log) as per COM:NUDE and COM:SCOPE. Thanks. --UAltmann (talk) 06:38, 3 May 2010 (UTC)

Severe DSL problems

Sorry folks,

at the moment my DSL modem is <edit>nearly</edit> out of order, I don't <edit>know how long I'll</edit> be able to stay online ... just in case I might not answer to immediate questions! Greets axpdeHello! 06:56, 2 May 2010 (UTC)

Hallo Axpde,
du hattest File:BSicon vKBFe.svg verschoben, aber eventuell vergessen die vielen Nutzungen auf Projektseiten umzuändern. Der CD kann das ja bekanntlicherweise nicht. Vielleicht kann du das gelegentlich manuell umändern, wenn dein DSL wieder läuft. --Túrelio (talk) 06:14, 4 May 2010 (UTC)

Das geht nach und nach wie bei allen Einträgen in Category:Icons for railway descriptions/obsolete redirects. Vorder Verschiebung konnte ich ja nichts ändern, schließlich existierte die neue Datei zu dem Zeitpunkt noch nicht. Das nimmt seinen Weg jetzt wie bei KBFe → KBHFe ... Gruß axpdeHello! 07:10, 4 May 2010 (UTC)