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Thank you[edit]

I used this image in a presentation to my quantum chemistry class.

Another thank you[edit]

Hi Mr. Esham

My name is Siddharth, and I used your chart comparing the power to Lumens of different types of light bulbs in a energy efficiency codes development project as a reference chart.

Thank you.

I gotta know[edit]

Did you use the #42 in this:Image:Text document with page number icon.svg because it is the w:Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything? --TheZachMorrisExperience (talk) 02:58, 24 September 2008 (UTC)

Bildo de la tago[edit]

Gratulojn por via laboro por la Bildo de la tago. Ni ĵus lanĉis Bildon de la tago en Vikipedio, kaj tre certe profitos de la laboro kiun vi faradas ĉi tie por esperantigi priskribojn de bildoj. Arno Lagrange 11:52, 28 September 2008 (UTC)

Mexico Pavilion at EPCOT[edit]

Hello, I modify the location on Image:Mexico pavilion at Epcot.jpg, because the stairs appeared on the picture, and the previous location seem to be taken from the top of the same stair. Sincerely --GdGourou - °o° - Talk to me 10:01, 30 September 2008 (UTC)

Another Thank you[edit]

I've used your chat bubble svg for my upcoming website as a background to my irssi stats. Thank you.

Thank you for the pumpkins[edit]

I used Image:Pumpkins 2.jpg on a recipe submission. If accepted, it will be located at


Hi, I included your diagram of ICF in an essay on laser applications. thanks very much!


Just using the graph as part of my FYP

Great image[edit]

I am using it on my web site at in the Usenet section.


Hi Ben, I'm looking forward to use your image ( for my symbian birthday checker application version 3.x as an icon to represent November. Great picture. Thanks. ;)

Image use - Thank you[edit]

Thank you Benjamin, I have used your image in my final year Engineering Honours Thesis on affordable Total Home Automation through Flinders University in Australia. Thank you kindly. Shane

Quality Image Promotion[edit]

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Great Diagram[edit]

Thanks I wish to use the diagram in a PP presentation. A wonderful educational tool! Thanks KR

Use of CFL graphic[edit]

Thanks for the CFL graphic! I used it in a presentation in which I pitched an off-campus sustainability guide for Washington University students


I am using your Text_document_with_red_question_mark.svg‎ on my web site

Image of Stratum levels[edit]

hi there, I work for a NTP server company and have used your stratum tree image in one of our blogs. Just wanted to let you know, if you are interested blease see (if you want a link pleae let me know) Many thanks

Richard Williams Galleon Systems

Image:Pansy close-up.jpg[edit]

Yes, it is a pansy; I've moved it to category:Viola cultivars and taken it off the 'Unknown plants' page - MPF (talk) 14:11, 26 November 2008 (UTC)

CFL Image Update[edit]

I posted this on the discuss page:


That data is for older CFLs, today's CFLs contain much less mercury and use less energy. The graph should be updated with the latest US DOE data which states that CFLs contain 0.4mg of mercury and release 1.2mg of mercury from electrical use over their lifetime. Versus 5.8mg of mercury used by an incandescent bulb. (Pages 1-2)

Jared999 (talk)



I used your lego picture on our blog: Thanks a lot!


Cited in my research paper[edit]

Thank you. I used this in a research paper I was writing on how one can be greener in life, in my section about CFLs and LEDs versus incandescents... Emily Shulan

Sugarbush Trail[edit]

Thanks for your great pic of Sugarbush Trail in Allegany State Park. My sister and I had many happy Christmas's there in the sixties. I had your lovely photograph enlarged and printed on canvas to give to my sister this Christmas.


Hi, thanks much for your lego picture, I am going to use it in my PDF file about what to buy at car boot sales to sell on eBay.


العربية: دخولك هنا غير مسجل. إن عنوان الأيبي الخاص بك سيتم إدراجه ضمن تاريخ الصفحة مما قد يضر بخصوصيتك

Colored Pencils[edit]

Hi. I used your image for a videogame storyboard I am doing for my Education Design and Evaluation class in my master's program at Full Sail University.

Valued Image Promotion[edit]

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Thank you very much for sharing![edit]

Dear Ben Desham,

I will use your Chat_Bubbles.svg image in a Moodle course to show students where the Forums are. -- 22:18, 5 January 2009 (UTC)bduarte


Thanks, I have used your diagram of the Michelson-Morley experiment for my students in a handout for SR!

Brett Bujeya 10.I.09


I used your interferometer diagram in a physics lab report. Thanks! When it comes to drawing things on the computer, I'm made of fail.  :( -- 03:39, 20 January 2009 (UTC)

Disneyland railroad trains picture.[edit]

Hi Ben,

I knew you took a picture of the Walter. E. Disney train at Magic Kingdom, but I am looking for some pictures of Disneyland Railroad trains which can be found in Anaheim's Disneyland to be posted on the Disneyland Railroad page. Please take a picture of each train from the front and please make sure that the picture is SQUARE, not rectangular. These are the trains: C.K. Holliday, E.P. Ripley, Fred Gurley, Ernest S. Marsh and Ward Kimball. Each train is listed according to number (C.K. Holliday is 1, E.P. Ripley is 2 and so on.) There are a total of 5 locomotives.

A DRR and WDWRR fan Augustine.

More trains![edit]

Another thing... If you have the chance to go to Paris, photograph the trains there too. My estimated order is (I'm not sure about it) W.F. Cody, C.K. Holliday (again) George Washington and Eureka. 4 trains in total. This rule applies to the Anaheim trains too: photograph the trains when they are approaching the spot where you are on the platform and not from far away, and make sure the train is blowing its whistle or ringing its bell when you photograph it! You must photograph the trains on different days as not all the trains are operating in a day.


Please email me at when you have the pictures on the Disneyland Railroad page (the Paris trains should be there too).

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