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Your username has been blocked indefinitely because it may be rude or inflammatory, unnecessarily long/confusing, too similar to an existing user, contains the name of an organization, website or non-Latin characters, or is otherwise inappropriate (see our blocking and username policies for more information). You are encouraged to create a new account and contribute to Wikipedia under a more appropriate username. Commons:Username provides guidance on selecting an appropriate username. You may also edit Wikipedia without creating an account.

You are not allowed to edit Wikipedia under an inappropriate username. If you would like to discuss the block, you may appeal on your talk page or email the administrator who blocked you. Due to Wikipedia's mechanism for enforcing name changes, your IP address may be temporarily blocked. Unless you have also been engaging in vandalism or impersonation of another user, we will remove that block as soon as possible.

If you want to keep the contributions from your old account for your new username, please follow these directions: (1) Add {{unblock-un|new username}} to your user talk page. This is possible because even when you are blocked, you can still edit your own talk page. (2) Soon, an admin may come to unblock you. (3) You will have 24 hours after the unblock to file a request on Commons:Changing username before you may be re-blocked. Note that this can only be done before you create the new one. For more information, please visit Commons:Changing username. In many cases (especially if your account has few or no edits), it is a lot easier to create a new account.