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File:Beekman Winthrop in 1906.tiff[edit]

Caballero, I have requested that a file you uploaded be renamed. You might want to follow it up at HERE. Sorry if I didn't contact you about this before as I had been looking to get this fixed for several months but never found the time until now. Regards, Mercy11 (talk) 01:08, 2 December 2019 (UTC)

Mercy11 Thanks. Whenever possible, would you share your rationale? Caballero//Historiador 15:28, 2 December 2019 (UTC)

There is nothing in Paul Miller's 1946 book, available here, to identify that man in the picture as Gov. Beekman Winthrop. Miller's book simply states that Gov. Winthrop and the mayor were accompanying Roosevelt. A "key" as who is who in the pic is not given. Roosevelt isn't an issue: anyone will recognize him anyway.
But, despite the book not stating who is who, there are a few clues as to who is Winthrop and who is Oppenheimer.
(1) Protocol: For one thing, political protocol has it that the next highest-ranking government official always stands to the right of the president ("to the right", but not as the pic is taken, but as they line up or --as in this case-- as they walk). That would point to Governor Winthrop as the man walking on the right of the president (again, "on the right" as they walk, not from the angle of the camera) and to Mayor Oppenheimer as the man with the tall black hat on the left of the POTUS.
(2) Hats: The only person in the pic wearing a Spanish-style hat (the tall black hat) is the man with the long beard walking left of the president. That's a hint that Oppenheimer, not Winthrop, is the the man with the talk black hat. The other men there (except of course for the Puerto Rico policemen who are wearing their uniform hats) are all wearing American-style hats.
(3) Facial hair: If we use the entire image of that photo, located here, and get a close-up to compare the faces and facial hair of Winthrop (he wore an Anglo-style beard/mustache combo, not a long beard, see it here) vs. Oppenheimer (he wore a distinctively 2-prong long beard, see it here), we can see that the man to the left of the president with the tall black hat must be Mayor Oppenheimer.
(4) Eyeglasses: The man to the right of the POTUS is wearing eyeglasses, which Winthrop wore. Oppenheimer, on the other hand, isn't known to have worn eyeglasses. This means that the man to the right of the president must be Winthrop. If Winthrop is to the right of the POTUS wearing glasses, he could not be also the man to the left of the POTUS wearing no eyeglasses.
All 4 hints are consistent among themselves, as well as against the evidence of the pictures, so the man with the tall black hat must be Mayor Oppenheimer, not governor Winthrop.
BTW, the book says it was mayor Simon Moret in the picture, but this is an error. Simot Moret wasn't mayor until 1907, but the visit was on November 21, 1906 (, so Moret wasn't mayor yet and the sitting mayor was Oppenheimer. More importantly, there are also several newspaper (both US and PR) reports that state the president was met by Oppenheimer (not Moret). You can research them if you want.
Regards, Mercy11 (talk) 18:43, 2 December 2019 (UTC)

File:Mural Celebrating the countries independence (cropped).tiff[edit]

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