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To discuss the operation of this page, please leave a message at "User talk:CommonsDelinker/commands/talk" or at the Village Pump.
This page is for editors who are not administrators to request for categories to be renamed and for files to be replaced by other files across all Wikimedia projects.
  • To request for a category to be renamed, go to the "Category moves" section and type the following command at the bottom of the list: "{{move cat|[OLD CATEGORY NAME]|[NEW CATEGORY NAME]|3=EXPLANATION (optional, but kindly requested)|user=your username}}", for example, "{{move cat|Nice, Palais de Nice|Palais de Nice|The first word "Nice" is unnecessary.|User111}}".
  • To request for a file to be replaced by another file, for example, because the original file has been deleted or renamed, go to the appropriate sub-section of the "Image replacement requests" section and type the following command at the bottom of the relevant list: "{{universal replace|[OLD NAME.jpg]|[NEW NAME OR ANOTHER FILE.jpg]|reason=STATE THE REASON FOR THE REQUEST HERE.}}".
    • Requests relating to renamed files is for requesting occurrences of an old file name to be replaced with the new file name it has been renamed to. Click on the link in the sub-section.
    • Other requests is for listing other requests such as replacing one file with a different one.
    • Manual replacements is for listing files that must be handled manually. This sub-section is for experienced editors.

Please read the warnings below carefully before making any requests. Thanks.


Please note:

  • No controversial name changes. All moves have to follow the language policy. Please do not request name changes that you know may be controversial (this includes, for example, renaming locations into a different local language—even if "that is the official name used there"). Do check file talk pages for objections before requesting a change here. If you wish to request such moves, please add the {{move}} template to the category pages, or use the COM:CFD procedure. This allows discussion on the issue to take place and objections—if any—to be made. You may wish to alert other editors to the discussion by leaving a message at the Village Pump.
If you challenge a request added here, please simply remove it and re-paste it below the "Category moves to be discussed" header down this page and add your reason for challenging it. It would also be kind to inform the requester (if signed) and invite them to discuss the requested name change.
  • Adding interwikis. Please include as many interlanguage links (interwikis) as possible in categories to be moved.
  • No replacement of images in other formats with SVGs. To avoid World War III, CommonsDelinker will ignore a command to replace an image if the new image is in an SVG format and the original is not.
  • Updating references to the new category name. It is the duty of the requester of a category move to update all references to the new category name where needed. This part of the task is not automated. (Use the "What links here" tab to find out which categories or pages are still linked to the old category name.)
  • Mediawiki limitation. If you add hundreds of requests at the same time, note that the Mediawiki software isn't able to process thousands of templates correctly for display. Thus, the statement "0 entries moved, 0 to go" may be inaccurate.
  • Bot problem. If the CommonsDelinker bot that carries out the tasks on this page is stuck for too long or you encounter other technical problems, please contact Magnus Manske.