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Ineed to know your objection to Extend-and-duration.pdf[edit]

I believe I am addressing Didym. I do not know at all how this system of communicating works. I know that you asked for my article Extend-and-duration.pdf to be deleted. I cannot find your specific objection and would like you to relate it to me in an email, if possible. This way i can make an appropriate answer to the objection(s) you have My email address is Please while you write me you could, please, inform me how I can answer correctly on the commons page. I edited my article much before I uploaded it so it counts as a new article. Thank you very much. I would like to add that I tried a response to you in an article ltr to critic.pdf. Here is a copy. I respectfully submit the uploaded material for inclusion in your Wikipedia website. The material is new knowledge and it needs to be published because it needs to be evaluated by other faculties of interest. The more this theory and philosophy can be discussed by other sages and disciplines of knowledge, the more society is likely to understand and accept the tenets and logics that brought this material to the physical reality where it ultimately needs to be placed and accepted by humanity. If you peruse this material and the additional material in my website you will see how severe the spiritual penalties are when this material is denigrated and discarded in part or in whole as utter fancy and fiction. My material is of a religious / spiritual nature and must thus be respected under the right to religious freedom and free speech. This material can also not be classified as politically incorrect because this material shows that most of humanity is on the same track into perdition. This set of articles gives every human soul a chance to full grace in Christ Jesus, and a hope to be redeemed in spirit. How can anybody have objection to have this published. I have been working at this subject for more than 25 years. I believe writers, producers, and financiers of the movies Matrix and Adjustment Bureau must have had some contact with my materials because in the early days of working on this subject I sent whatever I then knew to about 250 address terminals in the USA. These movies imply that people can be fictional computer produced entities and could be subconsciously tracked and manipulated. Hell is eternal and as shown in this material entails a very long soul decaying process through all the stages and forms of life and inert material. Hell needs to be avoided at all cost and effort. Where ever in the trap-net human beings are stuck they all can still have a good change to get saved from sinking deeper in the net that represents physical reality. I am 100% sure that I tell the truth and that my articles represents what the gods in this late hour of this AGE want humanity to know and understand so that each can decide to take it seriously and take actions to prevent further spiritual decay. I hope you will accept this material for inclusion in your website because you must be the most unbiased entity that I can think of. I left a link to my website because there is much more material not included here to explain those concepts people will not accept readily. Brevity of subject matter in your website is a must. I hope you can include it if you accept the material. This material is just a mere part of the body of all I have written I may include more material at a later date. It will take a lot of pick and chose from the large body of material I have. I will not and cannot accept changes to the material to satisfy your or legal prejudices. If the material is not accepted then so be it but the spiritual responsibility rests fully on your shoulder. I have made more changes to Extend-and-duration.pdf since your note of deletion My sincere thanks for your attention

Hans van Krieken

— Preceding unsigned comment added by Hans van Krieken (talk • contribs) 14:17, 8 May 2018 (UTC)
The actual problem is that Commons is not the right place for articles, there are other projects for those. Please read COM:SCOPE. --Didym (talk) 20:14, 15 May 2018 (UTC)