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Like a sandbox, but a place to store reminders of things I should have done.... notes to self, etc.

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Moving files to Commons

From : Do not transfer files without a clear and verifiable source. ... If the source is a website, check to see if the link is still active. If it isn't, it might be simple to reestablish a link, but if no link can be found, it might not be a good idea to transfer the file over. And then on COM:MTC Check if the image has a proper license/author/source/permission. It is up to the uploader or file transfer user to provide this information, please see COM:EVID.

In progress

Working on Category:NARA images of Humboldt County, California, have found many, there should be more.

images without source

This is to be used on that whole pile of famous Canadian males of the 18th Century (several hundred images to pick away at) {{ | Description = Various

|Source=The Canadian album : men of Canada; or, Success by example, in religion, patriotism, business, law, medicine, education and agriculture; containing portraits of some of Canada's chief business men, statesmen, farmers, men of the learned professions, and others; also, an authentic sketch of their lives; object lessons for the present generation and examples to posterity. (1891-1896) Publisher:Brantford, Ont. : Bradley, Garretson & Co., 1891-1896


|Author= Cochrane, William, 1831-1898 and Hopkins, J. Castell (John Castell), 1864-1923




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Commons:Blocking policy Abusing multiple accounts to mislead, deceive, disrupt, distort consensus or to evade blocks or other sanctions. Secondary accounts are typically blocked indefinitely. The primary account may or may not be subject to new or extended blocks depending on the circumstances.

don't take warnings off your talk page without fixing the problem

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Special cases and details

UK Passports

TIOG not free

School logos

Commons:Deletion requests/File:Universidad de Pamplona (escudo).png Need year of death of logo designer, not free.


COM:SIG and the PD-signature tag require country of origin, and usually one puts the source as in "scanned from a letter received __date_".

Star Wars Characters and PD-USGov

Commons:Deletion requests/File:ObamaStarWars01DEC2015.jpg



"This particular DR was discussed ad nauseum, the consensus indeed seemed to be for deletion. As far as your second question... Google created Chrome, and then licensed most of it as Chromium. Since Chrome existed first (literally) you rather have to assume that Google created the UI, and they thus own it. If you can't provide evidence that the Chrome UI is freely licensed, then you can't upload screenshots of it. It really doesn't matter if someone else can't prove that it isn't freely licensed. The burden of proof is on the person who wants to upload a particular image." Revent (talk) 19:40, 3 February 2016 (UTC)

APOD (C) "A6: For personal, non-commercial, non-public fair use, yes." and "A8: For non-commercial fair use, yes. Please note that many APOD images have are copyrighted and so to use them commercially you must gain explicit permission from the copyright owners. Many times, these copyright owners can be found by following the links provided under the APOD image(s). " thus APOD license is Non-Commercial and not able to be uploaded to Commons.

Copyright paranoia "Copyright paranoia" does not exist at Wikimedia projects People often point to this page when they want to argue that since Wikipedia's use of a certain non-free image falls within U.S. fair-use laws, the Foundation is extremely unlikely to get sued, and for that reason we shouldn't be "paranoid" about using it. That completely misses the point about why Wikimedia projects avoid non-free images as much as possible. We avoid them because these projects are part of the free content movement, which rejects the use of material protected by copyright law. Just like pacifists, who avoid violence even when it would be legally permitted (e.g. in self-defense), the free content movement avoids non-free material even when using it would be legally permitted (the "fair use" defense). So when someone tells you "Avoid copyright paranoia", just reply "There is no such thing here. We don't delete non-free content because we're afraid of getting sued. We delete non-free content because it's non-free." Angr 16:34, 1 October 2007 (UTC)

WMF statement about globally banned user

For the record I've been asked to comment here about the Terms of Use question. After speaking to to one of our attorneys, we have come to the conclusion that editing on behalf of a banned user is, in itself, disruptive and against the Terms of Use and that these edits would fall under that. While people recreating, on their own initiative, the DRs would be ok, simply reverting them to the banned users edit is not separate enough to get away from the assistance issue. In general, as with all ToU violations, the community is the front line that usually polices those violations. We try very hard not to transform the community-led character of our projects, if possible, and so only act ourselves when it becomes absolutely necessary. This is especially true since we are always very aware of our lack of resources and lack of scale. The ability of our projects to work at scale comes almost exclusively from the ability of the volunteer community to take most action on their own. As I said in a previous discussion, users are rarely 'required' to enforce a piece of the ToU just like an admin is rarely 'required' to be the one to press the block button against a particular user. However, the WMF will act to support admins who reasonably attempt to enforce the TOU and asks that the community does, too. Preventing that enforcement is not helpful. Jalexander--WMF 21:06, 1 September 2015 (UTC)

PDFs of thesis not automatically in scope