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Estreno tu discusión para decirte que ya está arreglado el mensajito. Gracias por avisar. Sanbec 10:52, 17 November 2005 (UTC)


Para tu firma personalizada, tu página de discusión en es: es es:Usuario Discusión:Erri4a no es:Discusión usuario:Erri4a. --Error 22:32, 28 January 2007 (UTC)

== Inverted pall ==[edit]

Hi ! This figur is called in french pairle inversé and can be translated in english with inverted pall. The blazon (description ot the blason) would be in french : Tiercé en pairle inversé, au premier de gueules à une clé d'or, au second d'azur à un buste de bouquetin saillant encorné[1] et ancorné[2] d'or au troisième de sinople à une étoile d'argent, au pairle inversé diminué d'argent brochant sur la partition. The problem for me is the translation, I don't know the exact words within heraldry though I can try : Per pall inverted, in first Gules with a Gold key, in second Azure with an bust of segreant (rampant) ibex horned and hoofed Gold, in third Vert with a star Argent, a diminuated inverted pall Argent debruised on partition. It's really an attempt ! For the category, maybe you can create one as Category:Inverted pall or leave it among the usual palls. We can frequently see the design with only the division lines but the inverted pall itself is relatively rare. Cordially, ℍenry, encyclophile ℍenry, encyclophile (Jaser !) 08:10, 11 February 2007 (UTC) (Sorry, I can't get the connexion with es:WP !) (+ I've changed the Category:Animals in heraldry to Category:Ibexes in heraldry)

  1. encorné : for the horns
  2. ancorné : for the hoofs
PS - At the same time, may I tell you that you have a little problem with your Commons signature (Preferences) : the User talk you have specified is User talk:Erri4a instead of User talk:Erri4a (this one). So you can't receive all the messages that are on that page. Greetings, ℍenry, encyclophile (Jaser !) 08:10, 11 February 2007 (UTC)

Image:European Union sign 2003.jpeg[edit]

No, the sign was not at a harbour, it was in the middle of the city, at a major road. I have no clue why it was there and what its purpose was. The other signs on he photograph are unrelated. // tsca [re] 23:59, 27 February 2007 (UTC)

Translating Image:Alhambra - decorazioni2.JPG[edit]

Hi! Sorry for responding this late. The text seems a bit too difficult for me to translate. Maybe it's just very poetic? Especially the beginning is a mystery to me, since I can't find the words even in dictionaries... In any case, here's a copy/paste version of the text as I deciphered it: طلعر يافق الملكيه رحمة ليجلو ما قد كبار بالظلمة كلما. You could probably ask somebody with a better command of Arabic in Category:User ar-3 or Category:User ar-N. Cheers! Malhonen 15:43, 23 February 2007 (UTC)