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Great job on the country-locator maps! Quadell (talk) 01:32, 14 Dec 2004 (UTC)

Thank you! But all thanks should be addressed to Vardion who created all these maps. I'm just Belarusian Wikipedia sysop who was annoyed by uploads of definitely shareable stuff :-) --EugeneZelenko 02:38, 14 Dec 2004 (UTC)

Removing categories from images[edit]

I disagree with your removing categories from images. Just because an image is in an article, and that article is in a category, that doesn't mean the image shouldn't be in the category. If the images are tagged correctly, we don't need the articles at all. Eventually, I'd like to see the articles all go away. Quadell (talk) 19:05, 16 Dec 2004 (UTC)

Thanks a lot! Dixi 08:13, 12 Mar 2005 (UTC)

categories of aircrafts[edit]

ok, i'll try to follow the rules. However, I'd like to know is there a list of [aviation related] categories available here, at Commons? --jno 14:58, 14 Mar 2005 (UTC)
and, AFAIU, "aircraft" here match samolyot (as opposed to helos, autogiros, etc), and not letatelny apparat (just "flying thing"). am i right? Well, it's not too handy to type all this stuff in a single line at file upload page, anyway... --jno 15:06, 14 Mar 2005 (UTC) :-/
airliner and plane usually mean гражданский самолет, while aircraft means летательный аппарат (as a term). Helicopter, say, is an aircraft with rotating wing, while самолет is aircraft with fixed wing. --jno 07:42, 15 Mar 2005 (UTC)


Unfortunately this great asteraceae is wrongfully considered as a weed in California. Pixeltoo 19:07, 24 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Thank you! --EugeneZelenko 06:03, 25 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Re: PD-user tag[edit]

Thanks, so I have added the PD-user tag to both. --wiki-vr 14:14, 25 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Re: Image:Europe location CH.png and Image:Europe location CZ.png
Please do not forget to add license information to your images. I think these ones should be PD-user since original map was in PD. --EugeneZelenko 04:34, 25 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Thanks again! wiki-vr 15:07, 25 Mar 2005 (UTC)


You're now an admin here on Commons. Congratulations! villy 18:16, 25 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Thank you! --EugeneZelenko 05:21, 26 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Upload-Message in russian[edit]

Hi - thank you very much for helping to tell people about copyright issues! I just noticed that the message displayed after uploading a file, MediaWiki:Fileuploaded, is not yet available in russian. It would be very helpful if you coult translate it an put the russion version at MediaWiki:Fileuploaded/ru. It will then be shown after every upload to people that have their interface set to the russion language - right now they would see an english text, which some meight not understand. If you have questions, ask on my talk page. Thanks in advance!

PS: if you know people that could translate this into more languages, like bulgarian, ukrainian, etc, please ask them to do so. Note that to create the respective message-pages you have to be an admin - so maybe have them post it to your talk page and then copy the text to the correct page (MediaWiki:Fileuploaded/bg (exists, but is an old and incomplete version), MediaWiki:Fileuploaded/uk, etc)-- Duesentrieb 18:35, 25 Mar 2005 (UTC)

PPS: I also asked User:Maximaximax if he would help with this. Maybe you can talk to him about it. Thanks angain... -- Duesentrieb 18:45, 25 Mar 2005 (UTC)

I made draft version. --EugeneZelenko 05:21, 26 Mar 2005 (UTC)
I checked it, for me it was perfect. But when this message is displayed? I mean Russian version. Maximaximax 06:03, 26 Mar 2005 (UTC)

First of all, many thanks for the translation! You can change the "interface language" in your user preferences. If you set it to russian, all "MediaWiki-messages" should be shown in russian - that is, all the things like "discussion", "edit", show preview", "user contributions" should then all be in russian. However, if the messages have not yet been translated, you will see them in the default language (english).

You can get an overview of all messages that can be translated here: Special:Allmessages. To get the russian version, add "/ru" to the individual message name - I do not know a way to see all russian messages at once :( It is possible that many messages are not yet translated - if you could do that, it would really help!

If you would like to help with more translations, please have a look at Commons:Translation coordination core. Folks there also know more about the internationalisation features than I do. It would be excelent if you could help russian-speaking users can get more information in their own language! Thanks again, -- Duesentrieb 13:04, 26 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Thanx a lot for such detailed explanation. I really did not know that if I switch my interface language it will start to use MediaWiki messages with suffixes ("/ru"), I thought it will use files from LanguageRu.php for example. But if there is no message with "/ru" suffix it should take the translation file, but not english message, isn't it? Indeed we have a good translated version of LanguageRu.php but as far as I know it is still not included in working version :( Maximaximax 06:44, 27 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Украинский перевод[edit]

Евгений, здравствуйте.

MediaWiki:Fileuploaded на украинском языке Вы можете взять на моей страничке пользователя.

К сожалению, у меня не хватает времени добавлять изображения в нужные категории/галереи и т.п. Хотя я понимаю, что это очень важно. Но на канале википедии мне сказали, что это могут делать и другие пользователи. --Inetd 19:21, 26 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Черновик MediaWiki:Uploadtext/ru[edit]

Перед загрузкой файла в ВикиХранилище:

  • Дайте файлу понятное название, которое отражает его содержимое. Например: Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin, 1825.jpg вместо ASP1.jpg. Название файла невозможно изменить после загрузки.
  • Укажите подробное описание содержимого и источник файла в поле "Краткое описание".
  • Укажите лицензию, согласно условий которой можно распространять файл, с помощью шаблонов: {{GFDL}} для GNU FDL, {{PD}} для общественного достояния и так далее. (смотрите Шаблоны статуса авторских прав для дополнительной информации)

После загрузки файла, добавьте его в соответствующие страницы ВикиХранилища и/или других Вики-праектов. Например: [[Image:File.jpeg|thumb|Caption]] — для изображений; [[Media:File.ogg]] — для аудиофайлов (смотрите Расширенный синтаксис изображений для дополнительной информации).

Используйте следующие форматы: JPEG — для фотографий, GIF — для анимации, PNG — для других изображений; Ogg Vorbis — для аудиофайлов.

Все файлы, которые загружаются в ВикиХранилище, должны распространяться согласно условий свободных лицензий.

Если Вы не укажите информацию про лицензию или лицензия не будет свободной, Ваш файл будет удалён без предупреждения.

Looks pretty good Maximaximax 08:09, 20 Apr 2005 (UTC)
Why you did not use translation from ru:Special:Upload? I think it's better... Also: correctly is «вы» (not «Вы»), «согласно условий» is archaic form. --.:Ajvol:. 15:34, 20 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Hallo :-)

How can I move files from one category to another? Sorry for my bad English. I'm affraid it's not working for me. I found file "Image:Wappen-bergn.jpg", which was in category "State Coats of Arms of Germany". Bergneustadt isn't state but small town! I changed category description, but image is still there :-( I have another question: how can I make new subcategory?

Plants and categories[edit]

I understand the problem, but I'm not a biologist and have no idea what these latin name mean. I decided that I would move these articles to Category:Plants and someone would eventually move them to proper category. It's betten then they wouldn't have any category, isn't it? --Derbeth 09:53, 2 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Maps of the United States[edit]

Should I keep anyway the state category (for example [Category:Hawaii]) ?

--David Gaya 20:55, 5 Apr 2005 (UTC)


I'm a beginner in Wikimedia, and I don't know what License I must chose for the Copán photos I've put  ; the author of the photos (Duane Zehr, as explained on each photo description) gave me the authorization for the non-commercial use in Wiki projects. And I don't know HOW to tell the different kinds of Licences. Could you help me? Thanks.

El Comandante

Untagged images[edit]

Hi Eugene - first of all, thankf for helping on the commons, especially with the troublesome license issues. Please have a look at Commons:Untagged images, I created a list of all images that do not have license tags. It would be great if you cold help us to go through the list and notify the users that they should add license info.

Also, I wanted top say sorry about the thing with the translation of MediaWiki:Fileuploaded earlier - that text does not seem to be used any more (it was shown after the upload - now you get redirected to the decription page). So, all info must go into MediaWiki:Uploadtext - but as I see, you have figured that out already. Thanks, great work! -- Duesentrieb 13:21, 10 Apr 2005 (UTC)


According your message User_talk:Julo#Missing license info in your images

  1. I forgot to put {PD} in Image:MKS_w.PNG, now is OK
  2. Image:PLASZOW-German_concentration_camp_near_Krakow_PL-German_concentration_camp.jpg is not necessary any more and may be deleted
  3. Image:Plaszow_near_Krakow_PL-German_concentration_camp.jpg is not necessary any more and may be deleted

Best regards Julo 16:41, 10 Apr 2005 (UTC)

PS. Do not delete Image:PLASZOW-German concentration camp near Krakow PL.jpg - this version has proper tag and it is used on pl:wiki Julo 16:41, 10 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Missing license info in your images[edit]

Thank for your message. It is ok now for these images. Best regards.--Valérie75 16:07, 11 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Hi, i just have a look at Commons:Untagged_images#Numbers_and_Symbols and i didn't find images i upload. Can you tell me what are the images I uploaded are missing license information ? petrus 05:53, 12 Apr 2005 (UTC)

ok thanks a lot. petrus 06:09, 12 Apr 2005 (UTC)
It's now ok, thanks. petrus 06:18, 12 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Missing license in a few of my images[edit]

I would like them to be suppressed. One of them is a bad picture, the others have wrong names. I don't know what I should do for this suppression.--TD 09:28, 14 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Belaya Vezha[edit]

Is this tower the remnant of the hunting manor in Białowieża? Halibutt 15:17, 15 Apr 2005 (UTC)


Please see Image:Coat of Arms of Moscow.png and Image_talk:Coat of Arms of Moscow.png --.:Ajvol:. 12:44, 17 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Some questions to a sysop[edit]

Thank you for uploading images on Commons.

Please add license tag(s) (see Commons:Copyright tags for more information).

Please add your images to appropriative pages and/or categories where other users could easily find them.

EugeneZelenko 14:08, 25 Apr 2005 (UTC)

thanks for pointing me to the tags. I will add them as soon as possible. I am however, not sure about whether the copyright really expired, after reading the licensing info. I mean, art from late 19th century doesn't have copyright, but the scan, foto, etc. may have, right? Some sources don't show copyright information. I already wrote a mail to find out about that.
Then something else (I am asking all these newbie questions, sorry), do you know, whether there is a simple tool to use for moving content from wikipedia to wikicommons (except for file upload service)? :third question (and last one): When I was in wikipedia adding a category tag to the image at commons, it said NEW for the file at wikipedia. Does this mean a discription file was generated, or something like that? Thanks a lot, Ben 00:50, 26 Apr 2005 (UTC)
BTW, you are from Belorus and you studied Bulgarian or does начални познания mean you just understand a bit? (just curiosity, I have some Belo/Russian friends). Ben 00:50, 26 Apr 2005 (UTC)
  1. Art in public domain should be marked with {{PD-Art}}. As far as I understand scans of public domain art can't be copyrighted. Main issue - to know date of death of artist, because copyright expiration count since that date (for example 50 years in Belarus/Russia, 70 years in USA (I don't sure about this number)).
  2. I prefer to move contents manually because Commons have stricter rules regarding copyrights and description then average Wikipedia (for example Russian). But I read that Wikipedia bot kit include scripts for moving images.
  3. Good idea to ask your Wikipedia admin to translate MediaWiki:sharedupload in the way which will allow to see description on Commons (see en:MediaWiki:sharedupload as example). You could add your language translation in image description on Commons. It could be shared within other projects on your language.
  4. Off topic. I have Bulgarian friends, could read Bulgarian and even read "Дванадесете стола" (indeed I read Russian original before :-).

EugeneZelenko 01:15, 26 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Thanks for your time. I'll check the copyright again.
If you could read двенадцать стулев in Bulgarian, then you more than deserve начални познания, I guess. Ben 01:32, 26 Apr 2005 (UTC)


It will be a very long time (if ever) before the by-year subcategories of Category:Soviet Union stamps will have more than 1-2 stamps apiece; I think one gets a better "gallery" effect from having several dozen images in a single category, and on an article page with captions indicating their years. Stan Shebs 05:24, 26 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Heh, there are a lot of interesting Soviet stamps worth uploading; my current focus is on getting at least one representative from every stamp-issuing entity, but my Soviet collection is extensive, perhaps we can coordinate at some point. Stan Shebs 11:54, 26 Apr 2005 (UTC)

О правах[edit] Дело всё в том, что я не знал, как эту лицензию обозвать. На сайте-источнике было написано о бесплатном использовании в личных и образовательных целях. А в случае коммерческого использования предлагалось поставить ссылку.

Давайте тогда я по-новой закачаю файл, правильно выставив параметры лицензии. Посоветуйте только, как это назвать...

О правах[edit] Дело всё в том, что я не знал, как эту лицензию обозвать. На сайте-источнике было написано о бесплатном использовании в личных и образовательных целях. А в случае коммерческого использования предлагалось поставить ссылку.

Давайте тогда я по-новой закачаю файл, правильно выставив параметры лицензии. Посоветуйте только, как это назвать...{{Attribution}} Вот так ? Или вот так ? {{CopyrightedFreeUseProvidedThat}} -- Дядя Сэм 13:25, 27 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Belarus flag[edit]

Hello. I thank you for reading the page that dealt with the Belarus coat of arms on the deletion page. I do have a question to ask you. Can you tell me of a website that has a construction sheet of the Belarus flag. I am trying to draw it accurately for a few years, but I do not have the correct colors and information about the national ornament pattern. Can you help? Thanks. Zscout370 18:12, 2005 May 1 (UTC)


Perdón. Tienes razón, tan sólo quise ver si yo también podía aportar una foto mia aqui y lo hice sin mirar las instrucciones. No volverá a ocurrir. No vuelvo a subir nada sin antes enterarme bien como hacerlo. Eleagnus

re: Category:Poland and Category:Cities and villages in Poland -- right, I'll take care of that in the evening or tomorrow morning. -- tsca 09:24, 4 May 2005 (UTC)

Насчёт категоризирования картинок[edit]

Привет! Я просто не совсем понимаю, как нужно категоризировать. Категории должны быть на английском языке? Если "да", то как же многоязычность? Как подписывать картинки? На русском или на английском? Спасибо. Dims 04:28, 5 May 2005 (UTC)

Cover Brave New World[edit]

Hi Eugene. I see you have delete de image Iron Maiden - Brave New World.jpg and I don't understand why. This image is the same from [1] and I need it to [2]. What is the problem? Do you know how I can link that image from first link to second link? Digigalos

Woody Allen[edit]

Hi, one user has asked me about a Woody Allen picture he/she found on a russian web page, [3]. The user translated the copyright information [4] using Babelfish (a very crude and unintelligible translation anyway) and believes that the picture is public domain. Perhaps you wold like to take a look since you understand russian? Thuresson 23:42, 9 May 2005 (UTC)

US Great seal[edit]

Да, действительно, есть такое. Поиском пользовался. По строке great seal ничего не нашел. Интересно, в чем было дело...

Что теперь с ней делать ? Её админы со временем удалят ? Дядя Сэм 11:58, 10 May 2005 (UTC)

If your questioning about the copyright of this image, it is Public Domain, since it is a symbol of the United States. Those are free from copyrights, if drawn by the US Government. Zscout370 (sound off) 20:33, 2005 May 10 (UTC)
It was question about duplicated uploads, not copyrights. --EugeneZelenko 04:17, 11 May 2005 (UTC)
Well, do you wish for them to be in color, or black and white. I seem to find both on Google, but I just want to follow your wishes. Zscout370 (sound off) 04:25, 2005 May 11 (UTC)
If black and white images have sence will be good to have them on Commons under different names. Duplicated images were color (see Category:Redundant for details). --EugeneZelenko 04:31, 11 May 2005 (UTC)

Offtopic: I was wondering if you can tell me the Belarussian name of Hero of Belarus. I am trying to write this article at en:Hero of Belarus, and make it featured. Since you let me know your a native Belarussian, I was wondering if you (or others) can help. Regards, Zscout370 (sound off) 04:09, 2005 May 15 (UTC).

Animal catagories[edit]

Thanks for the reminder, but I'm just not finished yet. -- And if there is only a single image for a species, I don't use that catagory. LeaMaimone 03:06, 21 May 2005 (UTC)

Uploaded Images[edit]

Sry, for that. It was late and I don´t recognized the image names.--Legion 14:12, 27 May 2005 (UTC)

Nude woman[edit]

Hello, excuse for my english

see nude women OR other nude women, I think this images may be deleted, Why??? because this is not educative, and almost is pornography and don't have to stay here in Commons --Alexan 21:08, 28 May 2005 (UTC)

missing categories[edit]

Hi, thanks for your hint. I am going to insert categories in "my" chess diagrams (see Image:Chess-abzugsschach-2.PNG). If I forget some diagrams: Fell free to add the the cats. -- Tsor 12:09, 4 Jun 2005 (UTC)


Sorry, I've not seen that voting was closed. But, most of i've changed were flags. --Guillermo Romero [@] 16:54, 5 Jun 2005 (UTC)

uploads by User:Panasiuk[edit]

I've put a message on his talk page, both here and in PL. He's not a very active user. Honestly, I think we'll have to delete these images, I can't see how Panasiuk can claim copyright on these. / tsca 09:47, 10 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Images of World War II People[edit]

Oh! I was so concentrated on the permission and legal terms I forgot to assign them to a category. Thank you for reminding :) --Redtony 15:34, 12 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Deletion policy for images on both Commons and another Wikipedia[edit]

I invite you to join a discussion about policy I proposed at en:Wikipedia_talk:Images_and_media_for_deletion#Deletion policy for images on both Commons and another Wikipedia. If you know other wikipedians which are concerned, invite them, too. Helix84 16:06, 12 Jun 2005 (UTC)


Hi, you asked me if this image was a copyvio or not. In my opinion, this is a borderline case. I have listed borderline cases before on "Deletion requests]] but you never know if it will be approved or not. Thuresson 08:10, 14 Jun 2005 (UTC)

M1 thompson[edit]

Image "Maschinenpistolen Thompson A1.jpg" are as "Submachine gun M1 Thompson.jpg" in gallery M1 Thompson.--Nemo5576 07:41, 16 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Images NGC 6543[edit]

Thank you for uploading the image credits and correctly label them. I was busy yesterday translating the article at the english wikipedia to the spanish one. I'm relatively new at commons. --Wricardoh 08:41, 16 Jun 2005 (UTC)


I'm new on commons. Thanks for your remarks. Drozdp 17:30, 17 Jun 2005 (UTC) from

Image:Mercedes-Benz 300S Roadster 1953.jpg[edit]

No problem. Category:Vintage vehicles was just a starting point for my cut/copy template -- Chris 73 19:49, 18 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Category:Road signs of Poland[edit]

OK, i will put them all there. I am still working with it. --Julo 15:40, 19 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Vladimir Vysotsky[edit]

Hi, may I ask you to take a look at these photos and its source, [5]. Uploader claims that the first photo is GFDL, but I don't believe it. Regards, Thuresson 15:48, 20 Jun 2005 (UTC)



thanks for your notice; I didn't know but about this, I was just following Template:Asturian. -- Kocio 07:34, 21 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Uria Lomvia[edit]

Thank you for help with the categories. I am new to Wiki and learning by doing.

Michael Haferkamp

My RfA[edit]

Hi Eugene, Thanks for supporting my RfA. I've added the link you gave me to the list on my user page. Cheers, --Erin (talk) 14:11, 23 Jun 2005 (UTC)

woman-robot.jps copyright[edit]


I got that image from you can see that in

The publisher said that I can use all images under his site (I have a e-mail but is written in italian). At the moment I can't add info you asked for, can you wait 'till next week-end?

Thanks in any case DracoRoboter 15:33, 24 Jun 2005 (UTC)



thanks for the notice about PD tags. I'm still a newbie to all this legal stuff.


Alensha 30 June 2005 19:37 (UTC)



Thanx for reminding me. I categorized all my former uploads. Normaly I use copyright tags. In this special case I wanted to keep the original publisher entry. But it's o.k. like it is now.

E^(nix) 8 July 2005 15:35 (UTC)


How to link Image:Autoclave.JPG to ?

João Carvalho 9 July 2005 02:09 (UTC)


Thanks so much for the link. I was entirely unaware of the category system, and had looked in vain for an iron-carbon phase diagram. The English articles on steel, austenite, eutectoid, etc. are much easier to read today than they were yesterday. I'll try to categorize my other contributions as well.--Polyparadigm 20:15, 9 July 2005 (UTC)

Please protect Image:Flag of Kyrgyzstan.png for front page of en[edit]

Hi, I'm an admin at en.wikipedia and would appreciate it if you'd protect Image:Flag of Kyrgyzstan.png so we could put it on the main page with a blurb on the recent election there. Much thanks.--Pharos 04:25, 12 July 2005 (UTC)

Hi Eugene. Don't forget to add {{en main page}} when protecting. dbenbenn | talk 17:18, 13 July 2005 (UTC)
Sorry, I didn't know about that. I'll do so in future. --EugeneZelenko 00:50, 14 July 2005 (UTC)


Hello, I took this picture from the english wikipedia page Manny Ramirez. I assumed it was ok to use if I take it from one wikipedia project. I went to look the source I got it from and it didn't say the author. Can I still use it? Something else, is there a way I can use a picture from one wikipedia in another one without having to download it to the wikimedia commons? Thanks. Dominican 23:32, 12 July 2005 (UTC)


Thank you for your information. Everything you suggested is done. --Doclecter 20:54, 13 July 2005 (UTC)

Put images in categories[edit]

Hello, I'm a new user on Wikicommons. I have upload some pictures here and I'd like to put them in categories. For example, I have upload japoneses prints and i would like to put them in the category "Hiroshige". How can I make that. Sorry for my english and thanks a lot for your advises. Kuxu76 17:43, 15 July 2005 (UTC)

Thanks you for your answer. I will put my pictures in the good categories in the next days. Kuxu76 01:26, 16 July 2005 (UTC)

Image:Fernando VII jura la constitucion.png[edit]

Done. Thank-you. Valadrem 18:10, 15 July 2005 (UTC)

About picture "teodorp1"[edit]

This picture was made about 1922 at the eastern part of Poland, and the photographer probably died more than 70 years old.It is impossible to check it these days.So what should I do? Is it a "pd - old"? On the picture you can see my grandfather and I need it to the article about him. Have a nice day. s_borys