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Email confirmation


Hi, thanks for the email confirmation. -- Bryan (talk to me) 21:00, 10 January 2007 (UTC)[reply]

Discussion (in German) about your picture (blue tit)


Hello, Frank!

Just to inform you: I don't know who put your Picture on the "Wikipedia:Kandidaten für exzellente Bilder" but someone did, and so there was a diskussion about it, if this picture should become an excellent one (or not). A picture has to match many "points" to become excellent, and one "point" is, that is has to be big, so that everyone can print it. I absolutely understand your opinion, that you don't want that (your pics are fantastic, thats why I voted pro). So in the end, everyone said that ist a marvellous picture, but it's to small to become an excellent one. Thats what it was all about. I'm sorry for that, but I have also tried to make one of my pics excellent, also without success

regards Moebius1

Biodiversity Photo - route


Hello Frank,

My name is Rita Neves.

I work in Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, that is a Public Organism in Portugal. Actually, we are working on a road book of Biodiversity of Lisbon, for which we are going to produce a panel and a brochure. We found your photos on Wikimedia Commons and liked specially one of them very much, so we would like to know if you could allow us to use your photos, for free, to publish on this project, knowing that the brochure of will be for free distribution to everyone. The photo we are considering to use are the following:

Parus caeruleus_2

The brochure will have four brackets. - Broochura a pocket to take the route - A brochure to present the day of inauguration

- Schedules for species identification - Panels that will be fixed in the Land As i said the Free Access will be everything :)

If you are the author and provide us that photo, we will refer your name in the bibliografy and we need to know what´s the name you want on the bibliography? Sławomir Staszczuk? If it´s possible please respond to or or here on Wikimedia.

Thank you very much. Our best regards