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Save for later[edit]


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UK roads[edit]

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Costa Rica road shield designs[edit]

Hi Fredddie, thanks for the improved design on "CR RNS 126.svg", I really like it a lot! I'm in the process of uploading the 19 Primary Routes, 130 Secondary Routes, 175 Tertiary Routes, and 1 Border Route shields of Costa Rica, as part of a project within OSM and some friends at Costa Rica Tech Institute (Full list here [1]), so I'm glad I caught your revision of the design now, and not after 300+ uploads. Can you please check also the primary routes and tertiary routes designs?



What I'm missing is the proper white outline with the thin black border in both of those. I barely know the basics of Inkscape, but I guess, better to have something in Wikimedia for the CR routes than nothing at all.

In the secondary route shield that you designed I can see that the horizontal line protrudes a little bit out of the circle, I will try to fix it to generate the other road shields.

The one and only border route 1856 doesn't have a shield design as far as I know, so I created a mockup of the route signs along the way there. [4]

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate this! --Roqz (talk) 16:09, 29 September 2019 (UTC)

If you want some tips for shields, check out w:WP:USRD/S/TUT, which I wrote a few years ago. I tried to join the horizontal line to the circle, but to be honest, I didn't try very hard. I have primary and tertiary templates on my computer, but I am not home at the present time. –Fredddie 16:18, 29 September 2019 (UTC)
Thanks! Just noticed the categorization (and consolidated my uploads there too) and the CR RNT 510 file, I will use it as a template too. In the secondary routes category I saw that you used many font sizes, I will try to standardize those into a single font size/style, I used some local photographs near my house of road signs to trace over, but well, to be honest the transportation ministry has a lot of different designs all over the place. I just don't know what is the standard, there is no documentation from them. --Roqz (talk) 16:43, 29 September 2019 (UTC)