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Gage- your photos are wonderful

English: Welcome to the Commons, Gage!
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Cobb County, GA on your map[edit]

Hi, Gage -- nice work on the county by county voting map for 2008, but I noticed Cobb County, GA (just to the NW of Fulton County in the northern-center of Georgia, containing Atlanta) was blue on your map. John McCain actually carried the county instead. Just a helpful note!

McCain: 170,957 Obama: 141,216 Barr: 2,966 Total Votes: 315,139


Jeremy, Kennesaw, GA.

Texas Presidential election map[edit]

You have w:Travis County (home of Austin) as red. It's one of the bluest counties in Texas and it preferred Obama by over 100,000 votes. Would you correct this please? Thanks. Here is the link for the image = [1] --Tocino 21:27, 15 December 2008 (utc)

2012 Electoral College Map[edit]

I'd like to know how you made the 2012 map with the predicted Electoral College vote totals entered. Could you send me a message with details?


Do not place tags in my Jan Brewer image[edit]

I took the image with a cell phone at her actual news conference. Do not place tags like "Do not remove my notice" -- you were wrong. I took the image myself. It is grainy because I used a cell phone that does not have optical zoom, and I needed to use digital zoom.

Please do not add any more template warnings to the image.

2010 PA Senate Election[edit]

Hey Gage,

I want to let you know that you have Greene County----the very Southwest county in PA, as blue when actually Toomey won it by several votes.


John Roberts Comic Con[edit]

Hey Gage. Thanks for uploading the image from Comic Con but I'm going to ask you to please remove it. - John

Election Maps[edit]

Gage, can you upload the results of the 2010 election to the File:South Carolina Gubernatorial Election Results by County, 2010.svg, and File:California Gubernatorial Election Results by County, 2010.svg. Thanks. - Aaaccc (talk), 3 September 2011 (UTC)

Parliamentary seating chart[edit]

Hello, I am currently revising the Pakistan National Assembly page and am hoping to include a seat chart. I am wondering if you could possibly help me, as I saw that you've made the US Senate chart. But if you can't, its cool, but could you just the point the way to someone who can, I'd be truly grateful.

Thanks, Un.autre.monde (talk)

Map color code[edit]

I can not find any index or any other key desrcibing why the states are colored the way they are on your electoral break out map.

E-mail me[edit]


I'd love to use some of your photos on Flickr, but I'd like to e-chat with you first. You can find out more about the magazine at and the association at

Just shoot me an e-mail when you get a sec —


GOP primaries Wisconsin county map[edit]

I've noticed that in the results page of the GOP primaries, Wisconsin doesn't have a county results map unlike most other states. Unfortunately, I don't have the skill of map-drawing. Can you locate a county map of Wisconsin that can be used on the results page, or, given the number of county maps that you've drawn, draw one yourself if a suitable map cannot be found? Thanks.

Map Results[edit]

Do you have a map for Texas and other states?

Just a quick ? :)[edit]

hey um my name is rosa. i really like your uglydoll picture but would like more of just the dolls i know D: haha kinda weird but im using them for an art project im working on :) um i would also like to hear more about you and what you do. I'm Rosalee Johnson and this is the first time ive done this so its kinda awkward haha but thank you :) and i would love to hear back!

Oregon is not a Romney state![edit]

Check your facts and update your mistakes on the Oregon electoral page.

2012 Electoral college map..[edit]

Good evening, Are you safe to color Florida blue for Obama.

Electoral map making[edit]

How do you make the electoral map shown on the election pages? I was on the West Wing wikia page and notice the electoral map appearance is the same on Wikipedia maps. I'd like to make some for my fake President's list I do as a hobby.

Alaska Election Results[edit]

Hi, I was just wondering where you found the Alaska elections results by borough in 2008 on the map that appears on the United States presidential election in Alaska, 2008 page. I'm a numbers guru and I would love to look at the data if you have it, or know of a place where I go to obtain it. Thank you!

Hello Dear[edit]

I want to know how this can be connected to television and my YouTube page.

This page is from Ezinwa

US Presidential Election 2012 for Alaska[edit]


I was wondering where you got the information to create the map of Alaska. Did you use raw vote counts? Where can we view this data? Thanks!

US Senate structure[edit]

Hello! I would like to know how did you create the picture of the US Senate structure?

mark kirk[edit]

MoNey is a tenant of our life, If no money how we long live, how we eating?

Barack Obama[edit]

continue! how we buy all we evryday needed? If your money is not enough for your needed,!? If your Money is enough for your food!

Usage of the Sarah Palin Photo[edit]


My name is Lisa and I am a high school student and I am doing a film project about women in politics. I cam across your photo of Sarah Palin and I wanted to ask if I am able to use the photo for a short scene in my documentary? Please let me know as soon as possible.


Lisa McFarlane

Hardee's now has a location in Kingston, NY[edit]

Hi Gage,

I was reading this article and they referenced your Wikipedia map of Carl's Jr. and Hardee's restaurants:

Hardee's just opened a location in my town, Kingston, NY. You can now color New York red.


michael chang[edit]

the picture you uploaded of michael chang is obviously not the tennis player.

Can you add another photo of Gal Gadot?[edit]

The one you've added is quite HD looking, showing her lovely smile, tho her frizzy hairs aren't formal enough for her Wikipedia portrait. Anything else where her hair looks better? Whether from the same event, or a former one?

Cheers, a fan.

Can you change the picture for Trevor Moran?[edit]

Use this picture please.

Looking to get Permission to Use one of your Images of Donald Trump[edit]

Hello Gage,

I’m a freelance graphic designer in Sandy Hook, CT and I’m working on a really fun project for We’re putting together a high-quality bobblehead of Donald Trump and I’m looking for images of him to use on our carton design. I saw your images on Wikipedia and would like to ask your permission to use one of them. The link for the image is below.

You should know that we take a lot of pride in our work so this is not junky looking stuff and your photo would be respected. In September, our company was singled out as creating the big-hit collectible of Pope Francis’ visit to the USA and we couldn’t have sold any if we didn’t have the (pardon the pun) blessing of the retailer who only sells quality Catholic merchandise.

You can see our work via our sister web site, There you’ll also see examples of our carton design.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,

Robin A.F. Olson Make Mine Maroon — Preceding unsigned comment added by RobinAFOlson (talk • contribs) 23:31, 05 November 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]


What do you look like? Are you a man or a woman? —Preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) 05:00, 08 November 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Justin Timberlake[edit]

Gage, thanks for your contribution to Commons. After searching recent photos of Timberlake on Flickr, I uploaded this photo of Timberlake to Commons published by you. Please feel free to re-categorize and re-name the files however you see fit. Cornerstonepicker (talk)

Great Seal Of New York State[edit]

I just want to be clear. Can anyone use the Great Seal OF New York State freely ? —Preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) 02:07, 29 September 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Trump photo quality[edit]

Your photo looks correct but when I see it on his page, the image looks grainy. Can you fix this?

Michelle Rodriguez Featured Image[edit]

Hi Gage! Think maybe we could use this image for the featured image on the Michelle Rodriguez page instead?

I noticed her page was really outdated and messy and have been cleaning it up a little and the current image is a little weird, don't you think? Her expression is mid-smile, I mean. How about this one instead? I'd switch it myself, but it's your content so I figured you would have to. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Llsocial17 (talk • contribs) 15:45, 30 April 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]