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I check the block log regularly to see what excuses administrators like you have for blocking innocent parties. Basically, you are always blocking everybody. Has it ever occured to you that if everyone who comes here to help gets blocked that you will lose participants? Just a thought. Thanks.--Give everyone a break (talk) 16:28, 11 August 2010 (UTC)

Actually I've blocked very few people recently (puppet accounts excepted). I certainly do all I can to avoid it. Thanks --Herby talk thyme 16:38, 11 August 2010 (UTC)


Thanks for the flag,; I don't notice any difference in editing here but I'm sure it's useful. I'm currently working through image backlogs on en:wiki, and checking for proper transfers here. I estimate this will take me until Christmas, then I'll come here and carry on. Cheers. Rodhullandemu (talk) 20:35, 11 August 2010 (UTC)

Regarding a sock[edit]

Hi, the user that you blocked here is back under a different account here. See the logs for one of the user's uploads here and then the old account adding it at English Wikipedia here. Any chance of blocking the underlying IP? Thanks. Nymf (talk) 17:40, 14 August 2010 (UTC)

✓ Done but IP not quite as easy. I'll review it again but it will be tomorrow (autoblock should hold it for now). Cheers --Herby talk thyme 18:23, 14 August 2010 (UTC)
Hi again, it looks like the autoblock didn't take, as the user (User:Allmetgonzaga) is back doing copyvio uploads. Got a minute for manual block/cleanup? :) Nymf (talk) 12:53, 17 August 2010 (UTC)

Commons talk:Administrators/De-adminship[edit]


You where right, I almost regret starting a topic like this and now people want a sorry from me for saying the truth? Commons didn't change at all....


Huib talk Abigor @ meta 08:47, 15 August 2010 (UTC)
It is odd but you know what it is like here. Keep doing the good work you do and don't worry about the rest. It is strange the people whose names I do not recognise who are apparently admins here... --Herby talk thyme 11:06, 15 August 2010 (UTC)


@ m:RfCU. Thanks, --Dferg (talk · meta) 12:03, 15 August 2010 (UTC)

Apologies - took me 10 minutes...:) --Herby talk thyme 12:12, 15 August 2010 (UTC)
Haha, lol. Thank you, Sir :) --Dferg (talk · meta) 13:50, 15 August 2010 (UTC)

Deletion Request[edit]

Hi, could you please delete Xanax [1] and Aristocort [2] on my behalf? I am the author of these images which were left behind after the mass deletion of my media on Commons. I'd like to only have one copy of my media on Wikipedia under the same file names, which I cannot do while they're still on Commons. Thank you. Editor182 (talk) 07:47, 16 August 2010 (UTC)

✓ Done regards --Herby talk thyme 08:17, 16 August 2010 (UTC)

Upload of a previous deleted file[edit]

Hi there! Can you give a look at this? File:LOGO VSI Bonne qualite.JPG vs [3]. Cheers --by Màñü飆¹5 talk 09:54, 16 August 2010 (UTC)

Agreed, deleted and it was actually a puppet account too so that is dealt with. Given the experience with the first account they did know what they were doing I think and they were trying to get around the system. Thanks & regards --Herby talk thyme 10:07, 16 August 2010 (UTC)


Hi, I'm really not sure if this image should be on Commons since it shows a large amount of copyrighted material. Taken in Cambridge, MASS, so Freedom of Panorama doesn't apply. Any ideas? Cheers. Rodhullandemu (talk) 16:40, 16 August 2010 (UTC)

I hate that sort - folks will argue about it for days. I think I'll ask around maybe. The world will not end if it isn't done today. My gut feeling is that it is derivative if not directly a copyvio. Thanks for the info - cheers --Herby talk thyme 17:39, 16 August 2010 (UTC)
Al in all - not sure :) I'd be the first to admit I am not a detailed licensing expert. I don't see it as obviously speedy so DR would be the way to go I think to get other opinion. Cheers --Herby talk thyme 07:28, 17 August 2010 (UTC)


Hi, BobTerwilliger agains the same thing... best regards--Citron (talk) 17:29, 16 August 2010 (UTC)

Many thanks - blocked for a day in the hope he reads up on Commons. Regards --Herby talk thyme 17:37, 16 August 2010 (UTC)
Great! thx :) --Citron (talk) 17:40, 16 August 2010 (UTC)

Nuke request[edit]

Hi, I saw you deleted some copyvio files from User:Hubb34, I'd like to ask if the remaining files from that user can be deleted, I'm sure they're copyvios also. Benchill (talk) 10:16, 17 August 2010 (UTC)

Wouldn't argue with that - ✓ Done and thanks for the help :) Cheers --Herby talk thyme 10:23, 17 August 2010 (UTC)
Thanks! Benchill (talk) 10:28, 17 August 2010 (UTC)


Just done a major refresh of the tors listing: have included Geograph where necessary to get as many as possible included. What I find odd is its not just the really obscure ones we are missing.... We don't have any of Laughter, North Hessary or Chinkwell tor? That's just odd!

And I'm not sure what to go for with eg Yes Tor - File:Yes Tor summit.jpg is ok for the tor itself, File:Yes Tor from NE.jpg for the hill, and I'm thinking a non-pano of the tor would be better than either.--Nilfanion (talk) 12:28, 17 August 2010 (UTC)


We appear to have a sockpuppet here. You deleted a page created by User:Chintai01. 29 minutes later I deleted a page created by User:

I note that {{project scope}} does not instruct users that they must not simply recreate the page. Perhaps it should?      Jim . . . . Jameslwoodward (talk to me) 13:07, 17 August 2010 (UTC)

Yes - that template no longer seems as fit for purpose as it did a while back. To be fair if they actually read it offers some pretty good pointers but most of them ignore it (& think creating it as another identity somehow gets past the system...). Personally I use the "gadgets" route to place the template but see here. I got some grief a while back about it and thought this might solve it but I'm no .js expert and no one else seems to have responded. It might help.
I guess saying something in the template about not recreating the page/image might help, I'd be happy to see it. I would say ask others but few folk have that much interest in "out of scope" stuff. --Herby talk thyme 16:38, 17 August 2010 (UTC)
Interesting - I tend not to worry unduly about policy - mostly things are quite straightforward. Just seen a block of yours quoting this, didn't know about that :). I tend to be quite tolerant here (I know en wp are very strict about it). Mostly it is real spammers or folk who just haven't realised it is not a good idea - the former are easy to deal with, the latter I tend to try and be as nice as I can too. At least I can quote "policy" now! Cheers --Herby talk thyme 17:21, 17 August 2010 (UTC)
I have mixed thoughts about it. On the one hand, I'd like to know that when I interact with User:X, that it's the same User:X every time -- otherwise you can waste time with misunderstanding. Obviously the time to head that off is right after the account is created. On the other hand, we like to be kind to newbies, and greeting them with "you can't use that name" is a little tough, so I try to be welcoming -- I even stretched my French for today's.      Jim . . . . Jameslwoodward (talk to me) 21:00, 17 August 2010 (UTC)

Problem accounts[edit]

Seems that we have a serie of problem accounts/sockpuppets at commons here? I'm analyzing that too. Thank you, --Dferg (talk · meta) 14:11, 19 August 2010 (UTC)

Maybe more info here as well. I've globally locked some, waiting for the rest for now. Regards, --Dferg (talk · meta) 14:24, 19 August 2010 (UTC)

File used for vandalism, fraudulent tag[edit]

File:Chiyo-chan Tomo.jpg- porn image used to vandalize Obviously fake description - not a US Govt. creation. Please delete. Thanks, NawlinWiki (talk) 15:01, 19 August 2010 (UTC)

Deleted, blocked (x2), info to CU list - cheers --Herby talk thyme 15:07, 19 August 2010 (UTC)

Checkuser on Wyvren[edit]

Hey there. I just made an update to the Wyvren checkuser case. Since it's so recent I wasn't quite sure where to put the text; can you tell me if I screwed it up? Thanks. — HelloAnnyong (say whaaat?!) 03:00, 20 August 2010 (UTC)

✓ Done thanks --Herby talk thyme 07:09, 20 August 2010 (UTC)


For reverting the vandalism on my talk page. :) Tommy2010 (talk) 20:52, 20 August 2010 (UTC)

Is is also possible to delete old versions of that file? The older versions are of higher quality and I regret uploading it with that much resolution. Thanks, Tommy2010 (talk) 20:59, 20 August 2010 (UTC)
✓ Done cheers --Herby talk thyme 07:21, 21 August 2010 (UTC)
Thanks :) Tommy2010 (talk) 03:46, 22 August 2010 (UTC)

Ravenlaird's uploads[edit]

Shouldn't Ravenlaird (talk · contribs)'s uploads be deleted the same way Wyvren (talk · contribs)'s were? Uploads of a sock puppet? Thanks. Dougweller (talk) 13:47, 21 August 2010 (UTC)

We all have our specialities :) I'm happy dealing with CU but licensing isn't as strong a point & there was a time when there enough active folk around to deal with things. I'll go take a look. Cheers --Herby talk thyme 15:20, 21 August 2010 (UTC)
Thanks. Dougweller (talk) 16:10, 21 August 2010 (UTC)

Re: Hi[edit]

Thanks for the advice. After that lot, it's much appreciated in the future. :) --  Oakster   18:24, 22 August 2010 (UTC)

Copyright violation?[edit]

My images no infringe copyright. Because delete the images.--Sfaj146 (talk) 20:08, 22 August 2010 (UTC)

Seems to have been dealt with on your talk page by another admin. Thanks --Herby talk thyme 12:41, 23 August 2010 (UTC)

Contribution of FreewareLovers[edit]

Hello, please clarify why my contribution (picture of a phone, which was then used in a Wikipedia article) is deleted or going to be deleted? Also, why did you delete our user page? --FreewareLovers (talk) 23:06, 24 August 2010 (UTC)

Kuiper talk[edit]

Thanks for sorting our previous unblock requests. I'm quite surprised he hasn't posted a new one yet. -mattbuck (Talk) 14:38, 25 August 2010 (UTC)


[4] is a rather busy range. The user in question is not the only one on that range. As much as I want to, I'm not sure if blocking it is the best idea. Tiptoety talk 06:49, 27 August 2010 (UTC)

Largely vandal accounts only and I've reviewed it per the Meta block (a month would be too long for such a range at this stage). It is not hard blocked so established users can edit however unblock if you wish, just trying to keep the place clean --Herby talk thyme 06:51, 27 August 2010 (UTC)
Nah, I'll leave it. Let's at least see what happens. Cheers, Tiptoety talk 06:53, 27 August 2010 (UTC)

Changing status : Decline / Discuss[edit]

I am not sure which photo you are talking about. If you are talking about Mbz1's sunrise photo, I did not question the right to change the status. She did so without signing, making it difficult to see who did what. I had to look at the logs to see who did it, drop a note under the photo about the user who did the change. Unsigned changes are never welcome to me. --Nevit Dilmen (talk) 08:23, 30 August 2010 (UTC)

Signing the changes is one of the primary rules of WP. Please do not change that rule. It has good purposes, and as an admin it is one of your obligations to comply with the rule. So when changing the status next time, please remember to sign. --Nevit Dilmen (talk) 09:00, 30 August 2010 (UTC)

Some help[edit]

Hello, Herbythyme. I've done so many reverts on this image File:Foggy sunrise in San Francisco.jpg that it is getting rather confusing. I am not sure it is possible, but if it is, may I please ask you to leave only the current version of the image, and remove everything else from the history? Thank you for your time.--Mbz1 (talk) 17:16, 30 August 2010 (UTC)

Aplogies - offline then (& thanks for the revert :)). Done now, regards --Herby talk thyme 08:05, 31 August 2010 (UTC)

Moving forward[edit]

Hi, I seem to be spending more and more time on Commons as a refuge from the hurly-burly of en:wiki and having been dealing with backlogs there have now found Category:Files moved from en.wikipedia to Commons requiring review, which has a hideous backlog (nearly three years!). I don't see how emptying these categories does anything other than tag them for CSD, and it would be useful to have the Admin flag here as well as at en:wiki. My count so far is here, and I realise I am concentrating on mechanical tasks but in doing to, I have also nominated obvious no-hopers for deletion if they do not seem to belong here. I am also familiar with blocking policies and over the last few months, if not familiar with all the various PD policies, at least know where to find them. I am considering running for adminship here, maybe not just yet, but if you can offer any advice, I'd be grateful to receive it. Cheers. Rodhullandemu (talk) 22:27, 1 September 2010 (UTC)

Mail Face-smile.svg --Herby talk thyme 11:16, 2 September 2010 (UTC)

Deletion request[edit]

I rethought about this, and I'm just going to request deletion of File:Tommy2010yamiga.jpeg per user request of own work. Thank you. Tommy2010 (talk) 00:57, 4 September 2010 (UTC)

Thank you very much for deleting the file --م ض (talk) 19:14, 4 September 2010 (UTC)

Patrol Errors[edit]

Just relax, I did those mistakes, I'm sorry and I won't use my patrolling right anymore. You can leave Amada44 alone now, I just tried to help out a bit.

The help is very welcome. However if someone else has to check what has been done that is not as helpful. Best if you sign your postings too. Thanks --Herby talk thyme 13:08, 5 September 2010 (UTC)

FP Promotion[edit]

R M S Mulheim wreck 448 edit 1.jpg
The image has been promoted to Featured picture

Commons:Featured picture candidates/File:R M S Mulheim wreck s1 (1 of 3) hug.jpg that you created has been promoted. Thank you for your contribution.

Congratulation!--Mbz1 (talk) 01:35, 30 September 2010 (UTC)

Category borked[edit]

Sir, I see that you are editing today, could you take a look at your user page and here [5]. I've already posted the problem here [6] but it may take time for a reply. It is nasty and not the common garden variety type of vandalism. I can't locate it to fix it. --Sandahl (talk) 21:51, 14 October 2010 (UTC)

Ok - I'm missing something here - can't see what the issue is? Can you give me a diff or more info? Thanks & regards --Herby talk thyme 10:16, 15 October 2010 (UTC)
He's referring to edits made by the last 8 accounts blocked yesterday evening, which included some template vandalism. All fixed. Lupo 10:38, 15 October 2010 (UTC)
Thanks Lupo - all is clear (& I blocked a couple of open proxies earlier :)). Regards --Herby talk thyme 10:54, 15 October 2010 (UTC)

File:Interieur Amarante 406 coupe.JPG[edit]

Bonjour, avant de supprimer merci de me laisser justifier mes autorisations !

You have re-uploaded anyway I see. (please sign posts) --Herby talk thyme 18:06, 15 October 2010 (UTC)


Could you block SameerJaved (talk · contribs) per en:Wikipedia:Sockpuppet_investigations/SameerJaved, and see if he has any other active accounts here apart from those that have been active on enwiki (you did get the CU tool back, didn't you?). Best regards, Finn Rindahl (talk) 05:55, 18 October 2010 (UTC)

Blocked and nothing else obvious - regards --Herby talk thyme 13:44, 18 October 2010 (UTC)

Innecesary elimination[edit]

you've deleted my file because it allegedly violated copyrights. And it isn't... It was a free file on the web and it appears in every webpages. I only was trying to collaborate with wikimedia commons and wikipedia, dude... --Dark,green.magician (talk) 13:20, 20 October 2010 (UTC)

It is still a copyright violation to me. If you can point to a page that actually says it is a freely licensed file I will restore it happily though. --Herby talk thyme 13:44, 20 October 2010 (UTC)

Help needed[edit]

Hi Herby,

We need your help with Mbz1 again (please see here), as she seemms out of control. -- Alvesgaspar (talk) 12:58, 23 October 2010 (UTC)

Sadly I am now too "bitter and paranoid" to join in playing the new games on Commons. --Herby talk thyme 13:17, 23 October 2010 (UTC)
??? Not a game Herbie. I'm still hoping this will be solved in a peacefull way and you may help a lot - Alvesgaspar (talk) 13:35, 23 October 2010 (UTC)


Aqui fica registrado o descaso de pessoas que se baseiam os donos da Wiki e tomam decisões arbitrárias e levam ao lixo o trabalho daqueles que só tem uma intenção, contribuir para o crescimento da Wiki. Pessoas como está me fizeram abandonar o projeto após varias e varias contribuições com textos e imagens e digo, que assim como eu, a cada dia a Wiki perde colaboradores por serem vitimas de pessoas sem percepção e dialogo, que pensão serem os todos poderosos. Fico triste, registro aqui a minha insatisfação, pois perdi boa parte de meu tempo neste projeto para que venha uns e do nada acabem com todo ele. Vocês levaram a Wiki a falência por não terem respeito com os outros, cuidem de suas miseráveis vidas e não atrapalhe aqueles que ainda contribuem para o projeto Wiki, porque eu depois desde descaso não o faço mais. Deiwyd (talk) 14:09, 24 October 2010 (UTC)

Puzzling as I do not appear to have interacted with you. I am not a pt speaker but you would appear unhappy because of the deletions, however they would appear to be copyright violations so had to be deleted. --Herby talk thyme 14:59, 24 October 2010 (UTC)

Please accept my apology[edit]

Hi Herby, May I please ask you to accept my apology for filing my stupid CU request? I did not do it in purpose to abuse anybody. I tried to explain my action here. Best wishes.--Mbz1 (talk) 15:47, 24 October 2010 (UTC)

User page edits[edit]

I edited in the same manner that the users edited my page. If you believe it is disruptive to edit others' user pages without consent, please inform the editors that insist to edit my user page without my consent despite my repeated reversion of their edits. The issue they are making on my user page is on my talk page, there is no reason for them to insist on controlling my user page. [talk] XANDERLIPTAK 18:44, 24 October 2010 (UTC)

That is you opinion, but is there a policy that states this? That states that a link on the talk page is insufficient? I copied the edit 99of9 made on my user page to his user page once, and you threatened to block me over it. He didn't even make a complaint about it, and you threatened to block me over it. Clearly you find such editing to be offensive... unless it is done to my page for some reason. [talk] XANDERLIPTAK 12:43, 25 October 2010 (UTC)
You state your opinion, which is nice and all, but your opinion is just that, an opinion. Any particular reason that you think your opinion trumps policy guidelines? That you are beyond reproach? I ask for policy, because policy is what governs Commons, and your response is that if I ask for policy again you will block me? You say you want a link, there is a link. So in some sort of power grab you want to dictate to me where the link will be just to cause an issue and prove your dominance, which you expect me to submit to, or you will block me. I really don't see how asking for the policy behind your actions is wikilawyering, I would just like to assume there is policy behind your actions instead of you just dictating your personal will over others at whim. So then block me for assuming that an admin was supposed to uphold policy and leave personal matters out of things. [talk] XANDERLIPTAK 12:58, 25 October 2010 (UTC)
I am not here to make friends, so I really don't care if you think I am abrasive and do not want to hang out with me. And there are no policies, correct. So what you are enforcing is your personal preference. You want the pages linked, they are. But no, you had to be unsatisfied with where I let them be linked, and you decided you wouldn't just tell, you would force me to have them linked where you want them. And then threaten me when I protest. There is no reason to have it on my user page other than that is what you want. There is no policy that demands them be linked, none, but I have them linked anyways. But for whatever reason, that was not sufficient to link them. You had to tell me where to link them, how the link shall appear, the font that shall appear and refuse me to edit my user page at all now. This isn't merely about a link, because there was a link, this is about you forcing your will as to how my user page may appear. You want me to come begging you for allowance to change anything on my page now? [talk] XANDERLIPTAK 22:02, 25 October 2010 (UTC)

Teresa de Avila[edit]

Hi there,

I am surprised to be qualified as vandalism when I am trying to avoid unpleasant images of Teresa de Avila.

I look at topics such as Bill Clinton or many others and such images do not exist.

I thought the only criteria was the opinion of different users, but now you act as a referee taking the caricatures as appropriate (and my action as inappropiate!).

As the sheriff in place I refer to you to understand what is the right way to ask for explicit sexual images to be taken of a place where many young students look for material for their class works.

Thank you.

Wikipedia is not censored. Your behaviour was not collaborative and you persisted in making changes after you had been asked not to. It is that behaviour that is the issue as much as anything else to me. There are different views - edit warring does not resolve that. Discuss it on the talk page and agree on something. --Herby talk thyme 16:02, 25 October 2010 (UTC)

It is definetely censored in one sense or another, in fact you have just censored me. I would have been unable to make changes if there were not counter-changes coming from other people. I was as collaborative and active as my opponents, no more no less. But you decided the page is better with these awful images, not letting me vote against it anytime I want, and letting time decide. The question is: Why do you censor me and not others?, or even better: How many people visiting this page is unloading those caricatures?. Are they really helping anyone looking for información on Teresa de Avila?.-- 16:37, 25 October 2010 (UTC)

Please take it to the talk page - I was dealing with edit warring. --Herby talk thyme 16:38, 25 October 2010 (UTC)

Are avoiding to answer my questions? That is OK, but make sure you answer them to yourself. In the end you do have a responsibility on any decission. Everything is said already on the talk page. I cannot add anything new. I can only vote against it, unless my votes are censored. Regarding edit warring. Why did you decide that I was the only one doing that?. thank you for your attention anyway.

Yes I take responsibility for all my actions and have always done so. No I am not avoiding you question but as it is about content I am not the best person to ask. You were removing established content - that was my reason (& still is). You also misunderstand the statement that Commons is not censored --Herby talk thyme 16:51, 25 October 2010 (UTC)

Interesting. I must be blind, cause I do not see your answers and only hear excuses. If you are not censoring me, just give the name you want. May be you missunderstood what does it mean to be an "administrator" Best regards.-- 17:08, 25 October 2010 (UTC)

Hi, Herbythyme is just executing our policies at Wikimedia Commons which is exactly the task of administrators. Please be refered to Talk:Teresa of Ávila#Caricatures by Félicien Rops to find a consensus for this editorial problem. Regards, AFBorchert (talk) 18:29, 25 October 2010 (UTC)

Thank you to both administrators. Now that Simonxag agreed on moving the images to another category, ... can we make the change?. The page is still blocked for me. Thank you.-- 14:56, 27 October 2010 (UTC)

G'day Herb[edit]

and sorry to bother you on rather a grotty subject - but I read the recent piece by Greg Kohs Gregory Kohs, and saw that you had deleted an image recently - as possible underage and explicit - I wondered if, as part of your role as deleting admin, you had ever been given any advice in terms of reporting such an image to an external agency (child protection agency, law enforcement etc. etc.) - and I suppose I also wondered if in fact you have reported the image, or considered reporting the image to such? Your thoughts on the matter would be appreciated :-) Privatemusings (talk) 09:31, 31 October 2010 (UTC)

Nope. In all honesty I considered it a borderline image rather than explicitly "underage" - certainly not "child porn". However I'm not aware that there are any instructions/pointers to admins on where to report any such suspect images? If you have such advice then a posting on an admin board might well be useful/appropriate. --Herby talk thyme 09:35, 31 October 2010 (UTC)
thanks for the almost immediate response! :-) - I don't have any clear detailed advice (yet!) - but I think it would be a good idea if we all had some - in some jurisdictions there are legal requirements for reporting, and the moral and ethical imperatives are pretty universal in some cases (without prejudice as to this specific case). I've raised this matter previously, and mentioned this specific instance recently, with Robert Harris, who has authored the recent study into 'controversial content' - perhaps some more concrete guidelines may be forthcoming - I hope so :-) cheers, Privatemusings (talk) 09:41, 31 October 2010 (UTC)

Way to upload album covers?[edit]

Hi. I was wondering what steps I needed to go through to upload album covers?

You would need to first off have permission from whoever holds the copyright - likely the record label. You would send a copy of that permission to the OTRS people and tag your upload with {{OTRS-pending}}. -mattbuck (Talk) 21:33, 3 November 2010 (UTC)

Re:"Commons:Deletion requests/MediaWiki talk:Licenses/Archive 1"[edit]

That was an error, was trying to report a file, did not realize i had to be on the file's specific page to click that button. Sorry for the mix-up Eja2k (talk) 16:30, 6 November 2010 (UTC)

No problem - it took me a moment to work it out but I guessed that was it. We all make mistakes sometime :) --Herby talk thyme 16:51, 6 November 2010 (UTC)

Re:"Commons:deleted "File:B&I wiki logo.PNG" (Copyright violation)"[edit]

this is the second time an admin has deleted this logo and the second time i need to let you guys know IT IS NOT COPYWRITED. this file is the new logo of the show and as it stands is not copywrited. i am protesting its deletion on the grounds that a: its not copywrited and b: the current file being used on the wiki entry as the logo for the show is an inaccurate representation of the spirit of the show, but it is listed as a copywrited as the older logo is indeed copywrited. so either you give me some means to represent the correct logo of the show (that as it stands now is not a copywrite violation, this will change), or you allow me the means of uploading the correct logo giving it adequate listing as a copy protected logo in order to help the reader identify the ip, assure the readers that they have reached the right article containing critical commentary about the ip, and illustrate the ip's intended branding message in a way that words alone could not convey. Muradq (talk) 13:44, 7 November 2010 (UTC)

It is copyrighted. The producers of the show own the copyright. Get permission from them via COM:OTRS and it can stay, if not then we cannot host it. You can always upload the logo using "fair use" on wikipedia however we cannot accept such licensing here I'm afraid. --Herby talk thyme 14:24, 7 November 2010 (UTC)

Deleted pics[edit]

Hi! You deleted BSS_Sverigedemokraterna_1.jpg for copyright violation. In what way was that picture a copyright violation? Danieldnm (talk) 13:42, 7 November 2010 (UTC)

The poster (as it looks to me) or screenshot is owned by either the creator or the person/organisation which commissioned it. As such the only way we can host it would be if permission is sent via COM:OTRS, thanks --Herby talk thyme 14:27, 7 November 2010 (UTC)
Can you help me to move them there? Ownership for a screenshot or photo is not easy to find. It appears on many Web pages without the source is given. My guess is that it is posted with a desire for it to be spread. 15:24, 7 November 2010 (UTC)
A "desire to spread" does not equal valid licensing I'm afraid. The onus is on you as uploader to prove that the licensing is valid. So you have to find the original source and the fact that it is freely licensed. The alternative would be to upload it locally (assuming the project allows "fair use") and use that license there maybe? Regards --Herby talk thyme 15:42, 7 November 2010 (UTC)
The project does not allow fair use. So what are my options here? Shall I print it and take a photo of it? I have noted that a anti-racist site called (scroll down a bit, the yellow and blue poster) have a similar picture (not quite the same) if they give permission to use this, how I prove it to you? Sincerely, 16:05, 7 November 2010 (UTC)
Sadly my "se" is non existent but your best approach may be that website. Email them and ask what their licensing is (I can't spot a copyright statement anywhere at a quick glance). You can prove it by finding somewhere on their site that has their licensing or by getting them to email Commons via OTRS and the folks there will accept that as proof.
If you merely take some kind of copy (photo etc) then there will still be issues here (as a derivative or copyvio) I'm afraid. Regards --Herby talk thyme 16:10, 7 November 2010 (UTC)

Commons:Deletion requests/File:Celtic Europe 1000 BC.JPG[edit]

May I suggest you have another look at this nomination? It looks like you mistook who nominated it for someone else. The file was uploaded by the sockpuppeteer you cited in your reason for keeping it, and the keep 'votes' all came from users who are now banned. Catfish Jim and the soapdish (talk) 08:31, 9 November 2010 (UTC)

Yep - stuffed up there - apologies and now gone. Thanks for pointing it out, regards --Herby talk thyme 08:44, 9 November 2010 (UTC)
Good man... you wouldn't believe the amount of trouble that particular sock puppeter has been. Catfish Jim and the soapdish (talk) 09:56, 9 November 2010 (UTC)
Yeah - I blocked rather a lot of accounts! --Herby talk thyme 10:03, 9 November 2010 (UTC)

Thank you...[edit]

...I appreciate the change in user rights. Best, Beyond My Ken (talk) 20:33, 11 November 2010 (UTC)

Thanks again. I've got rollback on, but I don't see that I would use it much here. I'll let you know if I change my mind. Best, Beyond My Ken (talk) 17:52, 12 November 2010 (UTC)


Hi! Please, tell me, are those photos free free for use on wikipedia? I think that they are in public domain?

Thanks, waiting for your reply. --WhiteWriter speaks 11:40, 12 November 2010 (UTC)

Not the best site colour combination I've come across! Sadly I can see nothing at all on there about copyright. However there is an email address so the best approach would be to email them and ask what the licensing is. If they do say it is ok it will be best to confirm this via OTRS which would save problems in the future. Regards --Herby talk thyme 13:20, 12 November 2010 (UTC)


Thank you I'll be able to correct my typos in the titles! --Archaeodontosaurus (talk) 13:37, 12 November 2010 (UTC)

No problem :) --Herby talk thyme 14:25, 12 November 2010 (UTC)


Hi Herby. You deleted three images uploaded by User:QUITUS that I'd marked as blatant and sourceable copyright violations, but you may want to look at the rest of (his uploads, as they are all likely copyright violations. They are already marked for deletion, just not speedy, and I have a feeling this is either simply a mass copyvio situation, or an attempt by the company in question (Galactic Suite) to do some PR pushing, as the same user changed the articles on the company and product into horrific puff pieces. Huntster (t @ c) 19:42, 12 November 2010 (UTC)

All gone. I agree - in the absence of OTRS permission they are copyvios. If en wp "wants" them on that article then they are not "out of scope" otherwise maybe they are. The PR pushing gets everywhere does it - logged into en wp and got some guy called Wales at it...;) --Herby talk thyme 19:47, 12 November 2010 (UTC)
Haha, nice response. I'm figuring out the best way to undo the PR pushing on the articles whilst retaining relevant stuff. And yes, that giant banner is...distracting. :D Thank again. Huntster (t @ c) 20:16, 12 November 2010 (UTC)


I just receiver a request by a lawyer on OTRS ticket:2010091410005541. Now I’ve replayed with the link to the diff of the images. I cannot wait more time to replay to the ticket. I also ask she, if not agree the decision, to write in English to because none of us Italian volunteers are admin on commons so we cannot treat such questions. However just some information: in Italy it is not possible to publish an hi-res photo that permit to identify a people in a public place if the person is a passive subject. In other term if the person if on a stand, is demonstrating with a flag, is posing for the photo or is a public person the photo can be reproduced otherwise can be reproduced only a low-res version that don’t permit direct identification. As you can see also google on street-view hide the face of the persons. But obviously with this I don’t want to say that an Italian low is valid also in California, is a problem of User:Bolo77. --Abisys (talk) 19:08, 14 November 2010 (UTC)

OK - having read this I am not quite certain what you refer to? I do not have OTRS access so the ticket does not help me. It is possible that you are referring to some "street scene" speedies which I removed the tags on.
Certainly the idea of the law you quote does not apply in the UK. If you feel it correct then please tag the images as speedy again or open a DR. There probably should be a community discussion somewhere - maybe the village pump - as I would imagine there will be many many images affected if you are correct. --Herby talk thyme 19:18, 14 November 2010 (UTC)
I am similar puzzled as Herby why I was invited to comment here. May be because I once recreated File:LucaGuastini 00.jpg as the uploader expressedly claimed that an valid permission had been sent[7]. However, this un-deleted version has been deleted since long by Geagea. --Túrelio (talk) 19:55, 14 November 2010 (UTC)
Sory Herby, Túrelio I've asked SD for some image in this category in according to the request of the ticket and I just want to say you why I've asked a SD. Now I'm waiting for a replay on OTRS. If I'm sure of this law? Yes, look this example from google. In particular the lawyer requested the deletion of this image. I think that you and Túrelio can do the correct job for commons, so feel free to do what you consider more correct. I don't think that a new SD opened by me is needed an RD is to slow for OTRS. If you need some other details please ask me. To the lawyer I'll showed your decisions like commons decision. Thanks in advance for your collaboration. --Abisys (talk) 21:05, 14 November 2010 (UTC)
The link is to a google map - that has nothing to do with licensing has it?
Without access to the legal issues there is nothing I can do as a single admin to deal with this. It is a matter for the community to review as long as someone can point to the relevant legal issues. You should take this to the village pump or an admin board.
If there is something urgent that needs attention then I suggest you find a Commons admin with OTRS access so that they can see what you are seeing. Thanks --Herby talk thyme 07:36, 15 November 2010 (UTC)
Ok thanks! (the link wants to show only how google in street view approach this issue) Ciao. --Abisys (talk) 21:38, 15 November 2010 (UTC)
Having given this some thought. In the UK google streetview blurs out some information too. For example it takes out some house names but not all. This suggests that they do it only when asked. That raises the question for both it and more globally whether it would be a requirement - when asked and only then - on Commons? Anyone? --Herby talk thyme 08:42, 17 November 2010 (UTC)

Deleted picture (apple logo)[edit]

Es: ¿Por qué eliminar la imagen logotipo de Apple?

Because it is Apple's logo. The copyright is owned by them. Sorry that is the law. --Herby talk thyme 12:06, 16 November 2010 (UTC)


Have a look, please Special:Contributions/Justme75 and gallery. Possible few images could be kept (I am not sure), but some part coul be deleted.
With best regards, George --George Chernilevsky talk 12:23, 16 November 2010 (UTC)

Yes.... That is when you start taking administrator decisions :) In this case - maybe - he is not "ordinary" so there may be some value in keeping some (not sure we have anything quite like that?). I'd be tempted to post on an admin board and see what others think?
Not for this one but in case you did not know we have a template {{nopenis}} which is useful for the more ordinary ones. Regards --Herby talk thyme 12:27, 16 November 2010 (UTC)

File: Dita Black Hair.jpg[edit]

Can you please explain to me why File:Dita black hair.jpg was marked as a copyright violation & deleted if I own the photo and believed I checked the correct text for usage on wikimedia. How do I upload photos I own without getting them deleted?

The simplest way is to say see here. It is so obviously the same image - inverted and cropped. If you "own" the photo - that is to say the copyright - then it must be licensed via OTRS in order to be hosted here. --Herby talk thyme 20:49, 17 November 2010 (UTC)

File:Umschlag KdS Genf ville fort.jpg[edit]

This piktures, File:Umschlag KdS Genf ville fort.jpg i not problematic (only this two with my copyvio). Then the pictures of the book, is a old pictures from the 18. centry, and not longer unter copyright (it is free). By this file whe ar not a problem with a copririt pictures on the cover from a book. --Bobo11 (talk) 17:09, 18 November 2010 (UTC)

That cover is not from the 18th century under any circumstances. It is a far more recent publication and so the copyright will be held by the publisher I'm afraid. --Herby talk thyme 17:12, 18 November 2010 (UTC)
My problem at the moment is, that my book are not delivret (delivring at dezember 2010). So a cant not give exactly the Artist and the yaer. But it is not a foto, and the text haven' "schöpfungshöhe". So by this cover i dont see a copyrithe problem. I woude say that is a copy from [8], put wenn the pictures auf the cover are free, the we haven't a copyright problem with this cover. --Bobo11 (talk) 17:30, 18 November 2010 (UTC)
Books are always copyrighted by the publisher usually. Given the link takes me to a site which quotes an ISBN number and a release date then it seems certainly a copyright violation I'm afraid. If you can find somewhere that confirms it is freely licensed please do so. --Herby talk thyme 17:34, 18 November 2010 (UTC)
You dont unterstand, the picture are puplic domain. The publishen cant't have copyrihtg a this pictures! And when the pictures are free, then whe havent a coyright problem with this book-cover. --Bobo11 (talk) 18:35, 18 November 2010 (UTC)
A picture - the one of the cover - may well be public domain. However we would need to see a link to something that proves that.
The cover is quite definitely not public domain but is copyrighted by the publisher (they haven't actually published it yet so they certainly have the copyright to the cover) and that is what was uploaded - not a picture. --Herby talk thyme 18:45, 18 November 2010 (UTC)
The cover with out the Picture heve not enove en:threshold of originality, that the cover have only with the text have copyrigt. And whe writhe her over a swiss-booc, whe thont have the ango-american copyrith. Show unter en:Swiss copyright law, the textpart from the cover have not enoght lack of originality. --Bobo11 (talk) 19:30, 18 November 2010 (UTC)
If just the text were uploaded I would agree. However the text and the image together make for something that the publisher will have copyright of. If you do not agree with me please either request undeletion or - far better - ask the publisher to allow us to host it via OTRS although I think it unlikely that they will do so I'm afraid. --Herby talk thyme 19:47, 18 November 2010 (UTC)
Plus - if the picture is free then why not upload that - it would be far simpler? --Herby talk thyme 19:51, 18 November 2010 (UTC)

Change to Moretonhampstead page undone[edit]


I am very new to Wikipedia editing and I was unsure why my change to the Moretonhampstead page was removed.

Sorry if I've put this message in the wrong place - I'm struggling to work out how to contact you.

You are in the wrong place but it is no big issue to me. Bear in mind that Wikipedia is an encyclopaedia - as such it really does not require much in the way of external links. By all means contribute real content but not links (check here for some more info). --Herby talk thyme 07:53, 20 November 2010 (UTC)

Playtime for fools[edit]

Good morning Herby, though you had already a sort of bad one, re:Tiptoety. In addition to your reverts, I've hidden the edit summaries and content of all these versions of Tiptoety's talkpage. I hope you don't get a death threat too for your swift action. --Túrelio (talk) 09:08, 20 November 2010 (UTC)

Many thanks for sorting it out. I don't think they were pleased with me but it is something I was quite used to a while ago :) --Herby talk thyme 15:57, 20 November 2010 (UTC)