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This is not a human

You are attempting to contact John Bot, which is an automated program (i.e., a "robot" or "bot").

If you have a problem with the bot:

If you have a bug to report, do not post it here, instead contact Compwhizii, the bot's maintainer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  1. What does John Bot do?
    John Bot looks for images without copyright status and tags them. The uploader is also notified.
  2. What can I do?
    You can fix it yourself or ask for others help. When this is done you may remove the tag.
  3. Why is this necessary?
    It is policy for all images to have information on their copyright status.
  4. I don't want messages.
    Fix your images then. Either way, an opt-out list is currently not in place.

Image:Jetta TDI Mex2009.JPG[edit]

Regarding this picture. I don't know where is the copyright violation since I have taken this picture personally. Please bring it back. Thank you. Best regards!