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Welcome to Wikimedia Commons, Lasunncty!

Tip: Categorizing images[edit]

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Hello, Lasunncty!
Tip: Add categories to your images
Tip: Add categories to your images

Thanks a lot for contributing to the Wikimedia Commons! Here's a tip to make your uploads more useful: Why not add some categories to describe them? This will help more people to find and use them.

Here's how:

1) If you're using the UploadWizard, you can add categories to each file when you describe it. Just click "more options" for the file and add the categories which make sense:

2) You can also pick the file from your list of uploads, edit the file description page, and manually add the category code at the end of the page.

[[Category:Category name]]

For example, if you are uploading a diagram showing the orbits of comets, you add the following code:

[[Category:Astronomical diagrams]]

This will make the diagram show up in the categories "Astronomical diagrams" and "Comets".

When picking categories, try to choose a specific category ("Astronomical diagrams") over a generic one ("Illustrations").

Thanks again for your uploads! More information about categorization can be found in Commons:Categories, and don't hesitate to leave a note on the help desk.

BotMultichillT 18:10, 7 September 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]


Hello, from what I understand, in January 2013 parts of the Petersburg Census Area, Alaska were incorporated into the newly formed Petersburg Borough. Could you update to include that? By the way, I am surprised that this borough hasn't been reflected in so many articles (including articles mentioning the number of US counties and county-equivalents) and most images that show Alaska's boroughs... I know Alaska has low population, but isn't it weird that a Bulgarian that has nothing to do with Alaska is going around Wikipedia trying to (help) update articles and images that have been rendered inaccurate because of that new borough's creation? :) Anyway, thanks in advance :) 23:19, 20 September 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

P.S. Even authorities are not consistent with what Alaska's detailed administrative division is. But as Fritz Keppler responds to you here, time will tell. Gee, I'm so fussy about administrative divisions (because I love everything to be clear and uniform), the fact that there isn't consistency between the separate US authorities really annoys me. I can't really blame them in being too lazy to update their info though, after all whenever there is even a slight change in the layout and subdivision of an area, problems arise (since a change in one element of a system more often than not leads to change in one or more other elements). I wish the Unorganized Borough was just divided into normal boroughs, with official, detailed, unambiguous borders between them - it all would be so much more simple. :) 03:34, 21 September 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Yes, you are correct. I have been waiting to see how the US Census Bureau decides to handle the remaining land from the Petersburg and Hoonah-Angoon Census Areas not incorporated into the city. When I find out I will update the map, though I'm guessing it won't be until next year. --Lasunncty (talk) 11:21, 24 September 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Community Insights Survey[edit]

RMaung (WMF) 01:00, 10 September 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Faulty map[edit]

Hi. I noticed you recently created a map which colours the entirety of the claimed borders of somaliland as the same shade in this map. This has created many problems as i'm seeing edit warring across multiple language wikipedias due to the lack of nuance in this image. The precedent AFAIK in areas where there are multiple overlapping claims is to shade them accordingly, and include the overlapping claim through shading, as is done for instance in the Kashmir map seen here. What you map depicts as akin to showing solely Indian claims, and ignoring Pakistans' and China's claims over these areas. As such, I would appreciate it if you could amend the Somaliland map to shade the areas claimed by Khatumo and Puntland in a manner akin to Kashmir in order to avert further controversy. Thank you. Eve44reelaassss (talk) 13:22, 20 March 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I am certainly not an expert on the situation here. If you have a source showing what areas are disputed I will see what I can come up with. Thank you for reaching out. --Lasunncty (talk) 01:04, 23 March 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Hi. Areas which are disputed are the Warsangeli and Dhulbahante inhabited areas, which besides Somaliland are also claimed by Khatumo, Puntland and militia factions such as the SSC led by Faysal Falaalug. Here are different sources definition of the disputed areas: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8] — Preceding unsigned comment added by Eve44reelaassss (talk • contribs) 22:58, 10 April 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Ok, I have updated the map. Please let me know if there is anything else that needs to be done. --Lasunncty (talk) 09:46, 27 April 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Do you think you'd be able to replicate your update and make identical tweaks to the following file: ? Eve44reelaassss (talk) 01:40, 28 May 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Yes, I can work on that. --Lasunncty (talk) 10:20, 2 June 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Ok, I am finished. You can find the new version here. --Lasunncty (talk) 09:31, 4 June 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Thanks. If you are proficient at altering jpg files, I'd ask you to overwrite the two files created by Lakmi00 (this and this) in an identical way; otherwise, never mind.:) Eve44reelaassss (talk) 22:38, 4 June 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]
This would not be difficult; however, it is preferable to use the vector versions, and the JPG files could be deleted. Would you like me to work on that? --Lasunncty (talk) 02:17, 5 June 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Yes. I'd like you to work on the two JPG files highlighted above. :) Eve44reelaassss (talk) 12:02, 5 June 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@Jacob300: I am linking you to this discussion so you can see the reason for updating Somaliland location map.svg --Lasunncty (talk) 11:28, 13 June 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Yeah. I reverted Jacob300 back to the updated version because he didn't provide a comment or rationale for his reversion. Eve44reelaassss (talk) 19:18, 13 June 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@Lasunncty: , the map with disputed area is better suited for the main Somaliland-Puntland dispute article [9]. This particular map is used for all Somaliland articles, e.g. Hargeisa [10], Las Anod [11].. etc, all of which are cities under full control of Somaliland, the nature of this dispute is not relevant to an article about a mountain range in Somaliland for instance e.g. [12], as such I suggest restoring the original long-standing map and uploading a new one with the dispute indicated for the Somaliland-Puntland dispute article. Please note that most reliable sources like NYT and Washington Post publish Somaliland's map in its original state e.g. [13], [14] as recent as yesterday [15], so having a clear map showing all of Somaliland's border is useful to readership, the dispute map can be uploaded as its own file. Thanks. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Jacob300 (talk • contribs) 20:53, 13 June 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]

"all of which are cities under full control of Somaliland". Thats not entirely accurate. The above link shows how Faysal Falaalug's SSC militia is active in areas of the Sool province. Also, the monarch of Dhulbahante Jama Garad Ali based in Sool has as recently as this year repeated his claim that Dhulbahante oppose secessionism. As for the Cayn district, its biggest city Buuhoodle only this month opened an N & N office; this being Somalia's ruling party. Also, several reports on SL's 18 May celebration showed Sool residents caricaturing the celebrations by holding "cleaning day" celebrations instead. As for the Warsangeli, their most important political centers in Sanaag Badhan and Las Khorey are controlled by Puntland. Arguably the most influential local figure in between these two areas is the chieftain of the Maxamud Garaad tribe, a subclan of Dhulbahante; there are plenty of sources depicting him as exceedingly hostile to the idea of Somaliland. The main inhabitants of the disputed area are the Dhulbahante and Warsangeli tribe some of whom are party to neither Puntland nor Somaliland, so limiting the scope of dispute to those is illogical. As such there is sufficient pushback with labelling their homelands areas as Somaliland, and therefore, this should be reflected in our file. Eve44reelaassss (talk) 04:11, 14 June 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]



Seeing that you're experienced with maps, could you please turn this map into an SVG file that can be used as a push in map?

Thank you in advance Al-Burcaawi (talk) 23:34, 27 December 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@Al-Burcaawi: I'm not sure what you mean by "push in map", but it already exists as an SVG here. Let me know if this works. --Lasunncty (talk) 23:57, 27 December 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]

A pushin map used in articles to show where a town is located.

As for the SVG you linked, it's incorrect as it doesn't show the Sahil region. Al-Burcaawi (talk) 23:59, 27 December 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@Al-Burcaawi: I see. I will work on updating that file. --Lasunncty (talk) 00:07, 28 December 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]
@Al-Burcaawi: OK, done. Let me know if there is anything else that needs to be done. --Lasunncty (talk) 11:16, 28 December 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]

That's all for now. An SVG Somaliland location map was desperately needed as the map was low quality.

Many thanks, Al-Burcaawi Al-Burcaawi (talk) 01:37, 29 December 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Somaliland Maps[edit]

Hei, can you downloaded Somaliland relief location map svg and Somaliland Districts Maps. Thank you Lakmi00 (talk) 15:12, 28 December 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]

File:Somaliland relief location map.jpg Lakmi00 (talk) 16:11, 28 December 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]

And Topographic map of Somaliland Lakmi00 (talk) 16:48, 28 December 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@Lakmi00: I found the relief map, but not the others. What do you want me to do, though? --Lasunncty (talk) 21:30, 28 December 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Could you maybe download a clearer map? File:Somaliland relief location map.jpg Lakmi00 (talk) 21:53, 28 December 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@Lakmi00: If you mean update, I would suggest reaching out to User:Sting who made the original file. I'm not sure what tools he used to make it, and I wouldn't be able to create the high quality version you are hoping for. --Lasunncty (talk) 06:42, 29 December 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Thank you for your help Lakmi00 (talk) 07:37, 29 December 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Could you add it or update.


because doesn’t show Sahil region.

Lakmi00 (talk) 01:28, 31 December 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]
@Lakmi00: Ok, done. --Lasunncty (talk) 03:56, 2 January 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Thank you 🙏🏽 Lakmi00 (talk) 20:32, 9 January 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]

File source is not properly indicated: File:Notre-Dame-Fire.gif[edit]

asturianu  català  čeština  dansk  Deutsch  English  español  euskara  français  galego  italiano  magyar  Nederlands  norsk  norsk bokmål  norsk nynorsk  Plattdüütsch  polski  português  português do Brasil  sicilianu  slovenčina  slovenščina  suomi  svenska  Tiếng Việt  Türkçe  Ελληνικά  беларуская (тарашкевіца)‎  македонски  русский  українська  বাংলা  മലയാളം  ไทย  한국어  日本語  中文(简体)‎  中文(繁體)‎  עברית  العربية  فارسی  +/−
Warning sign
This media was probably deleted.
A file that you have uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, File:Notre-Dame-Fire.gif, was missing information about where it comes from or who created it, which is needed to verify its copyright status. The file probably has been deleted. If you've got all required information, request undeletion providing this information and the link to the concerned file ([[:File:Notre-Dame-Fire.gif]]).

If you created the content yourself, enter {{Own}} as the source. If you did not add a licensing template, you must add one. You may use, for example, {{self|GFDL|cc-by-sa-all}} or {{Cc-zero}} to release certain rights to your work.

If someone else created the content, or if it is based on someone else's work, the source should be the address to the web page where you found it, the name and ISBN of the book you scanned it from, or similar. You should also name the author, provide verifiable information to show that the content is in the public domain or has been published under a free license by its author, and add an appropriate template identifying the public domain or licensing status, if you have not already done so. Warning: Wikimedia Commons takes copyright violations very seriously and persistent violators will be blocked from editing.

Please add the required information for this and other files you have uploaded before adding more files. If you need assistance, please ask at the help desk. Thank you!

-- Tuválkin 22:59, 21 April 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]


@Lasunncty: Goodnight. Could you lighten the Gaza Strip and the West Bank as Israeli-occupied territories in the image File:Israel (orthographic projection) with disputed territories.svg? Mawer10 (talk) 01:08, 24 April 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Do you want them to be the same color as Golan Heights and East Jerusalem, or something else? -- Lasunncty (talk) 05:06, 24 April 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@Lasunncty: Yes, the same color as the Golan Heights and East Jerusalem. Mawer10 (talk) 13:24, 24 April 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@Lasunncty: Is it difficult to change the color? Mawer10 (talk) 01:33, 26 April 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Unfortunately there is no shape data for those regions in the inset, so it's not as easy as just changing the color from white to green. I'll see if I can find a solution. -- Lasunncty (talk) 04:11, 26 April 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Ok, I have created a new file that includes West Bank and Gaza Strip: Israel (orthographic projection) with disputed and occupied territories.svg. I chose not to overwrite the old file in case anyone prefers it without those territories. -- Lasunncty (talk) 11:59, 30 April 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@Lasunncty: Thank you. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Mawer10 (talk • contribs) 13:00, 30 April 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Australia map[edit]

Hi. Great Australian territories map. Is there any reason why you did not include Macquarie Island? — Preceding unsigned comment added by Rogersjr1951 (talk • contribs) 09:33, 14 October 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@Rogersjr1951: Macquarie Island is part of Tasmania rather than being a territory on its own. However, if you think it's worth it, I can put a circle around it like I did for other island territories and then draw a line connecting it to the Tasmania label. --Lasunncty (talk) 08:49, 20 October 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]