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Using your image[edit]

Hi, I'm from an educational book publisher and we would like to use your image of Soweto town However, we are unsure of how to contact you. I hope you could advise us on how you wish to be attributed.

Thank you. Marshall Cavendish International (Singapore) Pte Ltd (do contact me at

Permission to use your photo[edit]

Hi Matt-80, I would like to use your photo found at in a textbook. Please email me at soon. Thank you!

Request for permission to use your image[edit]

Hi there,

I work for an educational film company here in the UK, we are making a short film to be distributed on DVD called Sustainable Settlement, and would very much like to use your image "Soweto Township". It would be used for a couple of seconds at most. You will be fully credited of course. Please let me know if this is possible.

many thanks