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If you have any messages (or complaints for me) write it here.
If you are looking for my English Wikipedia talk page, please go to this page. If you are looking for my Wikivoyage talk page, at this page. Thanks for your cooperation.Mitch32(Never support those who think in the box) 20:37, 15 January 2013 (UTC)
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Some commenting notes:
  1. Expect two-talk conversations, because since 2008 or so, I've stopped replying on my user talk page.
  2. No talkback tags. I hate those, and I scan my watchlist at much as possible (sometimes 25-30 times daily) and every talk page I edit is on it, so I'll see.
  3. Threads are archived every 12 threads into a new archive. The current archive in work is Archive 5.