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Ok Moonriddengirl, it is wonderful talking with you, so my last considerations about your response:

1. It is a pity for these 3 files, serves for nothing and it is not used in any article anymore. So I have to wait. Can you nominate or take an attention to adm to do ?

2. Thanks, now i learned a bit more. I ask patience with me, because those codes programming are interesting, intrigate and complicated. ;) Pity about -02 I would like it cleaned.

3. It is ok, let'S forget Itaipú, let's make it easier, because the history is already too complicated about. If it kept in English, nice... It has a source anyway.

4. Sincerely i do not like the talk system, used to use PM or email, but ok, still learning.

5. It is true, hard and not obvious. But ok. Can i still upload files and editing the final contributions without a problem ? I mean, all solved ? Tell me yes or no.

6. For me the gif logo at the article, used from the web of them was working fine, but now seems a broken link. When I click to the bigger image, is complete ok.

Regards and have a nice day. MK

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