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Welcome to Wikimedia Commons, Mopialex!

-- Wikimedia Commons Welcome (talk) 05:35, 11 May 2013 (UTC)

Karl Witkowski paintings[edit]

Hello, and thank you for uploading all these images. But I noticed that you didn't make any remarks about the copyright status of the paintings. All works uploaded to Wikimedia Commons must have a free license for reusing them. In case of Witkowski, the easiest way would be to show that the paintings have been published before 1923, which would put them in the public domain in the US. On the other hand, the paintings are automatically out of copyright in this countries where the term of copyright is "life of the author plus 100 years" or shorter. So you at least place the following string into the "Licensing" section of all these images: {{PD-art-100}}. Regards, De728631 (talk) 14:46, 18 May 2013 (UTC)

PS: The |date= parameter is not meant for the date of uploading the files to Commons but it refers to the original date of creation. So where Witkowski indicated a year, please add that to the description. De728631 (talk) 14:48, 18 May 2013 (UTC)

Karl Witkowski[edit]

Here a new painting. Source and description: A Can Of Worms, oil on canvas, 30 x 25cm by Shannon's auctions Milfort, 28.04.2011, lot 126 . --Botaurus (talk) 23:12, 16 November 2013 (UTC)

And from the same source: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7]. greetings --Botaurus (talk) 00:08, 17 November 2013 (UTC)

they already exist on Wikimedia. If a photo is better I will add (replace). I have a question about these photos and other pictures loaded from auction sauces. After direct contact with the New York's Artnet office, E-bay office and reading rules on Wikipedia I learned, that picture belongs to a original photographer and as long is not released to public we can not use it on Wiki. Maybe I am wrong. Help me to answer this subject. For months I study Witkowski's work and life, today I have list of over 220 his paintings and access to photographs of over 80 Witkowski's paintings. Those already I placed on Wiki are only "public" ones. Again, auction places do not give correct info, for example take a look on file Begging for Cherries. This file also is called by auctioneers: Childhood Negotiations, Young Boys Eating Cherries,... Which is correct? Take a look on picture, there is only one boy and a ... girl!, so Arcadia's "Young Boys Eating Cherries" seems wrong name for it.

For an exemmple read here: Bridgeman Art Library v. Corel Corp.. My English is not so good that I can explain juridical things. Commons:Help desk is the page for your problems. Here you can ask questions. The answer will be but clearly: The images are Free. --Botaurus (talk) 13:20, 17 November 2013 (UTC)
To the image name: simply write „Childhood Negotiations; Begging for Cherries / Young Boys Eating Cherries“, „Childhood Negotiations; Begging for Cherries (Young Boys Eating Cherries)“ or others. A girl I can not see. At that time, girls going with skirts and long hair. --Botaurus (talk) 13:39, 17 November 2013 (UTC)
Here are details for the Painting: [8], [9] and meybee this page is for you interristing: [10]. Greetings --Botaurus (talk) 13:45, 17 November 2013 (UTC)

Thanks, again
It is not clear for me, because is treated different in various countries. For safe, better load files with reasonable resolutions. Looks I will have much work to do. Mopialex (talk)

This is the right license for Karl Witkowski:
{{PD-Art|PD-old-auto-1923|deathyear=1910}} or
{{PD-Art|PD-old-auto|deathyear=1910}} or simply
The Paintings all created before 1923 for USA and for the rest of the World, the Painter is more than 100 years death. --Botaurus (talk) 17:04, 17 November 2013 (UTC)
Im sorry; here are a larger file (source).--Botaurus (talk) 18:15, 17 November 2013 (UTC)

inch vs cm[edit]

This template {{Size|in|20|14}} or {{Size|cm|50.8|35.6}} have the result itself. The English speaker sees 50.8 × 35.6 cm (20 × 14 in) and the other sees only 50.8 × 35.6 cm. Inch is a old English unit of measure but not SI-conform. For Wikimedia Commons, therefore, the template was created. All these templates internationalize automatically. With the inch size can other speekers not do much. --Botaurus (talk) 19:06, 18 November 2013 (UTC)

I know that. I was 28 years in USA. Basic for them is inch. I do not mind to see both units but rounded to some reasonable number (this template is not doing that). I do not think so, we can take responsibility to tell everybody, that this painting is 35 cm and 6 mm. What about if it measures 35 cm and 4 mm. Because Karl Witkowski made most of his paintings only in USA is better to show in inch. Botaurus, I am very glad you want to help me in Karl's Witkowski art work. I am working on him for some longer time and study all sources I could only get to. Also in painting Mending the Baseball (also called Mending the Ball) where from you got a year? Can you give me a source? One more time: all auction places are not correct source of artist info. ps. I like your "Creator template" and I will apply them.

Ha!, the Date is from my pattern File:Karl Witkowski - Pick a Hand, 1889.jpg, and I forgot to delete it.
You can use {{Size|in|20|14}}, but not 20 1/8 but 20.125, therefore as a decimal fraction. The single millimeter does not play a major role. Also the Museem indicate different dimensions. Old paintings are often crooked or the edges of border are round. This is not our problem and a responsibility question I do not see here. --Botaurus (talk) 20:08, 18 November 2013 (UTC)

Nice picture. I never saw before. Now I have 82 pictures of Witkowski's art work. Thanks. I have a question. During service in Austrian Army (1879 thru 1880) Karl had done several portraits of army generals, one of them for Duke William of Wurttemberg (Herzog Wilhelm Nikolaus von Württemberg, or Wilhelm Prinz von Württemberg, 1828-1896 - commanding general of the 18th Army Corps. His task was to submit to the west and bring peace to Bosnia. In 1878 he was commissioned to organize Bosnia and Herzegovina militarily and politically. He served as Governor of Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1878 to 1881)Duke William of Württemberg. I found his three portraits (on web). Which was done by Karl Witkowski?
I just found: Herzog Wilhelm
& one more: Prinz Wilhelm von Württemberg Österreichischer Generalmajor

Thats all graphs. I think not. But here is a portrait by Karol Dominik Witkowski, „Portret Tomasza Milatyckiego, 1889“ or here, Image „large“. Otherwise, I can not help you. --Botaurus (talk) 00:01, 19 November 2013 (UTC)
also [11], [12] --Botaurus (talk) 00:08, 19 November 2013 (UTC)

Big thanks, you are really good. I did not know (until now) what was Witkowski's second name (letter "D", he used in signatures for paintings done in France). It is Dominik (Dominic - English). Thanks so much. I have Portrait de Tomas Milatycki in larger resolution.


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