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First comments[edit]

  • Under flow:1, better specify 'select some files to work on'. Complete flickr photostream? set? public set? a search meganism on flickr to select a lot more?
  • licensing: will certainly need meganism "only free photo's from this set (or whatever)"
  • licensing: I don't think you should bother with otrs in this case for these uploads, if not free on flickr, let the license on flickr be changed if not ok, and only use flickr review. Bot should auto-review the files it uploads. If you let the licensing on the flickr side, you can simply skip all non-free photo's always (also see previous).
  • Be sure the bot also logs who operated the bot (tusc account)
  • Under modes: perhaps a watch mode, or continue mode, to either keep watching a stream for files to transfer, or upload everything added since the previous time. Only makes sense for streams and (public) sets.