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This page provides a framework for displaying the language abilities of users on their user page. This helps with communication by listing which languages, and how much of each, users can understand.

Census in Babel[edit]

Not everyone here speaks/writes the same language. To help with communication, please categorize yourselves by language categories on your user page. Example language groups: en for English, de for German, and so on. Additionally, users can specify their level of proficiency in the language:

  • 0 indicates someone who does not understand the language.
  • 1 stands for basic knowledge: the ability to understand and answer simple questions in the language.
  • 2 stands for intermediate knowledge.
  • 3 stands for advanced or fluent knowledge: the ability to correct spelling and grammar errors in the language.
  • 4 stands for near-native ability.
  • N stands for native language.

--Nstm 05:43, 1 September 2009 (UTC)