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Shortcut: WP:LCWD The Lights Camera Wiki!/ Dance video initiative is a program run by Open Video Alliance to encourage a broader public creation of video content exploring the art and expression of dance.

Participants are encouraged to produce short videos that exemplify a form of dance , with the videos being used to enhance the corresponding Wikipedia articles for these locations.

Dance (from French danser, perhaps from Frankish) is an art form that generally refers to movement of the body, usually rhythmic and to music,[1] used as a form of expression, social interaction or presented in a spiritual or performance setting.

There are many genres in dance. Some of them are Contact improvisation, Waltz, Lambada, Polka, Capoeira, Reggaeton and Modern dance. For more information on type of dances, go to the List of dances.

We are also glad to work with the cooperation of the Dancers! Project on this initiative.

For more information, contact X

Workflow for Dance Video Initiative[edit]

To participate you will need access to a digital camcorder or still camera with video recording capability, a tripod, and a computer with video editing software. See Lights Camera Wiki and Video guidelines to understand Wikipedia editorial guidelines for video.

Considerations for Dance videos[edit]

Check out talk pages etc to understand what is encyclopedic. Remember, we are looking for simple clips. Think about the sidebar illustrations in an encyclopedia—videos for Wikipedia should have this same encyclopedic quality, only in motion!

Dance is hard to convey without motion. Here is an example, on composition for dance videos.

Prototype videos for the Lights Camera Wiki!/ Dance Video Initiative

Pages that would be improved by video[edit]

Shooting video[edit]

When shooting please do not provide on-camera commentary or narration. This is to ensure that these videos are encyclopedic, have a neutral point of view, and can be used by similar articles in languages other than English.


No matter what device you choose, to shoot with a steady hand is what we are looking for. If otherwise, please use a tripod or other stabilizing equipment.

Composition and camera movement[edit]

The style of these videos are intended to be simple and clean. No quick zooms or handheld walk throughs. Any movement within the frame (panning, tilting, or zooming) should be done slowly so that the viewer is able to focus on the detail of the images. Try and get a reasonable balance between shots with and without movement.


If you are recording a shot with no camera movement or zoom, do not record for less than 5 seconds. If you are zooming, be sure to record 3 seconds before the zoom and wait at least 3 seconds after you reach the end of the shot. The same guidelines for zoom shots also applies to any shot that has movement (panning or tilting). Pay attention to the buffers and editing will be easier.

Editing video[edit]

Using editing software like iMovie or Windows Live Movie Maker, import the video onto your computer to edit. Refer to instruction manuals for your specific software and camera learn how to import and edit.

In the editing process, think about opening your video with a shot that helps to establish the location of the site. (eg: the opening shot in the Grand Central Terminal video is of the front of the building with surrounding buildings.)

Do not include narration, titles, transitions, special effects (with the exception of Image stabilization effects).

Converting video[edit]

After exporting the video, you must convert the file to the Ogg Theora (.ogg/.ogv) format. If you are using the Firefox browser, you can install FireFogg in one click for automatic conversion to OGG. If you are using quicktime on either a PC or Mac, you can download Miro Converter or XiphQT. Visit that will allow you to convert your video to the .ogg format. Note on Mac you can only do this using QuickTime 7. When converting the video to .ogg format, please also resize the dimensions of the video to be 320x240

For more information on converting video, visit Help:Converting video to learn more about how to do this.

Uploading video[edit]

Videos should be uploaded to the Wikimedia Commons at Commons:Upload, where they will be accessible to all of the different language editions of Wikipedia.

We recommend the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


Don't know how? Shoot us an email and we'll put it into the page. Want to learn, visit Wikipedia:Creation and usage of media files#Video usage.

Sign up and participants[edit]

Please sign up here and give a list of dances you plan to shoot, to reserve them and avoid a duplication of efforts.

Remember to choose any from the List of dances.

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