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Hi Paul,

My name is Birol Koc and I was the person that added the graph and the information on the topic of the "Vedic Square". I appreciate your intentions and was wondering if you could help me in adding my entry with more informative literature, as I am new I don't know my way around Wickipedia and am having great difficulty understanding how to use it.

Although the information I have added is not informative enough relating to the subject, I do have propper revised additions as to the techniques/method used to create such "geometrical patterns" from the Vedic Square.

If you could contact me for the revised additions, that would be highly appreciated.


Birol Koc (Bizza). 12:26, 25 September 2009 User:EyePhi

Hello Birol
Regardless of the techniques used, the image does not present any information let alone about the Vedic Square - it even gives the incorrect impression that the square has reflective symmetry about the two diagonals which could be misleading if the image were included with an introduction to the Vedic Square itself. Beyond that it doesn't seem possible to determine what information the image it trying to portray. If it's only purpose is to be a pretty picture then the Commons is not the appropriate place (see the project scope).
If you take a look at the mathematics and geometry categories you will see that most of the images are fairly simple and while they maybe aesthetically pleasing, that should never take priority over being educational. A mathematical diagram should generally be well labelled although labels aren't necessary for just showing a shape or when the labels detract from the clearness of the message - you should consider that the Vedic Square is essentially a matrix of numbers and your image seemed only tenuously based on those numbers - if at all.
Should you wish to create more graphics based on mathematical objects please consider what you are trying to portray and then find a way to do it, rather than merely experimenting with software until you find something you find aesthetically pleasing. Of course, if you continue to create graphics for your own personal reasons i.e. not for a Wikimedia project - then approach that however you like.
--Paul Carpenter (talk) 13:39, 25 September 2009 (UTC)