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These photos are from Raffi Kojian /

If the photo is of a plant, and does not have a plant name, then you can try to look at the following photos (numerically - look at the numbers following the characters IMG) in order to see if there is a photo of a plant identification label. If it was taken at a botanic garden, and such a label was visible, there should be a photo of it.

For example, for the photo: 2451 hunt0903.jpg

The following photo is of the plant label: 2452 hunt0903.jpg

A second example, for the photo: 2453 hunt0903.jpg

The following photo is of the plant label: 2454 hunt0903.jpg

So in this example the first three photos should have their categories changed from unidentified plants to the latin/botanic name of the plant in the photo. A VERY easy way to do this is using Help:Gadget-HotCat. After the photos are categorized, the photo of the plant label, if it does not contain anything else useful in the photo (like a section of a tree trunk) then it can be marked for deletion, as it is no longer useful.

Most of the photos I've uploaded that need to be categorized still can be viewed in a convenient gallery format by going to the following pages: