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Cary "Bastiqe" Bass demandez 03:13, 19 January 2007 (UTC)

Re:Losslessly cropping images

Hi! I use the program JPEGcrop to crop images; it is relatively simple to use and is free. The only problem with lossless cropping is that in order to make the process lossless cropping must be done in blocks; this often means small portions of the image are lost. For very tiny images you often have to use a normal image editing program instead and just save at 100% quality with no compression to ensure the quality is as good as possible, as lossless cropping would mean you would end up with an image the size of your little fingernail or even nothing at all. In JPEGcrop there is an option to un-snap the bottom-right corners, so you can edit them freely; however the top and left sides always crop in blocks. You also have to be careful to ensure the image doesn't end up lop-sided if it was originally symmetrical (as with Image:Marseille Palais Longchamp 2 2005.jpg, where I had to crop an extra row of blocks off the right-hand side to make the arch evenly centered in the image). JPEGcrop also rotates images losslessly by 90° increments, but again, for non-standard rotations a normal image editing program must be used.

I hope that helped and wasn't too long-winded! If you have any questions or need help with the program if you download feel free to drop me a line. -- Editor at Largetalk 22:04, 5 April 2007 (UTC)


That image was used for a special purpose in connection with Image:Flag_of_Egypt_1972.svg ; it has been vectorized in a different form as part of recent versions of Flag_of_Egypt_1972.svg, but it's not likely to be vectorized on its own. You can delete it if you want, since it's pretty much served its purpose... AnonMoos 11:47, 6 April 2007 (UTC)

Re: Commons:Deletion requests/Copyright by Wikimedia

Possibly this is a incomplete list:

  1. Image:Wv import 1.png
  2. Image:Wv import 2.png
  3. Image:Wv import 3.png
  4. Image:Wv import 4.png
  5. Image:Wv import 5.png
  6. Image:Wv import 6.png
  7. Image:Wv import 7.png
  8. Image:Wv import 8.png
  9. Image:Wiktionary Logo Proposal Psy guy.PNG
  10. Image:Wiktionary logo Diego UFCG without text.png
  11. Image:Wiktionary logo Diego UFCG.png
  12. Image:Wiktionary logo Stephane8888 01b.svg
  13. Image:Wiktionary logo Stephane8888 01c.svg
  14. Image:Wiktionary logo Stephane8888 01d.PNG
  15. Image:Wiktionary logo Stephane8888 01d.SVG
  16. Image:Wiktionary logo Stephane8888 01f.svg
  17. Image:Wiktionary logo Stephane8888 01f2.svg
  18. Image:Wiktionary logo Stephane8888 02.svg
  19. Image:Wiktionary logo Stephane8888 03.svg
  20. Image:Wiktionary logo Stephane8888 04.svg
  21. Image:Wiktionary logo Stephane8888 05.svg
  22. Image:Wiktionary logo Stephane8888 06.svg
  23. Image:Wiktionary logo Stephane8888 07.svg
  24. Image:Wiktionary logo Stephane8888 08.svg
  25. Image:Wiktionary logo Stephane8888 09.svg
  26. Image:Wiktionary logo Stephane8888 10.svg
  27. Image:Wiktionary logo orange YoungStyle! 2.png
  28. Image:Wiktionary logo orange YoungStyle! 3.png
  29. Image:Wiktionary logo orange YoungStyle! 4.png
  30. Image:Wiktionary logo orange YoungStyle!.png
  31. Image:Wiktionary proposed Japanese-smurrayinchester.png
  32. Image:Wiktilogo-worldmap-1.png
  33. Image:Wiktilogo-worldmap-2.png
  34. Image:Wiktilogo-worldmap-2a.png
  35. Image:Wikt rei-artur1.svg
  36. Image:Wikt rei-artur10.svg
  37. Image:Wikt rei-artur11.svg
  38. Image:Wikt rei-artur16.svg
  39. Image:Wikt rei-artur2.svg
  40. Image:Wikt rei-artur3.svg
  41. Image:Wikt rei-artur4.svg
  42. Image:Wikt rei-artur5.svg
  43. Image:Wikt rei-artur6.svg
  44. Image:Wikt rei-artur7.svg
  45. Image:Wikt rei-artur8.svg
  46. Image:Wikt rei-artur9.svg
  47. Image:Wikt calligraface logo color.svg
  48. Image:Wikt calligraface2 logo color.svg
  49. Image:Wikt calligraphy logo bw blue.png
  50. Image:Wikt calligraphy logo bw green.png
  51. Image:Wikt calligraphy logo bw red.png
  52. Image:Wikt calligraphy logo bw.png
  53. Image:Wikt calligraphy logo color clean.svg
  54. Image:Wikt calligraphy logo color globe.png
  55. Image:Wikt calligraphy logo color.svg
  56. Image:Wikt calligraphy logo color2.1.svg
  57. Image:Wikt calligraphy logo color2.svg
  58. Image:Wikt calligraphy logo nb globe blue.png
  59. Image:Wikt calligraphy logo nb globe green.png
  60. Image:Wikt calligraphy logo nb globe red.png
  61. Image:Wikt calligraphy logo.JPG
  62. Image:Wikiversity-albertsab.PNG
  63. Image:Wikiversity-logo byrei-artur.svg
  64. Image:Wikiversity-logo byrei-artur10.svg
  65. Image:Wikiversity-logo byrei-artur11.svg
  66. Image:Wikiversity-logo byrei-artur12.svg
  67. Image:Wikiversity-logo byrei-artur2.svg
  68. Image:Wikiversity-logo byrei-artur3.svg
  69. Image:Wikiversity-logo byrei-artur3invsubtle.svg
  70. Image:Wikiversity-logo byrei-artur3sansaxis.svg
  71. Image:Wikiversity-logo byrei-artur3sansaxisinv.svg
  72. Image:Wikiversity-logo byrei-artur6.svg
  73. Image:Wikiversity-logo byrei-artur7.svg
  74. Image:Wikiversity-logo byrei-artur8.svg
  75. Image:Wikiversity-logo byrei-artur9.svg

(sorry for listing without links to the images, I've just copied-and-pasted from the deletion discussion)

Your worry about keeping these images is valid, but simple listing for deletion may create more problems than solutions. These images are used on hundreds of wikis, simple deleting without providing a alternative 1) broke thousands of pages containing interwiki link templates; 2) broke thousands of project docs, policies and guidelines pages; 3) may result on more users hating Wikimedia Commons instead of choosing to share theirs works between Wikimedia projects.

Please, join to the discussion on commons-l about this. And please, next time add {{tfd}} or {{delete}} to the affected images and pages, to make possible to CommonsTicker warn the affected projects :-)

Best, Lugusto 02:32, 24 August 2007 (UTC)

Ok, thank you.

I was wondering if there was any other reason (than logo). The template states "the official logos or designs", so maybe the design? (Maybe standard Mediawiki graphics is GPL, other designs -used in WMF projects- are not? ) --ChemicalBit 07:57, 24 August 2007 (UTC)

Only images that contain Wikimedia logos should be tagged with {{Copyright by Wikimedia}}. The Mediawiki software is GPL. User-contributed text is GFDL. —Remember the dot (talk) 16:28, 24 August 2007 (UTC)
If so, {{Copyright by Wikimedia}} text is a bit misleading,as it aslo states "... or designs". --ChemicalBit 16:55, 24 August 2007 (UTC)

Firefox 1.0.6 sk.jpg


I'm not the author of this picture Image:Firefox 1.0.6 sk.jpg. You have to warn the first author or the first uploader before to delete the picture. Thx.--Patricia.fidi 18:19, 1 September 2007 (UTC)


Hey Dot, I had to revert your new version of Image:Merge-arrows.svg. Somehow the MediaWiki software can't generate any kind of preview or thumbnail of your image version. Even though it seems to be a valid svg I didn't find the problem. Regards --Alcibiades 01:26, 15 September 2007 (UTC)

It looks like the solution was to purge the server cache of that image. Please try that next time before jumping to revert. —Remember the dot (talk) 15:43, 15 September 2007 (UTC)