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Richard "Rico" Lehman is a Professional Geologist (Pennsylvania, USA) specializing in engineering geology (now semi-retired), and a member of the Geological Society of America, The Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists and a charter member of The Planetary Society. He has conducted site-specific research and reconnaissance as well as on-site inspection and testing for numerous public and private projects, including roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, commercial and industrial buildings, dams, landfills, structural fills, soil and rock anchor systems, slope stabilization and failure remediation, and environmental analysis and remediation.

Having been an electronics enthusiast since the age of twelve and a Certified Audio Consultant, he was a part-time sound reinforcement and recording engineer from 1977 through 1994, usually setting up and mixing two or more shows a week, along with the occasional remote or studio recording session. He still does occasional live mixing and remote or studio recording, as well as system and venue consulting and equipment repair. Having taken up digital audio engineering in 2005, he has lately been working primarily on digitizing and editing a collection of analog recordings he authored of various Pennsylvania-based rock bands and acoustic acts, including Lexus (1977-87), Heat X-Change (1990-91), Phantasy (1993-94) and Blush (1994).