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From Scotch Mist host user page: "This site was constructed in memory of Andrzej Stanisław Tadeusz Grodyński, who on surviving a Soviet labour camp with his immediate family members (brother Marjan, mother Halina, father Stanisław), wrote about their lives and struggles in order both to tell their individual stories and to help preserve the family history that they all fought to perpetuate in a 'Free Poland'. The site displays photographs of places and memorials that directly or indirectly relate to the Grodyński, Matter, Bulczyński and Kusionowicz families, and in the spirit of my Father's wishes, it is hoped that other family members, close and distant, will contribute photos to this site, so that the images and descriptions can be shared by all who may have an interest in Poland, its history, and its quest through the centuries for self-determination." Stan Grodynski