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i have a golden extension rod with feeling but its never used to itself...fill this suppression with it yourself

File:Not who i am.jpg
this description is the exact explanation of suppression unto itself..without considering pushing the mormon's elevator button

the inventor of suppression becetral i marked as urgencyause i was inside a suppression before you were...the diabolical instance of your p

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And also:

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Suppression (Malkuth)[edit]

The contents of the following is created in a suppression during consistent autonomical points and when viewed, what is actually is percieved is not the sentence but my motives through psychic channels. A general storyline of similar instances that occured to create the previous sentence is that "I typed this on the computer." Suppression describes the instance of our consciousness not existing during periods in which our body moves without consciounsess. If we desire to walk up stairs and then when passed the stairs we attempt to remember walking up the stairs and no recollection exists, then the instance of walking up the stairs was suppressed. Suppression describes materialistic properties (moving or non-moving) that occur between two continuous points of consciousness.

  • magick (yesod) - magick are materialistic properties that changed or appeared that differ from the storyline created about the suppressed situation. Magickal procurements are differ from those that are caused by another action because they exist without a cause from something else. Changed materialistic elements that can be imagined and temporarily assumed to be caused from another body lead to a harmonious thoughts about angels and then non-realism (other people are not real and are empty bodies with no consciousness) and then leads to the notion of God itself.
  • teleporation (netsah) - teleporation is when our consciousness reawakens in a different location than the location that the previous instance of consciousness at. Teleporation raises questions of "mind vs. matter." If we believe that everything only exists when we are conscious of it then there is no telepotation. But, if we believe that matter exists then teleportation occurs and when our consciousness reawakens in a new location, our body with no conciousness actually moved during periods without consciousness.
  • Nephitic storylines (hod)- nephitic storylines are the explanation of something that occured during a suppression. During a suppression our empty bodies with no consciousness moves with no consciousnes and nephitic storylines posses the details of what it did in regards to materialistic elements. Nephitic storylines are therefore closely related to false memories and denials (but not lies) because they discuss an action that occured which the user didn't do because they had no consciousness during this period of suppression.
  • God (the entire tree of life)- God has been believed to be existent without location therefore exists as continuous points of consciouness without arising in a new location. Therefore suppr -ession does not occur as God exists. Angels and demons are thought to be believed to have states of consciousness know as "black matter." "Black matter" is the states of consciousness that a user transcends through during autonomical instances such as computer programming, construction work, and porn movies. ----> (Mind over matter) The resulting accomplishment of the computer programming or construction work only exists if a visual awareness occurs that is consistent with the autonomical states of consciousness. (Mind with matter) The resulting accomplishment of the computer programming or construction work exists whether or not it was percieved at a later occurence.
  • instinctual behavior as it relates to suppression (tifereth) - instinctual behavior such as flght or flight are always suppressed. The only consciousness that occcurs in regards to this or the occurences that happen as a result of the storyline of the fight or flight experience. For instance, if a fight or flight experience3 occurs, then the only consciousness that occurs is the pain tha follows.
  • errors as it relates to suppression - (gevurah)In order to describe errors a user must observe when errors occur. Errors occur when analyzing the result of a period of suppression or autonomical states of consciouness. In essence it is the user's magickal prccurement caused by the thought that the materialistic manifestation was incorrect. Errors are closely related to storylines because they rely on the fact that a user actually existed during a state of suppression was is not correct.

Magick vs. Autonomy Magick vs. Autonomy is the age old question between two plausible theories on the metaphysical and materialistic occurences in life. If we were to open a door a hundred times pretty soon the instance become suppressed. The magickal element is that the door is magically opening by itself while the user has no consciousness. The autonomical element is that the user's empty body with no consciousnes is opening the door.

  • magicians (mind and matter)(hesed)- magicians are those that believe that materialistic properties exist outside of the mind. They believe that during a period of suppression the body exists without consciousness playing out roles. Therefore, storylines are exact detail of what the user's body did when it had no consciousness. As a result, magicians are those that claim that the occurences of "black matter" states of consciousness actually led to the production of materialistic and phsyical properties, such as a computer or a house. Magicians believe that states of consciousness always produces a phsyical manifestation. Magicians are, in essence, angels and demons who realized that their states of "black matter" led to the procurement of a materialistic manifestation. This notion relies on the fact that materialistic properties actually exist outside the mind. The history of the creation of the word magician was created by the ego of twin states of consciousneses in order to heal the distress of one's own dissatisfaction with life.
  • autonomizers (mind over matter) (binah)- autnomizers are those that believe that the result of our conscoiusness leads to no actual materialistic elements. And that any consciousness that occurs in regards to man-made and man-caused materialistic elements means that matericalistic elements only exist in our mind.
  • Sufis and neo-Mormons (kether)- sufis and neo-mormons are thought to believe that God continously creates materialistic manifestation immediately after any autonomical states of consciousness (such as the movement of a box or a change in location). This is known as "unio mystica" or "malkuth". They believe that the human reaction is then to produce a storyline about the periods of suppression, in which our body moved without consciousness. This is known as dhikr. And, the only possible explanation that God can do this is that God is actually multiple consciousnesses that surround us, but is best referred to as one God because this is what God requests. Magickal procurements are therefore anti-God because they dictate that materialstic elements appeared or were displaced without the will of God. Sufis and neo-mormons resist the notions that physical elements that surround us are only imaginations of our consciousness.
  • merciralis - mericarilis is a term coined by Jesus Christ to describe the instance of the decay the ego. The ego, in this case, is the continuous states of consciousness without any awareness of actual physical properties that progressively produce themselves as a result of our states of consciousness. Merciralis initiates a decrease of psychic protocol as the result of a perception of non-realism, radically changing procurements. and life skips. Life skips are long periods of suppression that occur during a human's adolescence. For instance, the consciousness will appear for 2 seconds on March 14, and the conwscoiusness will reappear for 2 seconds on July 16 (the period between these two continuous states of consciousness is known as a life skip).
  • jgifkr - God wants

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