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Hi Mr. Stu Phillips, welcome to wikimedia! Yesterday I saw your fungiphotos and for me, the pics are very good! You have a fantastic eye for the nature! I will nominate your picture "File:Inonotus hispidus, UK.jpg" in the category quality images [1]. I hope this is OK for you? If you want, I have a little tip: I have the same camera and I have good results in the AV mode with ISO 100 (few granularity) and with aperture F/12 - F/16 (for more depth of focus). The handicap is the long exposure time but I take a cheap tripod an a cheap remote-control release. I hope I will see more pictures that you make:-)! (Sorry for my bad english but my english isn´t very good). Best regards--H. Krisp (talk) 16:55, 15 August 2011 (UTC)

Hi H Krisp , thanks very much for nominating my picture of Inonotus hispidus, and I am glad you like my fungi photos! Your tip is very useful and I will try that as soon as possible, as I am new to this and am trying to get as much depth of field as possible (I used the A-DEP setting for that photo). I also have a new macro lens on order so I hope to get clearer photos from that, though it may reduce the depth of field a bit. All I need is a tripod , and I'm set. I can't wait for autumn now to take some more fungi photos! many thanks Stu Phillips