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I am mainly active on the Frisian Wikipedia (fy). Contact me there for a quick response.

Keatsen pics[edit]


I'm Casaforra, a Valencian pilota amateur player who is also collaborting with wikipedia: 103 articles about Pilota valenciana (where it got to be a Featured article) and 42 in the English wikipedia (Valencian pilota).

Since I'm interested in our common handball sports I translated your variety into Catalan (Joc de pilota a mà frisó), and I wrote an article regarding the European'07 at Nivelles (Handball International Championships, 2007), which you might be interested in take a look and complete.

But now I'm writing to you because I created the Keatsen Commmon article, where I compiled all the pics I found from you and B.. Please, proofread it in case I misunderstood anything, or I missed any info.

Thx in advance and "Amunt la pilota!" --Casaforra (parlem-ne) 07:22, 28 September 2007 (UTC)