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Esso Road Map[edit]

Greetings, I've been enjoying some of your contributions at Wikipedia and on Wikimapia. However, the Esso Road Map is clearly still in copyright (it was published in 1967) and regardless of the fact that it can be found all over the web it is not acceptable here on Commons. -Arb. (talk) 21:12, 21 February 2010 (UTC)

Hi, I applied to the copyright holders for the Esso Road map of Jamaica and they have responded favourably.The email is enclosed. Robin Webb

to me

show details 14:37 (4 hours ago)

Dear Will,

I am following up on your request to use the Esso 1966 Road Map of Jamaica. We are pleased to authorize your use of this map or parts thereof in your on-line encyclopedia. Please provide us with the link so that we may view the map on the site.

All copyright fees have been waived for this use. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Best regards,


Robin L. Webb American Map Corporation ADC The Map People 6440 General Green Way Alexandria, VA 22312 1-800-232-6277 ext. 105

From: Will Robson [1] Sent: Monday, February 22, 2010 3:11 AM To: legal Subject: Map of Jamaica

Will Robson, 297 Perry Road, Nottingham, NG51GQ, UK.

Dear Sir, I am a contributor towards Wikipedia the on-line encyclopaedia and I would like to insert a 1966 Esso Road Map of Jamaica into the section Maps of Jamaica. To do this I would require your permission,even though the map is readily available on the web, because of the copyright placed on the map. I hope you can assist in this matter. Yours faithfully,

Will Robson I hope this will allow the map to be inserted in the relevant pages of Wikipedia.Will robson (talk) 19:33, 23 February 2010 (UTC)

In that case the correct thing to do is to forward your emails to the OTRS system. You can read about the procedure at Commons:OTRS. It is fairly straight forward but be sure to put {{OTRS Pending}} in the file information next time you upload the map so it isn't deleted again. Once it's legit then it (or extracts from it) will be a great addition to quite a few articles. -Arb. (talk) 22:26, 23 February 2010 (UTC)