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As early as 1848, Lieutenant Matthew Fontaine Maury, in the course of his investigations of the winds and currents, had been led to the conclusion that there existed between Newfoundland and Ireland a broad and level plateau at the bottom of the ocean. In 1849 Congress directed the Secretary of the Navy to detail three suitable vessels to be used in testing new routes and perfecting the discoveries made by Lieutenant Maury

Under the authority of this instruction, vessels were dispatched from time to time. From 1849 to 1851, the U. S. schooner Janey was so dispatched, in command of Lieutenant Walsh, under whom were Samuel Marcy, R. J. Farquharson, George H. Hare, A. Allmont, and C. W. Wooley. In 1851-52, the U. S. Brig Dolphin was commanded by Lieutenant S. P. Lee.

His officers were E. A. Borbot, J. P. Hall, Edward Renshaw, J. D. Donell, and W. K. Mayo. Lieutenant O. H. Berryman succeeded to the command of the Dolphin in 1852-1853, under whom S. R. Franklin, W. T. Truxton, Beverly Kennon, G. W. Morris, and H. M. Garland were appointed to serve.

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