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Back to the issue you last instructed me on

Hello. OK, the COM:ANU mission rendered unhelped/unhelpful, patient and well-articulated from my side as it was. Out of the 16 files that should have been reversed, I now managed to cut the number of those processing deletion to 5 (i.e. compromised my original filenames away in all the others, while these few ones can't be hosted with names other than the original). I fear now, that some negligible users are smartassing by finding ways to attempt get the deletions hassled (one, two) in a manner that when the deletor-in-duty attends the deletion command he/she would find an “opposing” note and might mistakefully consider it as valid. I therefore am requesting to assist in preventing these deceptive irrelevant "votes" (and others to come upon any of the five tagged images) from having any weight. Or very best, just delete the 5 files already as the involved sysop that knows the matter. Thank you. Orrlingtalk 11:06, 16 January 2014 (UTC)

Please assist urgently. One of the users now has concluded with a closure all the five unrestored files marking them as "Kept", although filenams have not been reversed as required. Please delete the files as in the uploader's request or restore the names. Please be sure to comply with this request and not dilute it for another lengthy process, this is burdening me in a severe and obviously unfair way. thank you. Orrlingtalk 07:43, 17 January 2014 (UTC)
I'm sorry that the result of the Administrators' noticeboard discussion wasn't to your liking. I think it served a purpose in reminding people that files should not be renamed unless a rename criterion is satisfied and that the arbitrary renaming of a file may displease the contributor of the file. Regarding the deletion requests you list above, it appears to me that they were closed properly. Commons:Deletion_policy and Commons:Courtesy deletions do not mention the renaming of a file as a reason to delete it, as PierreSelim correctly states in his closing statement. Best wishes, Walter Siegmund (talk) 19:01, 19 January 2014 (UTC)
I'm sorry but the user who performed that action has clearly, clear also for you, vandalized the helpfulness and civility causes of Wiki as much as they decissively violated the very common and usual process of deleting uploaders'-requested files, all this on that newly-emerged personalized basis. I messaged you before their action, so theoretically, if you were online you could have (and most probably willed too) deleted the corrupt-named files following my Uploader's Request. Previous similar deletions of images by me have been performed upon my requests without a hitch, it's a fact; I think you acknowledge very well that what is happening here lately is wrong and that there's no sense in this administrative attempt to suspend this topic just to illustrate a point. These files need to be deleted since I desire them to no longer be hosted on Wiki, and you well enough know that the reason for it isn't "renaming of a file" but the fact that these specifically need to have their proper names and I haven't been helped retrieving them, no need to bend or reduce facts. Thank you in advance for now contributing to affirm my 4-years-unchallenged trust in this equality-guided system by either completing the deletion or encouraging your colleagues to do so, or reversing the renames. the 5 specific files are not authorized unless with their authorship names (which are indisputably valid). Could you please read my comments at the COM:ANU topics. This has been snowballing now. Thanks in advance for either deleting the files, or reversing their illegitimate, unacceptable rename, or deleting the redirects that bear the original valid names so I can fetch back Swedish Hostel.jpg, Mukta.jpg, Shoeshine.jpg, Savanna.jpg and Akko.jpg and reinstate the files' legitimacy on Commons. Orrlingtalk 13:25, 20 January 2014 (UTC)