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I have been a serious contributor to the Commons since September of 2007. A fluke at wikimedia prevented me from logging-in. Therefore I could not interactively upload any files via the WEB interface (all uploads were made via Eloquence's file upload bot). My user page also could not be created for over half a year. I was finally able to log-in just four (4) days ago (March 11). I am now surprised to find that both my work and my very presence here are being assaulted on several fronts. If interested, all this is probably best documented at the following pages:
User_talk:File_Upload_Bot_(ZackClark) - - Nothing from me here - - &
Commons:Deletion_requests/Image:GT056-Antigua_TitTwins.jpeg - - This is where I present my case and request help to set everything straight.

To be honest, I never seek to be personally accepted even in forums where one would expect to find open-minded individuals. Such harsh and prejudicial reactions, however, were not expected so soon.

Could you rename this to something more descriptive please as it will help other people find it and understand it better.