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File:Flag of Hong Kong.svg[edit]

And also:

Hawar Islands (Bahrain ) FLAG ??[edit]

Good day im extremely curious how you came about the flag you have posted to be hawar islands flag .

Do you have any info to back the flag as a flag of hawar is this ligit - cause i actually live on the island and im bahraini so would really like to know if this is a ligament flag

You do know that this island is under the kingdom of Bahrain . so it should be under same flag ?

Thank you —Preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) 17:31, 17 April 2017 (UTC)

File:Flag of the Baku Commune.svg[edit]

Hello! On Your illustration it says "БАКИНСКІЙ СОВНАРКОМЬ", and probably should be "БАКИНСКІЙ СОВНАРКОМЪ" (at the end of the second word " Ъ ", not " Ь / b "). What was your source of information when creating the illustration? Respectfully, And S Yu (talk).

SAVE File:Vertical Flag of Turkey.svg![edit]

can help Wikipedia Community save this file File:Vertical Flag of Turkey.svg from deletion?

This vertical flag is BASED ON THIS PHOTOS:

29 ekim longuner - panoramio.jpg The new embassy of Turkey in Mogadishu.jpeg Facade with Turkish Flags and Ataturk Banner.jpg Flags of Turkey and Northern Cyprus - Northern Nicosia - Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus - 01 (28439610076).jpg Istanbul.Hagia Sophia083.jpg Hacıbektaş Belediyesi - panoramio.jpg Hamsiköy - panoramio.jpg Taksim square cleaning. Events of June 16, 2013.jpg The Flag (geschätzte 70 m²) - panoramio.jpg Turkfest 2007 Seattle 03.jpg

SEE ALSO: Flags of the World, Turkey: Vertical hoisting of the Turkish flag. and


SOURCES FOR File:Flag of Turkey, vertical.svg????

Can you convince User talk:Huntster?

THANK YOU and CIAO. User talk:FDRMRZUSA (26 February 2019; 17,07 UTC+1).