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Odná govva
Naghsh-e rostam, Irán, 2016-09-24, DD 12.jpg
Relief of triumph of Shapur I over Valerian at Naqsh-e Rostam (ca. 241–272 AD), located in Persepolis, Iran. This carving depicts a famous scene in which the Roman Emperor, Valerian, is kneeling before Shapur I and asking for mercy. Shapur defeated Valerian at the Battle of Edessa, in which the entire Roman army was destroyed and Valerian became Shapour's prisoner. This was the first and only time a Roman emperor was taken prisoner. The Emperor Philip the Arab is depicting standing and Gordian III is dead at the feet of Shapur's horse.
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A 10-ft high glacier wall broke off in Himachal Pradesh’s Kinnaur district, sliding onto the highway. Several tourists were stranded even as they were warned to stay away from the moving wall of the glacier. The piece of the glacier can be seen sliding towards the cars on the highway, even as tourists kept trying to capture the incident on camera. Several cars were stranded as well. The Border Roads Organisation cleared the roads on Saturday itself, when the incident occured.
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