Víti (Krafla)

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Deutsch: Das Maar Víti gehört zum Vulkansystem der Krafla im Norden Islands beim See Mývatn. Es liegt in der Caldera des Zentralvulkans und entstand durch phreatomagmatische Explosionen im 18. Jahrhundert.
English: Víti, a volcanic lake within Krafla caldera, is a maar having its origin in phreatomagmatic explosions.


The origin of the Víti crater[edit]

When a maar like Víti is built up by phreatomagmatic explosions, afterwards the access to the groundwater table remains open to form a crater lake, whereas it will be closed in the case of tuff cones and tuff rings like the nearby Hverfjall.

Víti crater in the summer[edit]

Víti crater with snow and ice[edit]