VSOE British Pullman carriages, 18 April 2009

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English: Images of the luxury brown (umber) and cream liveried and individually named pullman carriages owned by the Venice-Simplon Orient Express (VSOE) pictured at York station in 18 April 2009. Based at Stewarts Lane in London, the set is normally used by VSOE on their own British Pullman services in the UK, and for the London-Folkestone leg of their Orient Express trans-continental trains. On this day however they were hired to the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust, owners of the brand new steam locomotive 60163 Tornado, for their Yorkshire Pullman train, a non-stop trip from London Kings Cross to York and back. See the Tornado gallery for full details of the trip. Pictured while they were being serviced during the York stop-over, the formation of the VSOE carriages was as follows:
Number Name Type
York end
99545 (none) Mk1 BSK (Corridor Brake Second )
99543 Vera Mk1 PFP (Pullman First Parlour)
99541 Lucille Mk1 PFP (Pullman First Parlour)
99534 Ibis Mk1 PFK (Pullman First Kitchen)
99546 Gwen Mk1 PFK (Pullman First Kitchen)
99531 Phoenix Mk1 PFP (Pullman First Parlour)
99530 Persueus Mk1 PFP (Pullman First Parlour)
99535 Minerva Mk1 PFP (Pullman First Parlour)
99539 Ione Mk1 PFK (Pullman First Kitchen)
99537 Audrey Mk1 PFK (Pullman First Kitchen)
99536 Zena Mk1 PFP (Pullman First Parlour)
6313 (none) Mk1 BG (Brake Gangwayed)
London end

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