Victoria of the United Kingdom on stamps

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This page is a selection of design of UK stamps with a representation of Queen Victoria since 1850, more precisely on Stamps of Commonwealth and British Empire.

This page aims to put more value in the equivalent Category, currently too broad.In line with the Wikimedia page goal, a selection only appears here, on purpose, with emphasis on design differences. There are many thousands of Commonwealth stamps with a Queen Victoria face. The galleries below are sorted by date of first issue (in principle). In classic stamps, there is often no single date of issue. In case of doubt, the best reference to be used is the Stanley Gibbons catalog.[1]

Before 1850, there are many specialized categories and Wikipedia articles (w:en:Penny Black, w:en:Penny Red, w:en:Mauritius Post Office etc) so this period is not illustrated here.

Only high quality images should be placed in the galleries, in order to help people discover forgeries, and for respect for such stamp beauty. It seems that 100 kB is a minimum target.

Stamps first issued in the 1850-1859 period[edit]

Stamps first issued in the 1860-1869 period[edit]

Stamps first issued in the 1870-1879 period[edit]

Stamps first issued in the 1880-1889 period[edit]

An older women portrait, with a veil, does not appear on UK stamps.

Stamps first issued in the 1890-1899 period[edit]

Stamps first issued after 1900[edit]


  1. Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue, 111th edition 2009