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English: Videophone Wikipedia article


  1. for historical reference, this webpage also includes 20th Century still-image transmission devices, which were a less functional form of conventional videophones (and which are not to be confused with today's Video-enabled UMTS mobile phones, or camera-cellphones);
  2. there are also other separate media repository articles and categories for:
    • Videoconferencing Systems and Components (for one-to-many and many-to-many conference calls using a Multipoint Control Unit (MCU), or its equivalent, unlike Videophones which are meant for one-to-one calls without an MCU)
    • Webcams (low-cost device meant for use with a computer)
    • Telepresence (high-end videoconferencing system using state-of-the-art technologies resulting in high definition video and audio)
    • Video-enabled UMTS mobile phones (mobile and cellphones with videocalling capablilities)
    • Video-enabled satellite phones (satellite phone systems meant for videocalls)

Videophones - Contemporary (since 2000)[edit]

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