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English: The World Geographic Scheme for Recording Plant Distributions (WGSRPD) divides the world into 9 "botanical continents" which are then divided into between 2 and 9 regions. The table below contains maps of the continents and regions arranged in order of the WGSRPD numeric codes.
WGSRPD World.svg
1 Europe
WGSRPD Europe.svg
10 Northern Europe
WGSRPD Northern Europe.svg
11 Middle Europe
WGSRPD Central Europe.svg
12 Southwestern Europe
WGSRPD Southwestern Europe.jpg
13 Southeastern Europe
WGSRPD Southeast Europe2.jpg
14 Eastern Europe
WGSRPD Eastern Europe (inc. Russia).svg
2 Africa See World map.
20 Northern Africa
WGSRPD North Africa.jpg
21 Macaronesia
22 West Tropical Africa
WGSRPD West Tropical Africa.svg
23 West-Central Tropical Africa
WGSRPD West-Central Tropical Africa.svg
24 Northeast Tropical Africa
WGSRPD Northeast Tropical Africa.svg
25 East Tropical Africa
WGSRPD East Tropical Africa.svg
26 South Tropical Africa
WGSRPD South Tropical Africa.svg
27 Southern Africa
WGSRPD Southern Africa.svg
WGSRPD Southern Africa regions.svg
WGSRPD South Africa regions.svg
28 Middle Atlantic Ocean
WGSRPD Middle Atlantic Ocean.png
29 Western Indian Ocean
WGSRPD Western Indian Ocean.svg
3 Asia-Temperate See World map.
30 Siberia
WGSRPD Siberia.svg
31 Russian Far East
WGSRPD Russian Far East.svg
32 Middle Asia
Central Asia - political map 2008.svg
33 Caucasus
WGSRPD Caucasus.svg
34 Western Asia
WGSRPD Western Asia.svg
35 Arabian Peninsula
WGSRPD Arabian Peninsula.svg
36 China
WGSRPD China.png
37 Mongolia
Mongolia on the globe (Asia centered).svg
38 Eastern Asia
WGSRPD East Asia.svg
4 Asia-Tropical See World map.
40 Indian Subcontinent
WGSRPD Indian Subcontinent.png
41 Indo-China
WGSRPD Indochina.svg
42 Malesia
WGSRPD Malesia.svg
43 Papuasia
WGSRPD Papuasia.svg
5 Australasia
WGSRPD Australasia.svg
50 Australia
51 New Zealand
6 Pacific
WGSRPD Pacific.svg
60 Southwestern Pacific ?
61 South-Central Pacific ?
62 Northwestern Pacific ?
63 North-Central Pacific ?
7 Northern America
WGSRPD Northern America.svg
70 Subarctic America
WGSRPD Subarctic America.svg
71 Western Canada
WGSRPD Western Canada.svg
72 Eastern Canada
WGSRPD Eastern Canada.svg
73 Northwestern U.S.A.
WGSRPD Northwestern United States.svg
74 North-Central U.S.A.
WGSRPD North-Central United States.svg
75 Northeastern U.S.A.
WGSRPD Northeastern United States.svg
76 Southwestern U.S.A.
WGSRPD Southwestern United States.svg
77 South-Central U.S.A.
WGSRPD South-Central United States.svg
78 Southeastern U.S.A.
WGSRPD Southeastern United States.svg
79 Mexico
WGSRPD Mexico.jpg
8 Southern America
WGSRPD Southern America.svg
WGSRPD Southern America with regions.svg
80 Central America
WGSRPD Central America.svg
81 Caribbean
WGSRPD Caribbean.svg
82 Northern South America
WGSRPD Northern South America.svg
83 Western South America
WGSRPD Western South America.svg
84 Brazil
WGSRPD Brazil.svg
85 Southern South America
WGSRPD Southern South America.svg
9 Antarctic
The outer blue line encloses the whole of the Antarctic botanical continent. The Subantarctic Islands are between the two blue lines and the Antarctic Continent is inside the inner blue line.
90 Subantarctic Islands
91 Antarctic Continent