West Pier

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English: The West Pier is (was) a pier in Brighton, England, that was built in 1866.

The Pier by time[edit]

Intact pier (1866 until 1975)[edit]

Closed pier and destruction (since 1975)[edit]

English: Since 1975 the pier had been cut off from the shore (partly deliberately, for safety reasons).
English: 2002-12-29 – a walkway connecting the concert hall and pavilion collapsed and fell into the sea during a storm
English: 2003-01-20 – the concert hall in the middle of the pier collapsed

Fires and further destruction (since 2003)[edit]

English: 2003-03-28 – first fire destroyed the pavilion at the end of the pier
English: 2003-05-11 – second fire destroyed the rest of the concert hall
English: 2004-06-23 – complete collapse of the middle of the pier

Objects from the pier at Brighton's seafront museum[edit]