Westland Lynx

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English: Gallery of the Westland Lynx helicopter. Probably, there is more photos in Category:Westland Lynx.
Dansk: Galleri med Westland Lynx helikopteren. Der er sandsynligvis flere billeder i Category:Westland Lynx.
Deutsch: Galerie von der Westland Lynx hubschrauber. Vermutlich, gibt es mehr fotos innen Category:Westland Lynx.

Lynx in the Royal Danish Navy[edit]

In Denmark, the Danish Naval Air Squadron currently operates 8 Westland SuperLynx Mk.90B (upgraded from Mk.23, Mk.80 & Mk.90) helicopters: S-134, S-142, S-170, S-175, S-181, S-191, S-249 & S-256. Helicopters S-035, S-187 and S-196 are decommisioned.

Lynx in French navy[edit]

In France the French navy operates HAS.2(FN) and HAS.4(FN) versions.

Lynx in German service[edit]

In Germany the German navy operates 22 Mk.88 helicopters.

Lynx in the United Kingdom service[edit]

In the en:United Kingdom, the British army and the royal navy fleet air arm operates various versions of the Westland Lynx helicopter. The army operates AH.5X, AH.7, and AH.9, whereas the navy operates HAS.3(S), HAS.3(GM(S)), HAS.3(ICE(S)) and HMA.8.

Other Lynx users[edit]

Other Lynx users are Brazilian navy, Netherlands Navy, Norwegian air force, Portuguese navy, Qatar Police, South African air force and South Korean navy.


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