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#WikiColor #ColorOurCollections

Color in Open Culture! The world has been taken by storm with adult coloring books. GLAM institutions around the globe have joined in the fun by collecting pieces from their cultural heritage collections into the mix for people to download and enjoy.

The week of February 1 - February 5 2015, librarians and archivists and museumists of all stripes are sharing in the viral craze with #ColorOurCollections.

Wikimedia can join in the great coloring fun, and show off our amazing media on Commons. Let's do this. Add some #WikiColor to the world.

Quick, easy instructions[edit]

  1. Search the commons categories likely to have good material for coloring: Category:Line art, Category:Prints, and Category:Black and white illustrations
  2. Tweet a link @GLAMWiki including the image plus the hashtags #WikiColor and #ColorOurCollections
  3. We'll collect all the images below (you can add them directly too)
  4. We'll curate the best ones into a free-to-use, modify, and share PDF link you can print out and COLOR.


Suggested images[edit]

Add a link to your favorite image(s) here like this:
If you put the colon (:) before File, it will be a link rather than the image itself.

  1. File:Albrecht_Dürer_-_The_Deformed_Landser_Sow_-_WGA7274.jpg
  2. link
  3. link
  4. link